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Information about Spanish alphabet pronunciation

Published on February 18, 2014

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Spanish Alphabet & Pronunciation

Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation

Differences between English and Spanish  More letters in Spanish alphabet  Different pronunciations

Vowels A=ah (father)  E=eh (day)  I=ee (feet)  O=oh (go)  U=oo (fool) 

REPITE, POR FAVOR A,E,I,O,U (Ah, eh, ee, oh, oo)

REMEMBER These sounds never change!!

Vowel Practice Pronounce the following nonsense words, remembering that vowel sounds don’t change!      abatanama nebebe itipidi otopo umugumu

More vowel practice . . . Pronounce the words, remembering the sounds of the vowels! tulemendu  sanebini  adotute  ducatebilo 

Consonants  Most sound similar to English  Some are different . . .

La letra Ll (elle) The ‘Ll’ makes a Y sound (yes). Pronounce:     calle (street) bella (beautiful) silla (chair) olla (pan)

La Letra J (Jota) ‘J’ sounds like H (happy). Pronounce: Jalea (jelly)  Jefe (chief, leader)  Jirafa (giraffe)  Joven (young person)  Jugo (juice) 

La letra ñ (eñe)  Makes a “ny” sound (canyon). Pronounce:     pestañas (eyelashes) montaña (mountain) baño (bathroom) años (years)

La letra H (Hache) ‘H’ is always silent ! Pronounce:      Hamaca (hammock) Helado (ice cream) Hilo (thread) Hormiga (ant) Humanidad (humanity)

La Letra Z (Zeta)   In most countries, the “Z” sounds like the English “S” In Spain, the “Z” makes a “th” sound Pronounce:     Zapato (shoe) Bostezo (yawn) Pizarra (chalkboard) Zanahoria (carrot)

La letra R (ere) Makes a soft “d” sound (If the letter “r” starts a word, roll it!) Pronounce:    sendero (path) jarabe (syrup) barato (cheap)

La Letra RR (erre) Always roll the “rr”! Pronounce:  carro (car)  perro (dog)  ferrocarril (railroad)

Special Letter: C (ce)        Sounds like “S” if followed by ‘e’ or ‘i’ Sounds like “K” if followed by any other letter Casa (house) Caracol (seashell) Celoso (jealous) Ciencias (science) Cicatriz (scar)

Special Letter: G (ge) Sounds like “H” if followed by ‘e’ or ‘i’  Sounds like “G in girl” if followed by any other letter       Gaviota (seagull) Gallo (rooster) General (general) Gimnasio (gymnasium) Gigante (giant)

Tough Word #1 Bacatepocupipo

Tough Word #2 enchadubanono

Tough Word #3 Nillopoturola

Last Tough Word  Zadepacucecalliñocherra

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