Spartans, the greatest warriors

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Information about Spartans, the greatest warriors

Published on May 5, 2007

Author: fundude


Slide1:  300 in pictures Slide2:  Spartans, the greatest warriors Slide3:  Persians, the ruthless conquerors Slide4:  Persian message or a threat? Slide5:  Beautiful and Prudent Queen Slide6:  Prepared for anything Slide7:  Mystical Persian ruler Slide8:  A fight for freedom Slide9:  Spartans beat Persians in straight sets 6-2 6-3 6-0

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Which isn't to say the Spartans didn't enjoy some freedom. Their women enjoyed the greatest freedom in ancient Greek culture, and were encouraged to read ...
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Top 10 Greatest Warriors. Posted by Loni Perry ... Leonidas learned of the betrayal and sent away most of his men keeping only the 300 Spartans that made ...
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Clearchus of Sparta - Spartan mercenary in the army of the Ten Thousand (Greek mercenaries). ... The Spartans: Warrior Philosophers of the Ancient World.
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I have long known about the history of the spartans way before 300 came out. Did you know that army bootcamp came from the spartans. Imagine 300 men...
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Top 10 Greatest Historical Warriors. tstrubi April 20, 2010. ... The Spartan culture was all about war and training men for war their entire lives.
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