Special World Cup Whitepaper - Fantasy football is proven to increase TV ratings

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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: melwong

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Here’re some facts about Fantasy Football
-Proven to increase TV viewership of football matches (especially the less popular ones)
-3 TIMES more engaging than top sites like Yahoo, CNN, ESPN or Wikipedia
-Proven to get sponsors and advertisers

If you're looking to run a Fantasy Football on World Cup, give us a buzz, info@fantasy4all.com

Fantasy Football Is Proven to Increase TV Viewership For the upcoming World Cup in Brazil in 2014 By FanXT Ltd (UK) / Just Mobile Sdn Bhd

What Is Fantasy Football? John’s fantasy World Cup team It’s like having your own football team playing on TV In this example, Lionel Messi (yellow circle) from Argentina scores a goal. Since John has Messi in his fantasy team, his team earns fantasy points from Messi John playing fantasy World Cup and watching live World Cup match

How To Play Fantasy Football For World Cup? • Lets say John joins this Fantasy Football game based on FIFA World Cup and creates his fantasy football team called Mike First 11. He selects players (see right image) playing in the World Cup to play for this fantasy team • When a real-life player scores a goal in a match, lets say Cristiano Ronaldo, his goal will be converted to fantasy points in John’s fantasy team, say 5 points for one goal. So John earns 5 points from Ronaldo • John will earn more points from all his fantasy players in Mike First 11 team, and the accumulated points decides John’s ranking in the fantasy football game

Case Study: Fantasy AFC Asian Cup 2011 • Although only 16 countries qualified for Asian Cup finals, but users from 130 countries played Fantasy Asian Cup. This shows fantasy football has a global appeal • 90% of users are likely to join the next Fantasy Asian Cup in 3 years time • 70% of users feel playing Fantasy Asian Cup has increased their interest in Asian Cup significantly.

Case Study: Fantasy Asian Cup 2011 Increased TV Viewership FACTS & FIGURES User survey from Fantasy Asian Cup 2011 reveals that more than 60% of fans feel playing fantasy football have increased their interest in the tournament and increased their viewings of the matches on TV

Testimonial: Fantasy AFC Asian Cup 2011 • “It was a pleasure having to work with Fantasy4All/FanXT during the intense period of the (Asian Cup) tournament. We were happy to have experience their determination and promptness in making sure the success of the project” – Edwin Ng, Marketing Manager, Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

Case Study: Fantasy Football for AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 • Although only 8 countries qualified for Suzuki Cup finals, users from 87 countries participated in this game. • We achieved as high as 2,623 new users per day. • 90% of users feel playing this game has increased their interest in Suzuki Cup significantly • Almost 60% of website visitors are returning visitors, hence fantasy football offers strong user engagement (sticky)

Fantasy Sport Sites Are 3 TIMES More Engaging Than Top Sites Fantasy sport websites get 3 TIMES more pageviews per user and 3 TIMES more stickiness Websites Pageviews Per User Time on Site (mm:ss) Bounce % FanDuel.com 18.2 25:12 12.90% FanXT.com 15.3 21:14 15.60% RTSports.com 13.4 09:12 16.90% Yahoo.com 5.73 07:43 31.60% Cnn.com 3.18 05:05 50.50% Wikipedia.org 3.67 04:30 53.90% Espn.com 5.65 07:45 32.00% Data taken from Alexa.com – Feb 2014

Fantasy Sport Demographic – A Marketer’s Dream FACTS & FIGURES comScore's analysis found that an average of 4.7 million Americans per month visited fantasy content . On average, these users spent 93 minutes viewing 219 pages of fantasy sports content in a given month.  The average fantasy sports player is mainly male, between the ages of 18 and 49 and boasts aboveaverage income and education levels--in other words, a marketer's dream. Reference: http://www.entrepreneur.com/magazine/entrepreneur/2009/september/203140.html

Fantasy Sport Demographic – A Marketer’s Dream FACTS & FIGURES “Between October 2003 and May 2004, 7 million Americans visited on average 200 fantasy sports Web pages per person per month. Standard sports visits turned 107 pages, entertainment 148 pages, and news sites only 75 pages a month” – From News.com  Fantasy sports players are:  12 percent more likely to have children  More likely to earn $50,000 – $75,000 a year  84 percent more likely than the average U.S. adult to buy movie tickets online  67 percent more likely to purchase credit cards online  66 percent more likely to purchase insurance online  60 percent more likely to purchase home electronics online  58 percent more likely to purchase event tickets online Reference: http://atlantadailyworld.com/2013/12/11/fantasy-sports-scores-with-mobile-andonline-users/

Case Study: NFL TV Ratings Hit a Record Thanks to Fantasy Football • The article (left) explains on how fantasy football (American) has helped to increase TV ratings in NFL • We have done countless market surveys and all have shown that fantasy football increases fans’ interest to follow NOT ONLY high profile matches but unpopular matches, just because their fantasy players are playing in those matches Ref: http://articles.latimes.com/2010/dec/19/entertainment/la-et-1219-nfl-fantasy-20101219

