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Published on February 4, 2008

Author: Tommaso

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Slide1:  MUSC Earth Clinic Medical University of South Carolina Christine R von Kolnitz http://www.uoregon.edu/recycle/book/index.htm What to Recycle:  What to Recycle What to Recycle:  What to Recycle What to Recycle:  What to Recycle Batteries:  Batteries Ni-Cad Lead Acid Nickel Metal Hydride Lithium Ion Other, alkaline Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation, http://www.rbrc.com/index.html Go to community, public agency They also take cell phones Cell Phones:  Cell Phones http://www.cellforcash.com/, they will buy your old phone if it is a model they want. http://www.recyclewirelessphones.com/, lists several recycling options. http://www.collectivegood.com/, this company takes the phones and donates money to a charity of your choice. http://www.pledgeaphone.com/about.html, this company takes the phones and donates money to a charity of your choice. Most cell phone companies will take the phones back for recycling. Fluorescent Tubes/Mercury:  Fluorescent Tubes/Mercury Check with your OSHA department to see if they will recycle this through their hazardous waste contract or they may set up a separate contract for this. http://www.nema.org/lamprecycle/, industry web page with good general information and regulations by state. http://www.dec.state.ny.us/website/dshm/hzwstman/lamprecy.htm, list of companies that recycle lamps. http://www.scdhec.gov/brap/forms/brap5_04.pdf, SC fact sheet. Metals:  Metals Gold and Silver – used in art, photography, x-rays, dental, and electronics to name a few. Highly toxic cyanide is used as the complexing agent for plating and also for recycling gold in electronics. Need to be sure that recyclers are not using toxic substances to recycle. It can be done with organic compounds. Check with your local metal recovery company first. If they can’t help you they probably know who can. Do not assume something can’t be recycled because it is combined with plastic, other metals, construction debris or other. Silver recovery units will pull silver from photo or x-ray equipment. Note: fixer is hazardous and must be contained for hazardous waste disposal. Good resource: http://www.waste.ky.gov/NR/rdonlyres/00B20F3E-DD66-4739-ACB6-698B5CBD2035/0/silver.pdf Metals:  Metals Lead in x-ray supplies, walls, medical equipment, electronics, construction and demolition debris, labs, etc. Recycle with local scrap dealer if possible. If not call your OSHA department and piggy back with their hazardous waste contract. Low grade scrap metal – wires and wires with plugs of all kinds must be separate from other metals Gaylord box of low grade scrap metal at Univ. of Minn. Multibin:  Multibin UC Davis Multibin collects CD’s, inkjets, cell phones, and batteries Electronics:  Electronics Surplus and reuse what you can first. Need credible recycler that can prove electronics are being recycled according to EPA standards. Cost is a big issue. Recycle plugs and wires with low grade scrap metal. State Contract: Global Investment Recovery, Inc. Contract #04-S6252-A10674, South Carolina Company, ISO 14001 Certified, http://www.girpm.com/services/default.asp Pre-Demolition:  Pre-Demolition Be involved in the planning and have recycling specifications for demolition and construction. Offer move out recycling bins for regular recyclables. Make sure they are taking their recycling bins with them or find out if they require new ones. After move out before demolition gather the following for reuse: fire extinguishers, fans, heaters, phones, cables and wires, office supplies, wall hangings, furniture, kitchen supplies, locks, specialty items like ceiling tiles, bathroom supplies and trash cans, lab supplies, medical supplies, fluorescent tubes, batteries, mercury thermostats, oil or fuel tanks, lab chemicals, asbestos, etc. Construction and Demolition:  Construction and Demolition Concrete, brick, asphalt pavement and shingles, wood waste and pallets, paint, cardboard, yardwaste, scrap metal, etc. Make sure contractors know what you expect through the specifications. We allow contractors access to our recycling facilities where appropriate. Ex. Cardboard baler and scrap metal dumpster. http://r4.ucdavis.edu/default.htm http://www.musc.edu/recycle/canddrecycling.htm Plastics:  Plastics Six Pack Rings: ITW Hi-Cone postage paid free for mailing in six pack rings http://www.ringleader.com/quest/welcome.asp Packing Peanuts, bubble wrap recycle with your local UPS or other mail store. They will come pick them up. They might pay you. Film transparencies: 3M, http://www.3m.com/us/meetings/product_catalog/trans_recycle.jhtml radiology and printing film: Source One Health, http://www.sourceonehealth.com Food waste:  Food waste In-vessel Vermi-Organic Digester footprint: 7’ x 18’ x 5’ with electric panel, motors, and hydraulic pack containes blowers, A/C, and heat requires 208-240 volts or 3 phase capacity is 100-300 pounds per day, potential 5 day a week use capacity 39 tons a year Food Waste:  Food Waste Shredder/mixer/conveyor CRA & CRC:  CRA & CRC Carolina Recycling Association, Collegiate Recyclers Coalition events: 2005, NC State, UNC Charlotte, Bob Jones, Furman, UNC-G 2006, January UNC Chapel Hill and March CRA conference session on education and a workshop on sustainability assessments. http://www.cra-recycle.org/ NRC & CURC:  NRC & CURC National Recycling Coalition and College and University Recycling Council events: 2005, NRC conference with CURC workshop and tour of Univ. of Minn. 2006 NRC conference with CURC workshop and tour of ? (Atlanta, October 22-25) http://www.nrc-recycle.org/default.htm More Resources:  More Resources DHEC http://www.scdhec.net/recycle/ Center for Waste Minimization http://www.scdhec.net/eqc/admin/html/wastemin.html Business Recycling Assistance Program http://www.scdhec.net/brap/index.html

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