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Published on March 19, 2014

Author: SpafinderWellness



The 2014 Trends Report is Spafinder Wellness 365's 11th annual Trends Forecast for the spa and wellness industry.

Top 10 Global Spa and Wellness Trends Forecast 2014 Trends Report © 2014 Spafinder Wellness, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Information and data extracted from this report is to be accompanied by a statement identifying Spafinder Wellness, Inc. as the publisher and source.

2014 Trends Report As Presented By: Mia Kyricos Chief Brand Officer Spafinder Wellness, Inc. Susie Ellis President Spafinder Wellness, Inc.

Top 10 Trends 1 Healthy Hotels 2.0 2 Wired Wellness 3 Hot Springs Heat Up 4 Suspending Gravity 5 Ferocious Fitness 6 “Natural” Beauty Meets Social Media 7 Aromatherapy: Scent with Intent 8 Wellness Retreats Rise… & Urbanize 9 Death & Spas: Thriving During Life’s Transitions 10 Top 10 Surprising Spa & Wellness Destinations

Über Trend: Your Mind is What Matters

Healthy Hotels 2.0 1 MGM Grand (U.S.) triples its number of “Stay Well” rooms.

Fueling the Trend • $439 Billion Wellness Tourism Industry • A Need to Rejuvenate – Americans only take 10 of 14 vacation days – Japanese 7 of 18 – South Koreans 7 of 10 • Rising Healthcare Costs Wellness 65% More Wellness 130% More Tourism Spending (2012)

Stronger Fitness Wyndham’s TRYP Hotels (International)

Sleep Programming Hotel Benjamin (U.S.)

Healthier Food EVEN Hotels (U.S.)

PURE Rooms Hypoallergenic Rooms by PURE® At Hyatt, Marriott and more

Healthy Hotels 2.0 • Top trend in 2013 – Hotels branding & rebranding around wellness • Top megatrend in 2014 – Deeper, multi-faceted programming • Moving from the exception to hospitality vernacular • Driven by demand & hotel response • More than just a marketing differentiator

The Future: From Exception to the Rule

Wired Wellness Heapsylone’s SmartSocks 2

Fueling the Trend • “Quantified Self”: Our Need To Track Data – Project to sell 252 million tracking devices by 2017 – 100,000 Health Apps – 62 App Stores • Rise in Virtual Classes – 30+ million results when you Google “Online Yoga” • mHealth – 40% annual growth – $10.2 billion by 2017

Untie the Bands Strava

Employee Wellness GetHealth

mHealth Mendor Discreet, Diabetic Monitoring Device

Meditation Apps Smiling Mind

Wired Wellness • Are wired and wellness counterintuitive? • Technology plays a significant role in: – Healthy living – Lowering health care costs • Growing significantly: – Fitness & Wellness Trackers – Fitness & Wellness Apps – Online Booking

The Future: Spa & Wellness Providers Get Wired for Long- Term Relationships

Hot Springs Heat Up The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat 3

Fueling the Trend • Authentic, local travel experiences • Inherent sustainability • Rise in people seeking social experiences • Economically affordable, stress reliever “The rub-off business associated with hot springs is staggering.” – Cary Collier, principal, Blue Spas, Inc.

Old Become New Tauern Spa (Austrian Alps)

New & Improved Evason Ma’In Hot Springs (Jordan)

Luxurious Onsens Hoshino Resorts (Japan)

“Trendy” Replaces “Funky” Two Bunch Palms (U.S.)

Hot Springs Heat Up • Dates back to Roman times • Exist all over the world • There has never been a hotter moment for thermal spas • Affordable, social, beneficial and natural • Hundreds of new, exciting projects

The Future: Hot Springs are the Hot Spot for the Spa Industry

Suspending Gravity Aerial yoga at Fairmont Scottsdale’s Well&Being Spa 4

Fueling the Trend • Gravity’s Heavy Toll – Backaches, swollen feet, varicose veins – Compresses our organs • Flotations Medical Benefits – Reduces stress, chronic pain, swelling, depression and insomnia – Lowers blood pressure – Improves Skin • New Weightless Fitness Approaches

Flotation Tanks/Rooms Aman Resort (U.S.)