Case Study: From Fantasy to Reality - The Impact of Fantasy Football • The article (left) reports about a 2011 study that evidently found a relationship between NFL players starting in a high percentage of fantasy leagues for that particular week and the TV rating for that particular game • This mean that fantasy football fans watch more football to see their fantasy players perform, even in less popular games Ref: http://www.misixinc.com/misixblog/2011/11/17/from-fantasy-to-reality-the-impact-of-fantasy-football.html

Case Study: Title Sponsorship on Fantasy Football 1. Phones 4u (www.phones4u.co.uk) was the title sponsor for the official football game for The Championship for 2012/13 season 2. More than 120,000 users participated in the game

Case Study: Betway Sponsors Fantasy Football of Trinity’s Mirror for £600,000 • Online betting company, Betway is to sponsor Trinity’ Mirror’s fantasy football competition in a 3-year deal worth £600,000 (USD964,000) • The sponsorship package will involve Mirror Fantasy Football being branded with the Betway logo and marks the betting company’s first “significant” UK sponsorship • Website: https://fantasyfootball.mirror.co.uk/ Ref: http://www.mediaweek.co.uk/news/1145982/Trinity-Mirrorsigns-Betway-new-fantasy-football-platform/

Case Study: 12 Sponsors for Fantasy NFL on Yahoo Sports, ESPN & CBSSports.com • List of sponsors for fantasy football at CBSSports, ESPN and Yahoo Sports • It took less than 2 weeks for CBS and Yahoo Sports to sell all their fantasy football online ads • Sponsorship value range from high six figures to USD3 million • Yahoo Sports has 15% increase in fantasy football registration Ref: http://adage.com/article/media/lockout-marketers-rushback-fantasy-football/229550/

Case Study: Toyota Sponsors Fantasy Football at Yahoo Sports for 5 Years Consecutively • It's the Toyota’s fifth year as a Yahoo fantasy football (American) sponsor. • Toyota credits its five-year sponsorship with driving significant lift in brand metrics and traffic to its mobile and websites. • “Yahoo Fantasy Football is a diverse audience that is incredibly passionate and engaged. It's hard to find programs online that offer the same level of built-in reach and engagement,“ said Toyota Senior Media Strategist Kim Kyaw. Ref: http://www.clickz.com/clickz/news/2108273/toyota-betsyahoos-strength-fantasy-football

Sponsorship Recall Is Directly Proportionate To Engagement  The more fanatic/engaged are the sports fans, the better they can recall your brand  This means fantasy sport is an effective branding tool for fans to recall your brand

High Engagement Offers High Intent To Purchase • The more fanatic/engaged the sports fans, the higher chance they will purchase your product • This shows fantasy sport is an effective sales tool for fans to purchase your product

Fantasy World Cup Features on Website, Facebook, iPhone & Android Platforms • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Platforms – website, Facebook, iPhone, Android Fantasy team management Prediction game Create/invite/join private leagues Friends ranking Friends invite Players’ statistics – in table and graph Live scores Schedule & results Virtual medals & trophies Football’s manager experience level and rank’s insignia Social media integration Newsletter engine Most added/dropped players list Dream team selection Facebook login option Multi language

Fantasy Football For World Cup – Web Version Your sponsors’ banners DEMO http://fantasywcdemo.fanxt.com Login: rachel88lee@gmail.com Password: jmsb1210 Players graph analysis Prediction game signup Video player

Fantasy Football For World Cup – Web Version Users photo and badges and achievements Your sponsors’ banners Players list DEMO http://fantasywcdemo.fanxt.com Login: rachel88lee@gmail.com Password: jmsb1210 Your sponsors’ virtual billboard Sponsors’ logos on virtual stadium

Fantasy Football For World Cup – Animated Virtual Billboard NEW Your sponsors’ logo & brand on the virtual billboards USER SPENDS THE MOST TIME VIEWING THE VIRTUAL STADIUM IN FANTASY FOOTBALL The virtual billboards offer ultra-high visibility for your brand See the animation in action: www.fanxt.com/fantasyeplstage/main_pub.php

Fantasy Football For World Cup – Facebook Version Users photo and badges and achievements FB comments Video player

Fantasy Football For World Cup – Facebook Version Your sponsors’ logos on virtual stadium Your sponsors’ virtual billboard

World Cup Minisite DEMO http://worldcup.fantasy4all.com/ Latest news with large photo Latest news Latest photos Video player Your sponsors’ banners Upcoming and last matches Your sponsors’ logo

World Cup Minisite Team history Team statistics Players photo Your sponsors’ banners DEMO http://worldcup.fantasy4all.com/ Your sponsors’ banners

World Cup iPhone & Android Apps DEMO http://bit.ly/1dkodpL

Title Sponsorship - Sample BRAND VISIBILITY ON APPLE APP STORE AND GOOGLE PLAY With title sponsorship, you could get your brand on Apple App Store and Google Play store

