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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: marandamoses

Source: slideshare.net

Special features of e-cigarette E-cigarette is a carbon free smoking product and is eco-friendly. Such cigarettes are widely known as electronic cigarettes, digital cigarettes, e cigs or vaporizer cigarettes and have captured millions of hearts with their glorious features. Conventional smoking has received a tremendous threat from ecigs.au as the latter has given a smoker a brand new smoking life enriched with endless joy and pleasure. Paper cigarette is the main smoking product which is used widely all over the world but has numerous disadvantages that results in numerous diseases and further cause pollution and moreover, is injurious to passive smokers. Paper cigarette releases thousands of harmful toxins as it is a combustible product and brings bad health to smoker. On the contrary, ecigs are non-combustible in nature and do not emit fumes of hazardous chemicals and instead release nicotine vapors that are safe to the smoker and environment as well and do not adversely impact passive smokers. E-cigarette basically is a vaporizer cigarette and satisfies the basic nicotine content of a smoker in a perfect way and gives more charm and health with sustainable environment. One can have ecigs anywhere as they run on battery which is interchangeable. The nicotine level can be increased or decreased according to the choice of the user. E-cigarette contains a liquid chamber which is also known as a cartridge that contains the basic nicotine which is in liquid form dissolved in propylene glycol and comes in many flavors like menthol, candy, vanilla, lemon, strawberry, etc. Propylene glycol is a common food additive and is frequently used in ecigs as a basic component. One can buy e-cigarette at any regular cigarette shop or can purchase them on the worldwide web through various internet stores. Nic Hit ecigs is one of the leading brands that deals in quality best electronic cigarette and offers a wide range in various magnificent models at an affordable price. Ecigs are usually long tube shaped and come mostly in automatic models with a LED (light emission diode) which is an indicator when the device comes into operation. E cigarette have a mouthpiece, a battery, an atomizer or the heating element, a cartridge, and some electronic circuits. When a smoker inhales, the atomizer heats the liquid nicotine solution and turns it into a vapor that is taken in

by the user. During such process, there is no combustion and the smoker gets his/her regular nicotine dosage without much harm to health and atmosphere. electronic cigarette au are more advanced, sophisticated and useful in giving a smoker more sustainable health and significantly help in quitting tobacco smoking permanently.

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