Flotation Pools Nordik Spa-Nature (Canada)

Aerial Yoga Fairmont Scottsdale’s Well&Being Spa

Anti-Gravity Fitness Equipment AlterG

Floating Spas Floating Gardens (Amsterdam)

Suspending Gravity • Desire to disconnect from the “weight” of the world • Escape from gravity’s pull by “suspending it” • Flotation tanks, chambers, pools • Ariel & antigravity classes, treadmills

The Future: Space – A Spa Frontier

Ferocious Fitness 5 Tough Mudder

Fueling the Trend • Walks, Runs & Marathons – Thousands of events – Millions of participants • $2.2 Trillion Entertainment Industry – A "Ripped' celebrity culture – Reality TV: The Biggest Loser, Extreme Makeover, Survivor and more • Out-of-Shape Global Population – One billion adults are overweight – 475 million are obese • A World Pressed For Time – High intensity interval training in short timeframes OUR COMPETITIVE NATURE 60% Boys 47% Girls On Sports Teams By Age 6

Ferocious with a Cause JDRF’s Ride to Cure Diabetes

Ferocious Competitions Tough Mudder

Ferocious Interval Training Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat (Australia)

Ferocious Fun GROOV3 (U.S.)

Ferocious Fitness • Like fashion, fitness is ever-changing • More intense workouts & training • Real & sometimes quick results • Important part of social life • Fun is a key ingredient

The Future: More Fun. More Competitive. More Hardcore.

“Natural” Beauty Meets Social Media 6

Fueling the Trend • Demand for Organic – 2011, 15% rise in natural personal care products – $23 billion market • Consumers Want Less- Invasive Treatments – Non-surgical cosmetics procedures grew 500% over last 20 years • All-Natural Looks in Fashion “1 in 5 of all [beauty] products contain chemicals linked to cancer, 80% contain ingredients that commonly contain hazardous impurities, and 56% contain penetration enhancers.” – Environmental Working Group

Hands & Feet Bastien Gonzalez Pedicures (Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo)

Scalp Treatments

“No-Poo” Movement Argan Oil

Nutritional Supplements REVIV (U.S.)

Acupuncture: Now for Skin Tiffani Kim Institute (U.S.)

Technology & Science

“Natural” Beauty • People are expected to look their best 24/7 • Leaving the era of faux beauty • Organic products, science & technology intersect to deliver seemingly natural results • Less chemical products, more nature & technology • Spas are the clean-beauty torchbearers

The Future: As the Selfie Takes Over, Beauty is an Expected Constant

Aromatherapy: Scent with Intent 7 Aromatherapy Associates

Fueling the Trend • Aromatherapy market grew 15% annually over past 2 years • Proven Health Benefits – Topical application: Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects – Aromatherapy: Reduces stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, tension headaches, systolic and diastolic blood pressure • Mood-boosting & Brain-engaging

Custom Blending Spa Matilda (Mexico)

Scent Goes High Tech Body Bliss, Intentional Aromatherapy App

Beyond the Spa Aromatherapy Artist Persephenie Lee

Even in Cars Mercedes-Benz 2014 S-Class AIR-BALANCE System

Aromatherapy: Scent with Intent • Essential component of spa treatments – Spas helped aromatherapy become mainstream • Now being reimagined, from pleasant to personalized and transformative • New aromatherapy of intention treats pain, depression and more • Botanists and digital technology are playing a key role • Well beyond sachets and cinnamon candles

