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Published on February 13, 2009

Author: sudhiirananda

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Slide 1: Namaskar Welcome Specialty of AM Meditation : Specialty of AM Meditation Presented by Dada Tapeshvarananda Special features : Special features Concept of God and Spirituality Relation with God and universe. Concept of Goal Concept of Morality Types of Meditation Spiritual cult Personalization Prapattibad (1) Concept of GOD : (1) Concept of GOD Nature God Religious concept Spiritual Concept Nature God : Nature God (1) He is more powerful than us. (2) The Nature is also beneficial. (3) He is not with and within us, he is far from us. (4) Fear complex. Religious Concept : (1) All mighty (Form & Formless) (2) If we please Him. He will do good to us (3) If we don’t please him, can destroy us (4) Agency of god.(Temple, Church) (5) Heaven and Hell Religious Concept Spiritual Concept : Spiritual Concept Formless entity. I am within Him, entire universe is within Him. All are His expression only. To serve him, we are to serve His expression. Karmavad: Heaven & Hell. Slide 8: Frequency, Hz Gamma-rays X - rays Wavelength, nanometers Ultraviolet Infrared Short Radio wave FM, TV bands Long radio wave Visible AM Broadcast 10 23 10 18 10 16 10 14 10 6 10 10 9 1MHz 1kHz 1 10-5 1X unit 1A 1nm 10-16 10-10 10-3 10-7 1cm 1m 1km Slide 9: Our organs are having very limited capacity to understand the mystery of the universe Light waves : Light waves Different parts of the visible spectrum create different colors Approximate range for colors:- Violet 400 to 450 nm Blue 450 to 500 nm Green 500 to 550 nm yellow 550 to 600 nm Orange 600 to 650 nm Red 650 to 700 nm (2) Relation with God and universe : (2) Relation with God and universe This Universe is also His creation It is relative truth We must know real knowledge and proper utilization To serve the universe for personal spiritual progress To satisfy Him to serve His expression (3) Concept of Goal : (3) Concept of Goal Ksra, Aksara and Niraksara. Ista and Adarsha Tiirtha and Temple Dvaeta, Advaeta (4) Concept of morality : (4) Concept of morality Controlled conduct and behavior with others and self purification Morality is not Meditation but the base of Meditation “Without Yama- Niyama Sadhana is an impossibility” (5) Types of Meditation : (5) Types of Meditation Knowledge, action and devotion Service, sacrifice and meditation Daksinacar, Bamacar and Madhyamacar Shakta, Vaesnava and Shaeva. Slide 15: Cult Essence Mission Spirituality (6) Spiritual cult of AM Spiritual Concept of AM : Spiritual Concept of AM It is a mystic existential phenomenon,Consciousness is its essence, Macrocosmic Consonance is its manifestation A calm mind experiences the presence of consciousness, as an inherent phenomenon Cosmic Association : Cosmic Association The Supreme Consciousness, as Purusottama acts as controlling nucleus of all manifestation and is inherently associated with them individually and collectively and also inherently involves within itself.. Divine Cosmic Play : Divine Cosmic Play The Supreme Consciousness, as Gunamaya Parashiva, ideates- “Ekoham Bahushyami” Supreme Expression : Supreme Expression Supreme Consciousness causes accoustic expression, the Shabda Brahma. All ideational forms or accoustic vibrations are the different Jiivas (entities) Spirituality as a cult- 1 : Spirituality as a cult- 1 “Brahma Satyam Jagadaopi Satyamapeksikam” “Subjective approach through objective adjustment” Spirituality as a cult-2 : Spirituality as a cult-2 Spiritual cult causes the protoplasmic and ectoplasmic structure to became congenial for psycho- spiritual elevation, at the same time liberates the micro- psychic entity from