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Published on January 24, 2008

Author: Saverio


Slide1:  Inside The World of Spam: From the Eyes of a Spammer Who Am I?:  Who Am I? Was a full time, professional spammer from the age of 17-22. Dubbed the “The Spam Man” by friends, but you can call me Eddy! Sent many, many millions of spam emails. I am not the largest spammer in the world, but I did very well for myself. Sure beats a real day job, I get paid to send you email! There is more to life than making money. Now fully retired from spam.. With no plans to go back More on this and myself later. Shameless Plug.:  Shameless Plug. My book “Inside The Spam Cartel” The day I quit spam, I began writing “Inside the Spam Cartel” Freedom of information Full disclosure of spammer techniques Educate the anti-spam community on just how ruthless a spammer can be. Inside the Spam Cartel Book has been used to help develop new methods of spam detection. Adopted by legal authorities as a reference book when prosecuting spammers. Used as the primary technical reference, in the case “United States vs Jason Smathers” Jason was successfully convicted for stealing 94 million email address from AOL, in what has now been called a landmark case against spammers. Jason made over $150,000 USD from selling the email addresses. Table of Contents:  Table of Contents Does sending spam really work? Why spam still exists and what do we do about it? Types of spam and spammers Spam gangs Life as a spammer Why did i quit spam? Does Sending Spam Really Work?:  Does Sending Spam Really Work? Spam is still the most effective way of selling a product online. Its direct, in your face advertising of any product you can imagine! The internet has A LOT of users, and allows spammers to play the ‘numbers game’. A tiny percentage of a astronomically large figure will result in a ‘large’ value. If 1% of the internet bought your product, you would be an instant multi-billionaire Sending spam is cheap. $1,000 USD you can send a message to five million users. Cheapest form of direct advertising in the world. You could pay $100,000 to get the same audience with a TV commercial. Does Sending Spam Really Work?:  Does Sending Spam Really Work? Spam Filters, do they really stop a spammer? Filters make the job harder, but not impossible. See “Inside the Spam Cartel” Chp 7 “Spam Filters: Detection and Evasion” and Chp 8, “Spam Filters: Advanced Detection and Evasion” Have you ever bought a spammed product or service? “The Direct Marketing Association of America estimates 11 million Americans, representing 9 percent of all email users, made at least one purchase of products or services in response to an unsolicited email advertisement in the year 2004.” So, YES, in short sending spam works and it can make a spammer VERY rich. Why Spam Still Exists:  Why Spam Still Exists Can anyone guess the #1 reason why you WILL get spam in your inbox tomorrow? Because someone bought a product from the same spammer, today. “More than one in five British consumers (22 per cent) have purchased software in response to a spam email“ – Forrester Research - 2004 “13 percent of corporate users and 11 percent of consumers say they have bought products and services advertised in spam” – Mirapoint –2005 “35 percent of corporate users admit to opening spam, and clicking the links inside. 57% of these people also admitted to receiving more spam, after they clicked the links” – Mirapoint 2005 “14 percent of email users read spam, and 4% buy products advertised in spam” – Rockbridge Associates 2005 This is the reason you will get spam, because the products are bought, time and time again. What Should We do:  What Should We do Anti-spam groups help, but spam is not going anywhere fast. Spam filters help to reduce the amount of spam received, but this is an endless cat and mouse game. Lawsuits do little, for every spammer taken out of spam, two will fill his shoes. Global opt-out lists will NEVER work. Spammers don’t have ethics!! – TRUST ME So Spammer-X what do we do? What Should We do:  What Should We do STOP BUYING PRODUCTS FROM SPAM! If everyone here goes home today and tells ten people they know to NEVER buy a product from a spam email, we will directly effect the amount of profit to be made from spam. The anti-spam community is trying, but YOU the consumer are the problem. But you also have the power to stop spam. Spammers will not send spam if they do not make a profit, its all about the PROFIT To stop spam, we need to make the cost of sending spam GREATER than the possible profit. “If people stopped buying products from spam, spam would probably go away" – Marcel Nienhuis, analyst at the Radicati Group. “If no-one responded to junk e-mail and didn't buy products sold in this way, then spam would be as extinct as the dinosaurs “ – Graham Cluley, Sophos AntiVirus Types of Spam and Spammers:  Types of Spam and Spammers GI – General Internet/Interest Spammers Send Massive Amounts of spam, daily, to anyone and everyone. 