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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: Alianzo



Special Report about how the 10 biggest European Banks perfom in Social Media.

Special Report: European Banks Título de la presentación

INDEX Target ● Global Rank ● Twitter Rank ● Facebook Rank ● Youtube Rank ● Linkedin, Viadeo and Google + Ranks ● Instagram, Flickr and Slideshare Ranks ● Facebook - Best Content Performer ● Good Practices ● Bad Practices ● Methodology ● Thanks ● Título de la presentación

Target “Compare the global corporate information profiles on Social Media of the 10 largest operating banks in Europe. Analyze and identify their strategies and actions in Social Media, justifying their positions in Alianzo's rankings."” Título de la presentación

Ranking Top Ten European Banks Alianzo Tool Global Score Título de la presentación

Global View BNP Paribas has achieved the best results (a 94 score in Alianzo Rank) thanks to its global presence in each analyzed social media tool. It must be said that there is not much difference among the first ones. Specially between Deutsche Bank (DB) and UBS, which are present in 6 out of 9social media. The 3 worst positioned banks are Lloyds Bank (89), Santander (87) and UniCredit (84). In this case, Santander and UniCredit have been penalized due to its lack of an informative global profile on Facebook.

Facebook Rank Top Ten Facebook profiles Título de la presentación

Facebook Rank at a glance BANK FANS TIMES UPDATE + FREQUENCY ANSWER LANGUAGE SPECIFIC CONTENTS BNP 318,414 2 x weekly YES French Events tickets vs. corporate 114,940 Every two days Yes (almost) French Corporate, social contribution Deutsche Bank 38,767 Almost Daily Yes (almost) English Humanitarian activities vs. Financial reports UBS Lloyds RBS 20,668 46,713 15,613 2 x weekly Yes (almost) Not specified Very Few 3 X weekly Not always English English English Financial Crédit Agricole Social activities Corporate vs. Current news reports BNP wins the Facebook marathon thanks to its number of fans. Besides, it achieves a high engagement rate (likes, shares and comments)--> CUSTOMER CENTRICITY. On the other hand, Lloyds, with the 2nd highest number of fans, is in 4th place. Its not specified update frequency penalizes it.

Twitter Rank Top Ten Twitter profiles Título de la presentación

Twitter rank at a glance Do the quality contents have something to do with each bank's ranks? TWEETS' CONTENT BANK FOLLOWERS TWEETS' FREQUENCY LANGUAGE Deutsche Bank 29,941 Daily English Corporate UBS 33,044 Almost Daily English Corporate, financial BNP Paribas 21,820 Daily French / English Corporate Santander 17,623 Daily Spanish Financal, corporate and F1 RBS 13,840 Not daily English Corporate, financial, sponsor Société Générale 14,176 Daily French Corporate, financial Barclays 15,415 Weekly English Corporate, financial Crédit Agricole 3,707 Daily English Corporate, financial UniCredit 2,232 Daily English Corporate Lloyds 75 English Corporate, financial Although UBS has 33,000 followers, DBK with almost 30,000, updates its profile several times everyday. Besides, it has been included in a high number of lists by Twitter users.

Key factors to succeed on Twitter CONTENTS The beginning of success. ENGAGEMENT. They start a s conversation with the customer. P POPULARITY Not only count “followers”, but also “followings”. Look at BNP, almost 22,000 followers but it's in 4th place. FREQUENCY OF UPDATE Daily updates engage banks' clients (economic situation, their sponsorships, latest news, answers...)

YouTube Rank Título de la presentación

YouTube Rank at a glance BANK Société Générale Crédit Agricole Barclays UniCredit Deutsche Bank BNP Paribas RBS Looyds Santander SUBSCRIBERS VIDEOS' UPDATES LANGUAGE + FREQUENCY 5,157 3 X WEEKLY FR 2,045 1 X DAILY FR 1,340 1 X WEEKLY EN 1,379 IT 1 X WEEKLY EN 1,521 1 X DAILY 930 1 X WEEKLY FR 251 174 139 650 Not a lot 1 TWO WEEKS 1 WEEKLY 1 WEEKLY EN EN SP/EN EN CONTENTS Music, recruitment Local initiatives, sponsorship Corporate Coporative, UEFA Corporate, social responsability Recruitment, cinema, Corporate, social responsability Corporate, sponsorship Corporate F1, Corporate Corporate, careers, education UBS SG thanks to its high number of channel views, achieves the 1st place. Besides, it creates videos related to recruitment and music. Although DB has 1,521 subscribers, it does not gather many views, posibly due to an excessive corporate attitude. UBS and UniCredit are in the same situation.

