Specialized bolt lubricants for oil & gas markets from Project Sales Corp

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Information about Specialized bolt lubricants for oil & gas markets from Project Sales Corp

Published on February 4, 2014

Author: projectsalescorp

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Specialized Bolt Lubricants Source: Project Sales Corp Project Sales Corp brings in some very special bolt lubricants range for the oil and gas drilling markets in India from Molykote®, Never-seez®, TS-Moly and Sweeney. Molykote ® P 37 Ultrapure High Temperature Paste is composed of high-temperature-stable solid lubricants (zirconium dioxide and others) in a mixture of ultrapure, sulfur-free oils. Alloys containing chromium, nickel and molybdenum have a relatively thin oxide layer that can be squeezed out when the bolts or nuts are tightened, resulting in welds on the flanks of the threads. Molykote P 37 Ultrapure High Temperature Paste has been specially designed to provide lubrication and protection for these metals. Metal alloys containing nickel and chromium can experience stress cracking and corrosion when exposed to lubricants containing sulfur and halogens like chlorine, fluorine, bromine and iodine. Sulfur, for example, can combine with nickel to form crystals of nickel sulfide, leading to stress fractures in the material. Molykote P 37 Ultrapure High Temperature Paste is intended for application on threaded applications of all kinds, in particular those consisting of ultrapure alloys with high chromium, nickel or molybdenum content. Molykote P 37 Ultrapure High Temperature Paste is appropriate for mounting bolts and fasteners on turbine shells and steam inlet valves. Never-Seez®, a prominent trademark in the Bostik family of products, has been recognized for almost five decades as the industrial leader in anti-seize and lubricating compounds. When first introduced, the original Never-Seez anti-seize compound represented an innovative way to assemble and disassemble metal parts with ease. A new technology in mechanical engineering, Never-Seez was soon specified for major industrial and government use on parts exposed to heat, pressure and corrosion. Never-Seez contains very fine metallic particles in a special hydrocarbon carrier which seals and protects metal parts under the most extreme conditions of heat, pressure, and contamination. The fine, protective film of Never-Seez cannot be burned off or completely removed by abrasion. Never-Seez cannot be washed off by fresh or salt water. The protective coating will remain, even after extended exposure to the elements. Application of Never-Seez insures trouble-free protection against seizure, corrosion, pitting, and galling of metal parts. Disassembly of machinery, piping and metal parts are extremely difficult. Both driven and static parts of mechanical equipment are subject to seizure. Seizure can be caused by many factors: thread distortion caused by heat with subsequent expansion and contraction of metals; incorrect tolerances in press, tapered and shrink fits; effects of exposure causing corrosion; galvanic action because of adjacent dissimilar metals; and carbon deposits in internal combustion applications. Never-Seez helps to eliminate these issues. The costly expense of down-time, maintenance, repair or replacement of parts can be greatly reduced by using Never-Seez; through nondestructive disassembly and bolt reuse. Surface coverage up to 6,480 sq. in. coverage per pound based on film thickness of 4 mils. Hydratight Sweeney Anti-seize lubricants are combinations of oil-base and solid lubricants that produce a hybrid suited for static joints including threaded surfaces, press fits, slip fits, transmission joints and gaskets. Page 1/2

503 Moly Paste Lubricant Contains 65% solid lubricants suspended in a soft paste. A heavy, black paste with unsurpassed lubricating qualities, 503 is our most efficient lubricant in reducing friction. On threaded fasteners (bolts, nuts, studs) the low uniform friction coefficient of 0.06 creates reliable assembly conditions. The lubricant then stays in place through heat, load and vibration to insure trouble free disassembly. Applications: Press fits, threaded fasteners, slip fits, metal-working (including drawing, stamping, coining, extruding, and forging by lower friction, and eliminating scratching, galling, and metal pick-up), splines and gears. BOP bolts torque values are normally in line with the 503 Sweeney Paste result values. Available in 4 lb packs at US$400 plus tax. Delivery 2-3 weeks TS-70 Moly Paste is a thread compound with 70% molybdenum disulfide, NLGI No.2, especially suitable for wet or corrosive conditions, including subsea applications. It has highly consistent torque values for makeup and breakout. Application TS-70 is a general purpose moly paste with many uses. It has proven to be an outstanding lubricant for a saltwater environment, above and below the surface: subsea riser, BOP, flange equipment and structural bolts. Other applications are components for press fittings, threads in tapping, boundary lubricating of parts in assembly and make-up, bushings of heavily loaded slow moving bearings, and many more. Apply by brushing or burnishing. Benefits TS-70, with 70% by weight of molybdenum disulfide, provides uniform and durable boundary lubrication under extreme pressure, in wet or corrosive environments, and over a wide temperature range. Its coefficient of friction nearly approaches that of pure MoS2, and superior wear protection is assured. TS-70 does not contain metals.

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