2-5 million messages per day, every day, 365 days a year. Massive infrastructure investments Emails are not checked for validity GI spammers can keep hundreds of millions of email addresses available in spam databases. Will buy mailing lists from anyone selling, your email is worth at least a fraction of a cent to a GI spammer. Low return rate 0.00001% to a maximum rate of 0.001% But at the maximum 0.001% return rate, profit could be as high as $100,000 (USD) (based on sending five million spam mails) Types of Spam and Spammers:  Types of Spam and Spammers Many organized crime syndicates are affiliated with GI spammers Spam is attracting organized crime from America, Japan, China, Russia and South America due to the extreme profits available. GI spammers sell easily produced products, or commission based services. Products are almost always not legitimate (Yes, that OEM Symantec software is actually fake). Products may fetch $10 when sold in the country that produced them, but $100-$200 when sold online. Very large profit margins. Think Back to Jason Smathers who stole 94 million AOL email addresses. At a 0.001% signup rate, he could of made $1,88 million USD! Just incase you think I am kidding.:  Just incase you think I am kidding. Types of Spam and Spammers:  Types of Spam and Spammers Targeted Spammers Who here has ever woken up in the morning and said to themselves… “I am going to make a coffee, and then i am going to go buy some penis enlargement pills” Send a smaller amount of spam, to a higher caliber of recipients. Recipients have a prior interest in the particular type of product or service Targeted spammers send less spam, so have a lower overhead cost. Typical targeting spammer may only send 1-2 million spam, twice or three times a week! – That’s not very much! Targeting ensures a much higher return rate Working as a targeted spammer myself, my maximum return rate was 15% based on mailing ½ million users. Types of Spam and Spammers:  Types of Spam and Spammers Spammers need demographic and financial information for each email address. Need to know the recipients age, sex, do they have a credit card? Information is often sold to spammers by marketing companies or (more frequently) porn sites. Hackers and insiders being hired to steal customer demographic information. Targeted spam is very powerful when used to sell niche products, pornography is a GREAT example of this. Highly specialized fetish content can sell EXTREMELY well to a targeted audience. I.e: My balloon popping pornography newsletter. Ultra GI – The ‘Spam Gangs’:  Ultra GI – The ‘Spam Gangs’ Media buzzword, its not a gang really, more like a company. Spam Gangs - GI Spamming on a massive scale. “Approximately 200 existing spam gangs are responsible for 80% of the worlds spam” – Spamhaus ‘Gangs’ are 4-5 members in size, and focus on sending HUGE amounts of spam. 10x as much spam as a single GI spammer. Work together to create massive resources and profits. Spam Gangs can have 10-20 dedicated servers running 365 days a year sending spam. That’s 60-70 million spam messages per day, every day! Ultra GI – The ‘Spam Gangs’:  Ultra GI – The ‘Spam Gangs’ Selling a product they created, while offering commission based sales to other GI spammers. “Spammers, sell our product and we will give you 20% of each sale”. Pyramid of money. Products are always fake, and pharmaceutical/herbal products are big sellers! “Herbal” pills don’t need FDA approval, so are legal to be sold in the USA. Anyone can create a “Herbal” product, and along as the pill contents are legal you don’t break any laws. Products are hard for consumers to spot as a fake. There is no active chemical in penis enlargement products that will lengthen anything! Embarrassing subject, many do not want to tell authorities. “So I umm, bought this product to enlarge something, and it umm didn’t enlarge anything…” Inside A Pharmaceutical ‘Spam Gang’ Names have been changed, but this is a real spam gang. Who right now, are sending you spam… *BING BONG* You