LINKEDIN, VIADEO AND GOOGLE + RANKS AT A GLANCE BANK FOLLOWERS FOLLWERS Santander 173,479 Société Générale 86,804 Deutsche Bank 228,189 UBS 151,023 BNP 131,777 LLOYDS 72,760 Crédit Agricole 19,254 Barclays 178,733 UniCredit 40,688 RBS 141,839 16,227 11,546 SAN is the best on Linkedin not only thanks to its followers, but also for its interactions (likes and coments of its followers). Despite having a high number of followers, DB, UBS, BAR and RBS do not reach high engagement rates (recommendations, interactions...). Société Générale, BNP and Crédit Agricole have presence in Viadeo, a French professional network. On Google+, Unicredit is clearly in first place due to its high number of +1. Another factor to keep in mind is the update frequency. This is directly related to the RBS, CR AG and BAR positions that have been punished because of that. +1 UniCredit 8,361 BNP 2,647 Deutsche Bank 1,243 RBS 1,469 Crédit Agricole 9,694 BANK 1,725 UBS 814 Santander 550 Société Générale 1,012 Barclays 970 LLOY 0

INSTAGRAM, FLICKR AND SLIDESHARE RANKS AT A GLANCE BANK FOLLOWERS BNP 328 Société Générale 97 Crédit Agricole 15 Besides having a high number of followers, BNP achieves a high engagement activity (comments, likes and engagement). Its content is related to cultural events and corporate meetings. PRESENTATIONS Crédit Agricole 15 SAN 563 VIEWS Deutsche Bank 2,631 BNP 4,892 UBS 14,003 1,959 RBS BANK BANK Crédit Agricole On Flickr, DB includes photos of social and financial events it sponsors (it is higly related to its FB contents). BNP and, specially UBS do not update their profiles frequently. Besides, as a general factor, they do not have contacts in their profiles, except DB. 2,662 Although SlideShare is a minority social media tool, it is remarkable that Santander and Credit Agricole share their presentations with all kinds of people. Santander is focused on its youth grants and some corporative reports. On the other hand, Credit Agricole´s presentations are about new online solutions and corporative reports too.

FACEBOOK BEST CONTENTS PERFORMER Popular BNP is the best performer. It achieves high engagement, with innovative contents + high number of fans. Coporate contents Contents innovation UBS and RBS only offers corporative and financial content, making no engagement. Lloyds and DB have everything to suceed in terms of content but their weak spot is the number of fans. Niche

GOOD PRACTICES: non financial contents BNP covers events and cultural news in order to get away from (more boring) financial activities. Deutsche Bank shows on Instagram some cultural events sponsored by the bank. Société Générale has a group of videos related to actual music in Youtube. Santander focuses most of his social media activities on F1.

BAD PRACTICES Some banks still maintain a financial mood throughout Social Media which might be frightening They always use the third person, not “us” or “we”. This does not create a strong community. Banks such as Unicredit, UBS and Lloyds do not create dialogue between the financial institution and the follower or fan.

METHODOLOGY Criteria: The analized profiles has been those which have a global appearence (it does not refer to a specific country nor a part of its core business). BANKS EXCLUDED FROM THE ANALYSIS: HSBC: its principal activity is developed in Asia BPCE: after the fussion, the banks still maintain their own personality. Source: ● ● ➢ “Top 150 Banks Worldwide Ranked By Asset Size” ➢ “Alianzo Ranks” Mistery Shopper: In order to analyze the degree of real interaction that banks hold with customers/followers, we have created fictitious profiles on various social networks . So that, we have been able to send them different kind of questions and check if they answer or not (also taking into consideration the quality of their responses). Título de la presentación

Thank you very much. Título de la presentación

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