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Information about speculation
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Published on March 16, 2014

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speculation • Speculation refers to buying and securities in the hope of making a profit from expected change of price over securities those who engaged in activity are speculators • A speculators may buy securities in expectation of rise in price if expectation come true ,he sells the securities for higher price and make profit

BULLS, BEARS AND STAGS and lame duck


ANSWER TO THE QUESTION The way each animal attacks its opponents!!!! How does a bull attack??? A bull would thrust its horn into the air….. How does a bear attack?? A bear swipes down its opponent….

Who are bulls in stock market??? Investors who buy shares in anticipation of increase in prices are called bulls and the market is said to be bullish

REASONS FOR A BULLISH MARKET Strong economic growth Steady rise in stock prices High investor confidence Foreign investors

WHO ARE BEARS IN THE STOCK MARKET?? Those who sell shares in anticipating a fall in prices of stock are bears and the market is said to be bearish.

REASONS FOR A BEARISH MARKET •Stagnant economic growth •Falling corporate profits •Lack of confidence •Falling price

STAGS A stag is an investor or speculator who subscribes to a new issue with the intention of selling them soon after allotment to realise a quick profit they are called as premium hunter

Lame duck • When a bear finds it difficult to fulfill his commitments he is struggling like a lame duck • Bear speculators contracts to sell securities at a later date. • On appointed time he is not able to get the securities as the holder are not willing to part with them ,moreover the buyer is not willing to carry over the transaction.

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