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Published on November 6, 2007

Author: Xavier


Space Inflatables:  Space Inflatables Robert Dyck Ardeco Aerospace Requirements:  Requirements Temperature: LEO -120°C…+150°C Mars -111°C…+27°C Moon mean: -153°C (shade) … +107°C (daylight) maximum: -223°C (polar) … +123°C Oxygen/nitrogen impermeability UV durability transparency Non-reactive to superoxides, alkali feldspar, acid jarosite, salt, or mono-atomic oxygen Flexible, fold for storage No outgassing Fluoropolymers:  Fluoropolymers Only polycarbonate and fluoropolymers can handle cold Outgas:  Outgas PCTFE has the least outgassing of any transparent film. total mass loss, TML: 0.01% collected volatile condensable materials, CVCM: 0.00% water vapour regained, WVR: 0.00% Transparency:  Transparency Pup tent:  Pup tent Cylinder: 2 metre long, 1 metre diameter, 1.3kg Dome: 2 metre diameter, 1 metre head room, 2.6kg 85cm ring door seal, clamps along inside twists to ½ size for storage like child’s pop-up tent 2-mil PCTFE film, aluminized, window with cover flap 4-mil air mattress, pressurized and tufted 1-mil interior layers suspended (spaced) by threads “muffin fan” to circulate air from air mattress bottom to top, controlled by thermostat to dissipate heat into ground, powered by PLSS battery O2 and CO2 control by suit PLSS, sublimator turned off Greenhouse:  Greenhouse Temperature control: double layer, gap filled with argon gas spectrally selective coating trench around base, filled with argon filled balloon bags use ground as thermal mass aluminized Mylar curtain Support roof by air pressure, hold-down straps Gap pressurized between interior and Mars ambient UV & X-ray blocked by spectrally selective metal coating Deploy at low altitude, Mars atmosphere blocks heavy ions Walking tube:  Walking tube Connection between habitats is important to build a base. Connection to the greenhouse is required for practical operation. Same material as greenhouse envelope. Pressure will tend to expand it to a cylinder, but shaped somewhat with a rigid floor. 2 metre waist cylindrical corridor permits 2 people to pass, no need to shape further. Composite cryogenic tank:  Composite cryogenic tank Graphite/epoxy LH2 tank on DC-XA Graphite & LOX combust, must be separated Fluoropolymer liner makes existing tank usable with LOX LH2: -252.8°C, LOX: -182.96°C PCTFE service temperature to -240°C most impermeable to O2 of any polymer that handle <-60°C stronger & lighter than FEP Collapsible Propellant tank:  Collapsible Propellant tank LOX: -182.96°C LCH4: -161.6°C Mars Pathfinder: -8°C…-77°C ERV or MAV: land with collapsed propellant bladder, inflate with in-situ propellant for launch. Nest LOX bladder inside LCH4, chill LOX Support with basket, coiled into ring during descent, deployed in a hemisphere during ascent. reduce tank mass, reduce aeroshell during descent Future shuttle: collapse ET for storage in cargo bay.

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