Speaking the Same Language: Creating a User Guide to Streamline Knowledge Mobilization

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Published on June 19, 2013

Author: ckforum

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2013 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum
Reinhart-McMillan W (1), Koning C (2), Mumme L (2) and The SCI KMN
1) Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation
2) Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

Speaking the Same LanguageCreating a User Guide to Streamline Knowledge MobilizationReinhart-McMillan W1, Koning C2, Mumme L2 and The SCI KMN1Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, 2Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

Section Section Name Slide No.1.Background of the Project &Adapted ImplementationProcesses32.Need for an AdaptedImplementation Guide73. Present and Future Content 124. System-Level Outcomes 15Talk Contents

Working together to uniformly adopt bestpractices to improve secondary outcomes of SCI.

• Adopted the Science of ImplementationThe 4 Stages of Implementation as Developed by the National ImplementationResearch Network

1. Site and Stakeholder Selection ProcessSCI KMN Adaptations ( ) toAccount for:

2. Formative Evaluation for Ongoing QualityImprovement2) Site Self-AssessmentNot In Place Fully In Place• Quantitative Behavior Change Measures• 5-Point Likert Scale3) Data Collectionand Analysis4) Quality Improvement1) Stage-Based BestPractice Implementation

AdaptedImplementationGuideTo provide new membersand other interested partieswith guidance andinstruction …AdaptedImplementationGuidePersonalizedMentorshipfrom Peerswith BPIExperienceStructuredEducationand TrainingCurriculumTraining Tools

So… Why a Guide?The most valuable training will be first-handmentorship from ‘groomed’ SCI KMN memberswith implementation science at their site.However a guide will provide additional benefits…

Why a Guide?SCI KMNNew SitesNewMembersOther Partners (e.g.acute care)1) Address scale-up potential

Why a Guide?2) Tremendous cost-savings

Why a Guide?3) Accelerated best practice implementationFirst-handexperiencesComprehensiveand SystematizedLearning ResourceEfficient BestPracticeImplementation

Adapted ImplementationFrameworks and ToolsSCI KMNAdaptedImplementationProcessA Need toAdapt TheseFrameworks, Tools andApproachesImplementationScienceFrameworks &ApproachesAdopted by theSCI KMN• ImplementationScience Overview• Overview ofImplementationScience Frameworks &Approaches Utilized bythe SCI KMN• NIRN ImplementationScience Framework• UtilizingImplementationScience Frameworks –Walkthrough• Building anImplementation TeamSection Overview

Our Journey• Detailed overview of SCI KMN journeyacross each stage of implementation.‘Call Out’s’ from clinical leaderscompliment this content and provide practicalsolutions for first time implementers“• SCI KMN Pre-Exploration Stage -Network Activities• SCI KMN ExplorationStage - NetworkActivities• SCI KMN InstallationStage - NetworkActivities• SCI KMN InitialImplementation Stage- Network Activities• SCI KMN FullImplementation Stage- Network ActivitiesSection Overview

On the Horizon• Further integrateclinical exampleswith theory• Color themesand ‘quick links’for fast access• ‘Key Learnings’for each section• Vetting through theSCI KMNimplementation teams

System-Level OutcomesAND…• Standardization – growing, geographicallydisparate network still ‘Speaking the SameLanguage’• Continue sustainable best practice implementationwith high fidelity.

System-Level OutcomesWorking towards…More Well-informed Practitioners + Efficient Systems + Relevant Policiesto achieve Optimal Patient Outcomes for Less $A.K.AMORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK

Stay Tuned….For More Information:Westley Reinhart-McMillan SCI KMNProject Coordinator and AdaptedImplementation Guide Developerwestley@onf.orgWhen will the first release becomeavailable?• Fall 2013How will it be disseminated?• Initially hard and electronic copies will bedistributed but web-based formataccessible across all platforms .

Foothills MedicalCentre: SCIRehabilitation ClinicSPINAL CORD INJURY KNOWLEDGE MOBILIZATION NETWORKa Learning & Innovation CollaborativeGlenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

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