physical awareness. Spirituality as a Essence- 1 : Spirituality as a Essence- 1 Transformation from psycho- spiritual into spirituo- psychic entity. It is an endeavor to associate the Microcosmic entity with the Macrocosmic entity. Bhuma’vyapte Mahati aham cittayo pranase Saguansthitih Savikalpa Samadhi va. Spirituality as a Essence- 2 : Spirituality as a Essence- 2 Jacchet vaung manasi pra’jina. Tat jacchet jinanatmani. Jinanatmani mahati nijacchet. Tat jacchet shantatmani. Praijna (Citta) Jinanatmani (Aham) Mahati (Mahat) Shantatmani (Cognitive principle) Slide 24: In the spiritual sphere always three factors or entities together constitute an esoteric spiritual triangle. Prama in Spiritual life Slide 25: Body Mind Soul Slide 26: Shariira Yantra Physical Body Manasa Yantra Mind Tnatra Spiritual cult Slide 27: Na’m Sadhaka Na’mii Slide 28: Sadhana Service Sacrifice Slide 29: Yantra Yama - Niyama Mantra Incantation Tantra Spiritual cult Slide 30: Ista, Sadhya, Dhyeya Ideational Desideratum Sadhaka, Devotee Spiritual Aspirant Sadhana,Meditation, Dhyana, Ideation. Slide 31: Ista Cakra Ista Mantra Ista Slide 32: Mantraghat Ista Mantra Mantracaetanya Proper Idea Diipajinanam Proper Shuddhi Slide 33: Mantra- Chanda Incantative Rhythm Prana- Chanda Entitative Rhythm Bhava- Chanda Ideational Rhythm Slide 34: In- breath Out- breath Pause Slide 35: Srsti Creation Sthiti Operation Samahar Destruction Slide 36: Shravan Listen Manan Ideate Nididhyasana Be absorbed Slide 37: Knowledge Action Devotion Slide 38: Pranipata Surrender Pariprashna Supreme Question Seva 4 Types of Service Slide 39: Namatmaka Shabdatmaka-Sound Bhavatmaka Ideational Rupatmaka Vision Science of Body and Mind : Science of Body and Mind Bio- Rhythm Psycho- Rhythm Entitative Rhythm Witness of Soul Slide 41: Science of Meditation Entitative Rhythm Incantative Rhythm Concentration in specific Cakra with Proper Ideation Spirituality as a Essence-3 : Spirituality as a Essence-3 The devotional sentiment is the highest and most valuable treasure of humanity. It is a proper philosophy which will establish the correct harmony between the spiritual and material worlds, and be a perennial source of inspiration for the onward movement of society.” Slide 43: When the human being realizes that mystic inherent essence of consciousness, as his/ her real essence, spirituality becomes a Mission for him / her. His / her real self is one with the hub of circumrotarian Cosmic phenomenon. Spirituality as a Mission-1 Spirituality as a Mission- 2 : Spirituality as a Mission- 2 By the grace and divine love of Parama Purusa, the psycho- spiritual aspect of sadhana makes individual capable to accept to serve the entire manifestation as a service to Him. Accept:- * Parama Purusa as a goal of life. * Sama Samaja Tattva. * Neo- Humanism. * “Sabaike niye Sabar majhe lukiye acho tumi sei to amar tumi” Spirituality as a Mission- 3 : Spirituality as a Mission- 3 It is a stage of transformation of intellect into intuition. A Sadhaka endowed with the realization of this phase is a solemn and divine inspiration for the great cause of materialization of spiritual humanism the ultimate goal of Neo-Humanistic ideology. The four basic aspects of Society:- Social Economical Cultural Political (7) Personalization : (7) Personalization * Sweetness of Spirituality:- Bhavas- (devotional association with Parama Purusa) Shanta, Dasya, Sakhya, Vatsalya, and Madhura. * Different stages:- Salokya, Samipya, Sayujya, Sarupya and Sarti. * Miira and Roop Goswami. (8) Prapattivad : Yama-Niyama. 