Speed Enforcement Overview

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Information about Speed Enforcement Overview

Published on March 14, 2014

Author: XeroxTransport

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Speeding can be dangerous anywhere, but danger increases significantly in areas with pedestrians. Areas like school zones and work zones are at high risk when it comes to speeding vehicles. We provide speed enforcement solutions that deter careless driving and encourage drivers to abide by posted speed limits.

Mobile Speed Enforcement Maximizing issuance, evidence integrity and usability Speed enforcement programs protect citizens and save lives. Speeding can be dangerous anywhere, but danger increases significantly in areas with pedestrians. Areas like school zones and work zones are at high risk when it comes to speeding vehicles. We provide speed enforcement solutions that deter careless driving and encourage drivers to abide by posted speed limits. Speed Enforcement We are the only photo enforcement provider that is not a camera manufacturer, which gives us the flexibility to provide our clients with several solutions without being tied to a single technology roadmap, company or product line. Because our solutions are intended for mobile use, we have the ability to provide multiple configurations using sedans, SUVs, mini-vans, vans, trailers or tripods with the mounted equipment. The compact solutions are easily contained within or mounted on the vehicle itself without any obstruction to the driver. LIDAR using Vitronic’s PoliScan speed The Vitronic solution uses laser technology with digital speed detection and LIDAR recording with documentation of traffic offenses using a twin digital-camera system. The system can concurrently monitor multiple vehicles across up to four lanes, capturing all violations that occur within its sphere. Traditional radar enforcement requires 150 feet or more of straight-line sight to capture speeding vehicles, but most school zones and communities don’t have this kind of sightline making it difficult to enforce. The PoliScanspeed solution scans across roadways and only needs 35 feet to capture the violation so it can be used on curves and hills making it ideal for school zone and community enforcement. • Simultaneous tracking of multiple vehicles • Violating vehicle identification in the captured images • Lane-specific vehicle identification • Simultaneous recording and measuring of multiple vehicles in parallel lanes • User-friendly software interface • Simple set up and use Maximizing Enforcement • Maximum violation detection, minimizing misses • Strict verification procedures • Multiple rejection reviews • User friendly police Web approval • Three digital images with a robust data bar providing location, date, time, posted speed limit, speed captured, lane specific • Customized notice language • Web-enabled adjudication support • Delinquent collections to ensure accountability

©2012 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. XEROX® and XEROX and Design® are trademarks of the Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Mounted in a stationary position, Poliscanspeed transmits short pulses of light out to a target. The transmitted light interacts with the target and is reflected/scattered back to the receiver of the LIDAR instrument where it is analyzed. The time for the light to travel out to the target and back to the LIDAR is used to determine the range to the target, and the temporal analysis of the distance values enables a very precise measurement. To guarantee the integrity of each image, evidence files contain all case-relevant data. Both the driver area (in driver liability states where this is required) and the clearly legible license plate are included in a single file for rapid evaluation. The speed measurement zone, optically integrated into the image, enables accurate attribution of the measured speed to a single vehicle. The lane number, calibration state, operator and witness data, together with the time of the incident, are integral parts of the digital document. Radar using Gatsometer’s RS-GS11 The Gatso camera uses radar technology in a fixed position in the desired area of enforcement. The technology uses a Doppler radar to detect the infraction and was designed to meet the needs of unmanned, automated enforcement rather than manual handheld enforcement. A single camera is used to capture up to four lanes of traffic. The solution captures clear, readable images under varying lighting and environmental conditions day or night. • 11 mega pixels • IACP certified (manned and unmanned) • Purpose built for industrial use • Perfect for two lane environments • Strong evidence integrity • User friendly mobile software interface • Simple set up and use • Proven all over the world Citation Processing We use our CiteWeb™ database to process the violations. Each citation includes fields as necessary to meet legislation requirements including but not limited to infraction number, vehicle description, vehicle owner, date, time, and location of infraction, which can be queried at any time. Our system maintains a record of all citation data. Our photo enforcement system downloads data and images nightly to our data center, and they are available online for processing the next business morning. Our image specialists adjust for clarity and lighting to optimize the violation images for review and plate identification. However, the original digital images are never altered and are protected from any changes within our database. This feature enables our system to obtain clear, easily identifiable images for the violations/citations, allowing reviewers to verify the legitimacy of the infraction. CiteWeb™ Police Approval Web Portal Our CiteWeb™ ticket processing solution provides online searching and viewing capability for all photos taken. CiteWeb™’s Police Approval Web Portal gives officers the ability to review violation photos and data remotely in order to authorize the issuance of citations. Because it is Web-based, authorized users can access and review the infraction data our system captures for the automated speed enforcement program. CiteWeb™ Web-based Violator Portal We offer Web-based solution for alleged violators to review infraction photos and basic account information. Our solution also has the ability to track logins by alleged violators who have viewed their infraction data online. Maximum Service and Payment Options • Web-based CiteWeb™ solution • Payment kiosks for walk-up payment options • Website for violator review including a 12 second video clip – Hot link to pay-by-Web • Numerous payment options – Pay-by-phone – Pay-by-Web – Pay-by-mail – Walk-in facility • Telephone customer service • Online court module Contact Info Kevin Lafeber Vice President, Director of Sales kevin.lafeber@acs-inc.com 301.820.4464 www.xerox.com/businessservices

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