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Published on October 4, 2007

Author: WoodRock


Sparkle’s Search:  Sparkle’s Search By Lori Khoshanoff Slide2:  It was a beautiful fall day. The sun was shining and the sky was a crystal blue. Sparkle the Sparrow was flying above New York City when he spotted two tall buildings. Slide3:  Sparkle was dazzled by their beauty and overcome with happiness. WOW! Slide4:  He flew home to tell his mother what he had found. Slide5:  When he arrived, he said “Mommy, I found two beautiful buildings in New York City today. The looked exactly alike! Will you come and look at them with me now?” She replied, “It’s getting late. Maybe we can go tomorrow.” Slide6:  Sparkle was so happy, he dreamed about the two buildings all night long. Slide7:  When the sun began to rise, Sparkle woke his mother up and said, “Mommy, will you go with me now?” She replied, “No, maybe later. I’m very tired” Slide8:  Sparkle the Sparrow decided to go by himself. Slide9:  Sparkle the Sparrow flew all the way back to the City, but didn’t see the two tall buildings. All he saw was a lot of smoke. Slide10:  Then Sparkle the Sparrow decided to look around for them. “Maybe they were hiding,” he thought. ? ? ? ? ? ? Slide11:  Sparkle flew all the way up to the tallest building in the City; The Empire State Building. He went there to see if he could find the two buildings, but he couldn’t find them. Slide12:  Then he decided to go look on the big streets of the City. He flew over Park Avenue, but he couldn’t find them. Slide13:  He looked under the parked cars and buses, but he still couldn’t find them. Slide14:  He looked inside the garbage cans, but he couldn’t find them. Slide15:  He even stopped a few other sparrows to see if they knew where they were, but still no luck. Slide16:  Sparkle the Sparrow was very depressed. No matter where he looked, he couldn’t find the buildings. Slide17:  He decided to fly home. When he arrived he said, “ Mommy, I couldn’t find the two buildings that I saw yesterday! I searched on top of the Empire State Building, on the streets, under the cars, in the garbage can, and I even asked some other sparrows, but I couldn’t find anything! Where did they go?” Slide18:  She replied, “ Sparkle, we need to talk to each other.” Sparkle replied, “Okay!” His mother asked him, “ Did you see a lot of smoke today?” He said, “Yes, I did see a lot of smoke today.” Slide19:  She replied, “Well that is because something bad happened today, and now the two tall building are gone.” He asked, “What happened today?” ? Slide20:  She replied, “Well some very bad people did some very horrible things, and now the towers are gone.” Sparkle the Sparrow began to cry. He was very upset. His mother gave him some tissues to blow his beak. Slide21:  He then said, “But Mommy what will happen now?” She replied, “We will never forget the Twin Towers. Just because they are gone doesn’t mean we can’t see them in our dreams.” Slide22:  That night when Sparkle the Sparrow went to sleep he dreamed of nothing but the beautiful Twin Towers that once stood in the heart of New York City. Slide23:  In memory of the many victims, Firefighters, Police Officers, and Paramedics that risked their lives to save others. One day changed the lives of thousands, and emotionally affected millions. September 11, 2001 was a day that will forever remain vibrant in our minds and in our hearts. God Bless America

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