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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: italimarco

Source: slideshare.net

halloween class Who am I?

Objective Treaters must discover the names of the halloween creatures...

People say I am a spirit of the nature... Sometimes, they call us “fallen angels”... I can be a young woman, a middle-aged lady or a fragile old woman... You will hear my mourning call when you are about to die... WHO AM I ?

I am a Banshee

I received the name of my father... I was timid and gentle, but the people started to attack me... I decided to defend myself, and started to kill people... I am made of the rests of the people who died... WHO AM I ?

I am Frankestein

We can be good, neutral or bad... I appear sometimes to warn you... We haunt houses and people... I am what I am because of some tragic event... WHO AM I ?

I am a Ghost

I would love to taste your flesh... We were humans once... If you are lost, I will probably take you to an abandoned place... We were cursed because we eat human flesh, dead or alive... WHO AM I ?

I am a Ghoul

I wear a black gown with a hood... I carry a large scythe... You will see me in the end of your life... I am the personification of death, but you can’t kill me... WHO AM I ?

I am the Grim Reaper

We are here since the ancient times... Our body was preserved because We seek immortality... You can find us in different cultures... We are famous in Egypt and peru... WHO AM I ?

I am the Mummy

I sold my soul in exchange for eternal life... My name in greek is “nosophoros” and it means “plague carrier”... I can only die if I’m totally burned or impaled... I would love to suck your blood...

I am a Vampire

I was created to do heavy works or evil deeds... We worked in the sugar cane plantations of haiti... Voodoo or a potion made.of puffer fish poison is enough to make me... My dead corpse will be “alive” again with a

I am a Zombie

People put me in their houses... I belonged to an ancestor of the family... If you try to bury me, I will scream and reapper the next day in the same place that I was in the house... I’m associated to ghosts, but I bring luck to the house...

I am a Screaming Skull

If I bite you, you will be like me... I can transform myself in an animal, or a hybrid... People also know me as a Lycantrope... I’m extremely strong, but vulnerable to silver... WHO AM I ?

I am a Werewolf

I was a monster that scared people in France... Romain hunted and burned me and he became Saint Romanus... My head was mounted in the newest church of Rouen... My image is used today to scare evil spirits... WHO AM I ?

I am a Gargoyle

We have magical powers... I cast spells and transform people in frogs... People believed that Joan of Arc was one of us... We follow an ancient religion called Wicca... WHO AM I ?

I am a Witch

Sometimes we are mischievous, but often we are evil... Sometimes we are considered Gnomes... We may be few inches tall or as the size of a dwarf... We are greedy and love money... WHO AM I ?

I am a Goblin

I have no specific appearence... I am the personification of terror... Your parents always warned you about me... If you misbehave, I’ll get you... WHO AM I ?

I am the Boogeyman

I am related to the Babylonian King.. I wreak havoc and spread lies everywhere... I am a rebel along with one-third of my brothers ... But in fact, I represent the human faults... WHO AM I ?

I am a Demon

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