have mail..:  Inside A Pharmaceutical ‘Spam Gang’ Names have been changed, but this is a real spam gang. Who right now, are sending you spam… *BING BONG* You have mail.. Inside A Pharmaceutical ‘Spam Gang’:  Inside A Pharmaceutical ‘Spam Gang’ ‘Pharmaceutical’ Company Owner – Primary Roles Run an online pharmaceutical store and handle any orders passed to them. Obtain a product that looks legitimate, and comes in genuine packaging. Generic pharmaceutical labs in China, India, Fiji, make cheap diluted versions of Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra) in bulk. A box of generic Viagra can be produced for under $30, with a resale value of $200. Offer a high commission rate to a select number of large spammers chosen to promote the product directly for them. Usual commission rate is 20-25%, but chosen spammers could get as much as 50% from each sale Offer a guaranteed money back! (hah, real joke) Inside A Pharmaceutical Spam Gang:  Inside A Pharmaceutical Spam Gang Bullet proof Hosting Provider Primary Roles Host any web resources required by a spammer. Very spammer friendly, your website will never get shut down. Its bullet proof! They live for abuse, nothing you say or do will ever take them offline. Located in offshore countries with lax laws, or where spamming is not yet illegal. China Russia Middle-east Malaysian Pacific Prices vary, but bulletproof hosting is not cheap $50 an hour to $1000 a month. Inside A Pharmaceutical Spam Gang:  Inside A Pharmaceutical Spam Gang Botnet Master Primary Roles Maintain a large botnet for the purpose of renting out to spammers. Botnets are networks of compromised machines, which are used as drones to send spam. Botnet maintainers release their own variants of worms which infect vulnerable machines and install a custom backdoor. Backdoor will function as a password protected SOCKS proxy server on the host. Anyone can relay data through the compromised client if they supply the correct SOCKS password. Turns each client into a proxy server. Botnets help distribute the origin of spam, making hosts harder to detect Spammers purchase access to a regularly updated text file which contains a current list of hosts in the botnet. Text files can be fed into mass mailers, such as DarkMailer and spam sent via each proxy. Renting a 10,000 node botnet will cost anywhere from $1,000-$5,000 (USD) per day Inside A Pharmaceutical Spam Gang:  Inside A Pharmaceutical Spam Gang Email Address Collector Primary Role Collect email addresses Scrape addresses from search engines/mailing lists/newsgroups. Purchase address lists from marketing companies. Create their own ‘fake’ marketing companies, to collect addresses and demographics Hire hackers to steal company clientele databases. VERY popular with porn websites, which are regularly hacked for accounts anyway. Buy contact lists from other spammers or collectors 10 million ‘used’ email addresses will only cost $250 (USD) Inside A Pharmaceutical Spam Gang:  Inside A Pharmaceutical Spam Gang The Spammer! Primary Roles Host several different online pharmaceutical stores with the bullet proof hosting provider.,, Different domain, same page content. Sites only forward sales to Rent ‘virgin’ botnet access from the botnet master Purchase 40 million newly collected email addresses from the address collector. Spam through the botnet, advertising to newly acquired addresses All sales to with a referer HTTP tag of, or are recorded and credited to the spammer. When spam filters eventually blacklist any mail promoting, promote a different domain. Spam Gangs – The Results:  Spam Gangs – The Results Our Spam Gang sent 40 million emails promoting fake “home made” pharmaceutical products. Sales results. (Real sales figures, from the original spam gang) Spam Gangs – The Results:  Spam Gangs – The Results Who's getting rich? Pharmacy Owner Many rumors of mafia involvement in fake pharmaceutical production. The real king pins of spam. Spammer Even with direct costs, spamming is a highly profitable avenue. 2-3 hours of real ‘work’. Botnet master Makes almost as much as the spammer. Can work with 10 spammers at once. Mail is ‘light’ on bandwidth. My Life as a spammer.:  My Life as a spammer. How did I get into spam? Is the life of a spammer, fun? Hard? Ethics? Morals? Do I actually have any? Why did I quit spam? Would I ever go back? Thanks!:  Thanks! If anyone is interested in purchasing any Viagra, Vicodin, Hoodia or a cheap Rolex, see me later..

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