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Published on March 11, 2009

Author: Tormey381


Slide 1: ATHENS ATHENS vs. vs. SPARTA SPARTA A I M : LIFE IN ATHENS VS. LIFE IN SPARTA P O L I S : P O L I S Athens and Sparta were probably the two most famous and powerful city states in Ancient Greece. ATHENS SPARTA However, they were both very different. A I M : LIFE IN ATHENS VS. LIFE IN SPARTA GOVERNMENT : GOVERNMENT Athens’ Government was a democracy. They were the first to do this. ATHENS SPARTA Sparta’s Government was ruled as an oligarchy by two kings. K E Y W O R D: DEMOCRACY A system of government in which the people have a say in the decision making. K E Y W O R D: OLIGARGY A system of government in which a small group of citizens control decision making. Both governments were elected by the people. A I M : LIFE IN ATHENS VS. LIFE IN SPARTA MONARCHY EVOLUTION OF GOVERNMENT OLIGARCHY DEMOCRACY A BOY’S LIFE : A BOY’S LIFE Athenian boys could go into the army or navy if you wanted to. ATHENS SPARTA Boys trained to be warriors at age 7. Boys had to join the Spartan army. Spartan boys did not have to work or be educated but trained to be warriors from a young age. A I M : LIFE IN ATHENS VS. LIFE IN SPARTA A GIRL’S LIFE : A GIRL’S LIFE Girls did not have anything to do with war, business or education. ATHENS SPARTA Girls in Sparta were to grow up to be the mothers of warriors. Although they were not allowed to fight, girls took part in all the training because fit ladies produced fit babies, who would fight! Girls were not regarded as important by the Athenians. Girls could be taught at home. (if they had rich parents) A I M : LIFE IN ATHENS VS. LIFE IN SPARTA CREATIVITY : CREATIVITY Athens was a very creative city state. They believed in a good education…for boys. ATHENS SPARTA Sparta was very focused on obedience and war …not luxuries. A I M : LIFE IN ATHENS VS. LIFE IN SPARTA REVIEW : REVIEW Q: Why do you think the Athenians were able to spend more time on government then the Spartans? ATHENS SPARTA A: Athenians placed less importance on the military. A I M : LIFE IN ATHENS VS. LIFE IN SPARTA Q: What would you say was the biggest difference between Athenian boys and Spartan boys? A: Athenians boys were not trained primarily as soldiers. Q: What would you say was the biggest difference between Athenian girls and Spartan girls? A: Athenians girls probably led much quieter, less physically active lives. Q: How does an oligarchy differ from a monarchy ? A: In a monarchy only one ruler holds supreme power. In an oligarchy a few people join to rule. Q: What kind of government did Athens have? A: They had a democracy, a government which spread the ruling power to the people. Q: How was Athens’ government like America’s government today? A: We have a representative democracy that spreads power to more people. Q: How would you diagram the progression of forms of government in Athens? A: Monarch ? Oligarchy ? Democracy.

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