The Future: Move Away from “Spray & Pray” Approaches to More Intentional Uses

Wellness Retreats Rise… & Urbanize 8 Salamander Resort & Spa

Fueling the Trend • Wellness Retreats Offer What’s Missing in Traditional Medical Care – Supportive environment for making lifestyle changes – Obesity rate 2x higher since 1980 – Preventable diseases cause 63% of deaths • 50% of the World Live in Urban Areas – # will double by 2050 • Travelers Taking Shorter Vacations, Closer to Home – “Near-Away” Destination Spas

Immersive Wellness VANA (India)

Brand Expansion – Rural… Lanserhof Tegernsee (Bavarian Alps)

…And Urban Lans Medicum in Hamburg

Brand Expansion Miraval at Natirar to open in 2015 (New Jersey, less than 1 hour from NYC)

Urban-Close Destinations Salamander Resort & Spa (Virginia, near Washington D.C.)

Urban-Close Destinations GOCO Retreat (50 kms from 11.5 million people in Beijing)

Wellness Retreats Rise… & Urbanize • Exciting growth after years of recession • New locations with personalized, immersive wellness programming • All new brands • New expansion of classic destination spas • New urban-close wellness retreats

The Future: Destination Spas & Retreats Fill a Healthcare Void

Death & Spas: Thriving During Life’s Transitions 9

Fueling the Trend • Core identity of spa is healing, personal connection and helping people cope with pain and stress • Spas are a natural extension of Hospice care • Enlightened attitudes: People are increasingly accepting that death is as much a part of life as birth • Spiritual awareness, including more acceptance of Eastern philosophies (mindfulness) – People are more open to getting help with stress, pain, life issues • And once again…an aging population

Hospitals Go Spa Clodagh Design International

Caring is the DNA of Spas Spa4ThePink

Safe Places for Change… Green Valley Spa & Resort (U.S.)

…And Fresh Starts Spa Eastman (Canada)

Death & Spas: Thriving During Life’s Transitions • Baby boomers are thinking seriously about aging & death • Spas are returning to core strengths – Touch, healing and caring • Hospitals & care centers are introducing spa elements • Death isn’t the only challenge – Divorce, illness, job loss, PTS

The Future: People Embrace the Healing Power of Spa

Top 10 Surprising Spa & Wellness Destinations 10 The Nam Hai (Vietnam)

Fueling the Trend • 2013 State of Spa Travel Top 2 Trends: – People desire more exotic, off-the-beaten-path destinations – People want immersion in local cultural experiences vs. “generic luxury” • Investing By Tourism Boards • More Wellness Tourists • Wellness-Obsessed Baby Boomers • Global Consciousness & Social Interest

1. Bhutan Uma by COMO, Paro

2. Ghana Kempinski Hotel opening in 2014 (Hotel rendering)

3. Nicaragua Mukul, Beach Golf & Spa

4. Portugal Longevity Wellness Resort Monchique

5. Vietnam The Nam Hai

And 5 More 6. Colombia 7. Croatia 8. Lithuania 9. Morocco 10. Saudi Arabia

Top 10 Surprising Spa & Wellness Destinations • Spa-goers and wellness seekers have “been there, done that” mentality • Seeking exotic destinations and indigenous experiences • Countries that were off-limits due to war, crime and social/political issues are re-branding around spa • A “wellness halo” drives tourism dollars • Wellness tourism is an important element

The Future: More New Destinations on the Spa & Wellness Map

Top 10 Trends 1 Healthy Hotels 2.0 2 Wired Wellness 3 Hot Springs Heat Up 4 Suspending Gravity 5 Ferocious Fitness 6 “Natural” Beauty Meets Social Media 7 Aromatherapy: Scent with Intent 8 Wellness Retreats Rise… & Urbanize 9 Death & Spas: Thriving During Life’s Transitions 10 Top 10 Surprising Spa & Wellness Destinations

Be sure to download the full report at: If you’re a member of the press, contact: Beth McGroarty, Research Director & Editor (213) 300-0107 or © 2014 Spafinder Wellness, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Information and data extracted from this report is to be accompanied by a statement identifying Spafinder Wellness, Inc. as the publisher and source.

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