Space Pub Quiz #2 — THE ANSWERS – The Contenders Strike Back – Vis Viva – February 12, 2014

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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: visviva



Given the great success of our previous space pub quiz, we hosted round two of the event! Previously we posted the questions—here we have added the answers!

You can find a questions-only version here:

Check out the slides of the first edition here:

Questions by:
Ajay Prasad, Saish Sridharan, Frederik Bräuer

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Space Quiz Answers

1.Identify X and Y • The X in many folklores is a creature that lives on the Moon. • In Chinese folklore, X is often portrayed as a companion of the Moon goddess Y , constantly pounding the elixir of life for her.

Y- Chang’e ; X- Jade Rabbit/Yutu


3 • US State Senator Jake GARN was an astronaut onboard the STS-51 mission. • How has his name been immortalized informally within NASA and the general space community?

GARN = Space Sickness


Elon Musk

5. Reference to what?

SPIRIT ROVER The rover had become stuck in a sandy pit in April 2009 and went silent on March 22, 2010.

6. Guess X • Spacecraft #11 was the first Mercury operational spacecraft with a centerline window. • Dubbed X 7 , it featured a white, diagonal irregular paint stripe starting at the base of the capsule and extending about two-thirds toward the nose, emulating the X in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Liberty Bell

7 • One of the significant events of 2006 was the modification of a name to include the number 134340. What are we talking about?

8. Cross section of what?

9. Where would you find this ?

10. What is he up to?

11. Connect

Art installations on the Moon The Fallen Astronaut The Space Museum

12. Sitter • • • • • • X Bane X Plagueis X Sidious X Maul X Tyranus XY • Gimme X ,Y and what is this list?

X- Darth, Y- Vader

13. What unique distinction has this song achieved?

• First song to be transmitted from the surface of MARS.

14. Identify X • During his university years, X did pioneering work for his country’s space program. His projects were a success without rival, killing more astronauts than both the Russian and American space programs combined. • Part of his research managed to confirm that there's not enough oxygen for a political opponent to survive at altitudes higher than 45,000 feet. • In the same experiment, he confirmed that there is enough gravity at 45,000 feet for a political opponent's body to return to Earth when thrown from an aircraft.

15. The future? • According to the Russian manned spaceflight contractor RKK Energia, X must be able to perform the following tasks: • • • • Large spacecraft assembly Flight tests and launches Creating, servicing and completing inter-orbital tugs Providing medical and biological conditions required for the rehabilitation of interplanetary expedition crews after their return to Earth orbit.

OPSEK - Orbital Piloted Assembly and Experiment Complex

16. Where you would have come across these recently ? • Chuck Yeager jetting off in the Bell X-1 to break the sound barrier • Alan Shepard becoming the first American to fly in space on board his Mercury capsule. • Neil Armstrong, together with his Apollo 11 crewmates, preparing to board the Saturn V rocket • The Gemini 2 capsule falling back to Earth as audio from the Gemini 6 mission plays. • The Apollo 12 lunar module "Intrepid" beginning its descent to the moon as Armstrong's famous "one giant leap" is heard. • Footage of the orbiter Atlantis launching and then landing on the final flight of the space shuttle program

Interstellar Trailer ! Video clip.flv

Identify the character and name the missing person


18. • Connect: • 1 - The crowning of King Tigrane of Armenia • 2 - The birth of Jesus Christ (the star of Bethlehem is alleged to be • HC) • 3 - The Norman conquest (1066 A.D) • 4 - The Siege of Belgrade (by the Ottoman Turks) • 5 - The 1222 expeditions of Genghis Khan • 6 - The Birth and Death of Mark Twain (1835-1910)

• Events associated with the sightings of Halley’s Comet


Neil DeGrasse Tyson

20. • The flag of which country includes the representation of the sky at its capital as seen at 8:30 am on 15 November 1889?

MINIMALIST ROUND • Each poster represents a movie. Example:

Independence Day

Star Wars

2001: A Space Odyssey



District 9

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