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Published on May 30, 2008

Author: turk

Source: authorstream.com

SPECULATIVE FICTION : SPECULATIVE FICTION Slide 2: Speculative Fiction is an umbrella term which includes all the forms of fantastic fiction or what for ages has been called science fiction and fantasy. Slide 3: In Speculative Fiction the action of the story can take place in a culture that never existed, a world we know nothing of, or an earth that might have been or might be, to name a few. Slide 4: In the classic sense, J. R. R. Tolkein's creation of 'Middle Earth' in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings can be given as an example. Speculative Fiction includes all stories that take place in a setting contrary to known reality. : Speculative Fiction includes all stories that take place in a setting contrary to known reality. Stories set in the future, because the future can't be known. Out-of-date futures, like that depicted in the novel 1984, simply shift from the "future" category to. Stories set in the historical past that contradict known facts of history or "alternate world" stories. Slide 6: Stories set on other worlds, because we've never gone there. Whether "future humans" take part in the story or not, if it isn't Earth, it belongs to fantasy and science fiction. stories supposedly set on Earth, but before recorded history and contradicting the known archaeological record--stories about visits from ancient aliens, or ancient civilizations that left no trace, or, "lost kingdoms" surviving into modern times. Slide 7: Stories that contradict some known or supposed law of nature. Obviously, fantasy that uses magic falls into this category, but so does much science fiction: time travel stories, for instance, or invisible-man stories. WHAT IF : WHAT IF Slide 9: Frankenstein (Mary Shelly) -- If one could create life through the reanimation of dead tissue, what responsibility or allegiance would we owe that creation? What, then, is the relation between God and man? Between parent and child? Slide 10: Robocop -- What are the dimensions that define humanity and what are the bottom line traits necessary to be considered human or humane? Slide 11: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (C. S. Lewis) -- Are children's temperaments set and birth and reasonably unchangeable? Slide 12: Moby Dick (Herman Melville) -- Can our fears be projected to an object such as a whale and what are the consequences of obsession with our fears? Slide 13: The Postman (David Brin) -- Can one person make a worthwhile difference? Can two? Is standing for what is right infectious? Slide 14: The Matrix -- How correct is our perception of the world? Is it colored by all the messages we receive via technology? Can we learn to filter the wheat from the tares? As we become ever more dependent upon technology is it possible that we may spend our lives in an "electronic bubble" devoid of human contact?

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