16 Points. Pariprashna. Seva. Knowledge. Sacrifice Shravan. Manan. Nididhyasan. Bhajan-P.Samgiita. Kiirtan. Viveka & Akuti Sadhana. Asana. Kaoshikii. Tandava. Devotion. Pranipata (8) Prapattivad (8) Prapattivad : (8) Prapattivad “Ami bhalobasi ananda pavar lagi….. Ami bhalobasi ananda devar lagi” Raganuga to Ragatmika Bhakti Slide 49: Some Asanas are named by the name of animals as they are similar to animal movements.( Garudasana, Matsyamudra). Some Asanas have the characteristics of animal structure, so they are also named after those animals.(Kurmakasana) Some asanas are named by the qualities of the asanas. ( Sarvaungasana) Benefits of Asanas : Benefits of Asanas To increase the flexibility of the body. To rectify glandular defects and balance hormonal secretions in order to control the Vrttis (propensities). To balance the body and mind. To withdraw the mind from undesirable thinking. To cure and protect from the diseases. To remove Stress from Body and Mind. To prepare the mind for subtler and higher Meditation. Slide 51: Benefits of Asanas The pineal gland finds more expression. The nerve tension decreases. The metabolic rate, oxygen consumption heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate fall. Slide 52: K A 0 S H I K I I Benefits of Kaoshikii : Benefits of Kaoshikii Exercises of all glands and limbs. Increases longevity. Easy delivery. Flexibility of spine. Removes and cures arthritis and gout from spine, neck, waist and other joints. Irregular menstruation, irregular glandular secretion, troubles of bladder and urethra. Wrinkles, spinal pain, piles, hernia, hydrocele in men, nervous pain, nervous disability, kidney and gall bladder troubles, gastric, lethargy, insomnia, hysteria, fear complexes , hopelessness. Dyspepsia, acidity, dysentery, syphilis, gonorrhea, obesity, thinness and liver diseases. Helps in self-expression and develops one's potential. Gives charm & shine in the body and strong mind. Slide 54: T A N D A VA Benefits of Tandava : Benefits of Tandava Physico-psycho-spiritual benefits. Tandava combines with the subtle aspects of spirituality. Develops Vitality, Courage, Fearlessness and Will-power. Strengthens nervous and muscle system. It activates male hormone. Tandava is one of the best exercises for the brain and improves memory. The exercise symbolizes the fight between the two forces of life and death. Slide 56: K I I R T A N A Kiirtana : Kiirtana Sa’dhana’saha’yakam. Collective Kiirtana form collective physical energies and collective psychic energies can remove collective accumulated miseries of material, quinquelemental world. Kiirtan is a synthetic movement towards the supreme. One will surely reduce the degree of complexity that has arisen from the constant conflict and clashes in the society today. Kiirtana is best way to serve Parama Purus'a in the mental sphere. Kiirtana : Kiirtana Kiirtan gives bliss to Parama Purus'a in the mental sphere. Kiirtan brings joy to human beings both individually and collectively. Kiirtana leads human beings on the path of welfare and it removes all mental complexities. Kiirtana removes all the diseases of the intellect and allows people to think easily and in the proper way. Slide 60: The human being, as a developed psychic being has, therefore, the inherent tendency and potential to realise that Supreme Consciousness (Purusottama) as his/ her real self and to be one with Him. This is the true concept of spirituality which is an existential but mystic cosmic phenomenon. “Trividhaduksasya atyantyikii Nivrtti.” Slide 61: Secrets for a long life: 1. Proper physical labour. 2. Eating as soon as one feels hungry. 3. Going to sleep as soon as one feels sleepy. 4. Regularity in spiritual practices. 5. Fasting at intervals. 6. Performing Vyapaka Shaoca before Sadhana, sleep and meals. 7. Curd (yogurt) and raw foods. 8. Getting out of bed in the Brahma Muhurtta. 9. Sixteen Points.

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