Email Newsletter • You can send email newsletters before, during, and after World Cup • You may place your ads or sponsors’ ads in the newsletter • You may also conduct market surveys

No Legal Issue In Using Players’ Names Source: http://www.ccjer. org/fantasysports-providerswin-the-right-touse-playersnames-andstatistics.html Fantasy4All & FanXT Tel: +603 9222 4989 Fax: +603 9222 4889 Email: info@Fantasy4all.com Web: www.FanXT.com / www.Fantasy4All.com

No Legal Issue In Using Players’ Names Source: http://www.winst on.com/index.cf m?contentid=34 &itemid=2540 Fantasy4All & FanXT Tel: +603 9222 4989 Fax: +603 9222 4889 Email: info@Fantasy4all.com Web: www.FanXT.com / www.Fantasy4All.com

FAQs 1. When can we launch these World Cup digital applications? You can launch as soon as possible, even now. Our team can setup the whole applications in 2 weeks time 2. Can we use our own URL? Yes of course. You should use your own URL like http://fantasy.mycompany.com and the users will only see your URL in the fantasy football game. Your IT department only need to point the URL to our server’s IP address that will be provided to you 3. Where do you get the match statistics to support the digital applications? We integrate the statistics from data providers such as GSM, OptaSports, PA Sport. The stats are updated live and automatically 4. How shall we put fantasy value to each of the players in the fantasy football? We obtain the value or virtual price for each players by referring to website like www.transfermarkt.com. For players that we couldn’t find in transfermarkt.com, we deduce a fair value for that player by referring to the highest and lowest price for all players 5. Can we use your Apple and Google Play app stores account to upload our World Cup apps? Yes, you can. We can provide this free of charge 6. Can you provide customer support? Yes, we can provide customer support service via email in English only. This is free of charge

FAQs 1. Could we display banner advertisements on the digital media applications? Yes. We shall provide you access to our banner advertising server so that you can login and upload or change the online or mobile banners as soon as you want. Our ad server is running on OpenX, (www.openx.com), the most popular ad server in the world. You could also generate reports like, • Number of impressions • Number of clicks • Click-thru rates • Start-end of each campaign 2. What banner formats and sizes are supported? Banner formats are JPG, PNG, Flash, HTML. The recommended banner sizes are, • Leaderboard – 728x90 and 468x60 • Rectangle – 300x250 • Skyscraper - 120 x 600 • Mobile ad (iPhone, Android) - 300 x 50 3. Can you provide customer support? Yes, we can provide customer support service via email in English only. This is free of charge

Our Deliverables 1. We shall graphically design all the digital applications to look and feel like your brand, colour, theme LET US DO THE HARD WORK We are known for our excellent service level to our clients. We strive so that you thrive 2. We shall develop, design, setup, manage, host and translate all applications 3. We can are able to deliver all works in 2 weeks time. Language translation (other than English) will take additional 1 week

Who Is FanXT? • FanXT is an international award-winning digital sports media company that develops the Internet and mobile rights of sport leagues around the world via the provisioning of official websites, official mobile apps, Facebook apps, fantasy sport games, smart TV apps and beyond • Has a combination of 7 years experience in developing & managing digital media on web, Facebook, iPhone, Android & smart TV

Corporate Advisor • Jeff Hoffman, Co-Founder & Ex-CEO of Priceline.com, USD30 billion company (owner of Booking.com) Jeff Hoffman Advisor of FanXT

We Are An Official Fantasy Sport & Digital Media Provider • We are the Official Fantasy Football Provider for Veikkausliiga, Finland's Top Division Football League • We are the Official Fantasy Football Provider for Hong Kong First Division Football League • Official Fantasy Football Provider for India I-League, Top Division Football • Official Digital Media Provider for Taiwan Intercity Football League • Official Fantasy Football & Digital Media Provider for Philippines United Football League

Testimonials • From preparation to launch, it has been a great experience working with the FanXT team. Hong Kong Football Association (HKFA) is delighted with the partnership - Pearl Renée Chow, Head of Marketing & Communications, Hong Kong Football Association • The UFL is the first Philippine sporting event to have a fantasy application and we are thankful to FanXT for making this dream a reality. Working with them has been very smooth and efficient as we both share the same vision of deepening the sporting culture of the fans – Coco Torre, Marketing Manager, United Football League

Clients We Worked With & Distribution Partners Countries U.K GLOBAL RECOGNITION We have worked with world-class partners and clients across the world Australia Finland South Korea Singapore Malaysia Vietnam India Clients & Partners

Contact Us WE’RE READY TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS THROUGH FANTASY SPORTS Call us now and let us show you how our sports solutions can achieve your marketing and business goals FanXT Ltd (UK) Tel: +44 (20) 7692 8301 Email: info@fanxt.com Just Mobile Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) Tel: +603 9222 4989 Email: info@justmobileinc.com

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