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Information about Space Art Projects 1969-2014

Published on February 4, 2014

Author: rominska



Space exploration has always sparked the imagination of scientists and artists alike. What kind of questions are raised in the Space Age? What possibilities are out there for science-art collaborations? What kinds of art can (and should) humanity create outside of Earth? And what roles should artists therefore assume?

"Earth has Acquired a New Moon” Space Art Projects Israel Space Week 2014 Romi Mikulinsky January 2014

Moon Museum 1969 Supposedly covertly attached to a leg of the Intrepid landing module (and subsequently left on the moon) during Apollo 12. Artists with works in the museum: John Chamberlain, Forrest Myers, David Novros, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, and Andy Warhol.

Fallen Astronaut 1971 -

Fallen Astronaut Creator – Belgian Artist Paul van Hoeydonck -

Apollo 15 Crew David Scott, Al Worden, and James Irwin

Apollo 15 Mission -

GX Jupitter-Larsen, 2011 “In an age when state agencies are sending robotic explorers into space, (...) artists should launch robotic artists.”

Thomas Ruff 3D_ma.r.s.03 2012

Thomas Ruff “The difference between my predecessors and me is that they believed to have captured reality and I believe to have created a picture. We all lost, bit by bit, the belief in this so-called objective capturing of real reality.”

Thomas Ruff Raw Material from NASA

Thomas Ruff ma.r.s.04 III 2012

Thomas Ruff - ma.r.s. 01_III 2011

MurSat 2012 -

MurSat 2012 Options for interaction: – listening to the complete radio spectrum, recording it and streaming it back to earth – mount a loudspeaker outside and send message into space – mount a microphone and listen to space and stream the sound(s), the silence back to earth – have a webcam take pictures and send them – led-lights sending messages to earth – led faxing – scanning for trash – have a sensor mounted that ‘understands’ mursat’s position in relation to earth and have that data sent back.

Trevor Paglen- “The Other Night Sky”

Trevor Paglen PAN (Unknown; USA-207), 2010

Trevor Paglen PARCAE Constellation in Draco (Naval Ocean Surveillance System; USA 160), 2008

Trevor Paglen Keyhole/ Advanced Crystal in Hercules (optical reconnaissance satellite); USA 116, 2008

Trevor Paglen “What I want out of art, in part, is ‘things that help us see who we are now.’ I tend to be interested in art that isn’t ‘about art,’ so I’m really interested in how artists investigate the world, and yes, I think that understanding the basics of other disciplines or ways of thinking can really help artists do that.”

Trevor Paglen and Creative Time 2012 The Last Pictures disc attached to the outside of EchoStar XVI satellite

Echostar XVI 2012 - EchoStar XVI spacecraft being prepped for space sendoff

Pioneer Plaque Pioneer 10 1972 & Pioneer 11 1973

Pioneer Plaque Devised by Carl Sagan and Frank Drake, the plaque carries an information-rich message, in the event that either of the spacecraft is detected and recovered in the remote future by advanced extraterrestrials. The message is intended to communicate the location of the human race, the appearance of an adult male and female of our species, and the approximate era when the probe was launched.

Voyager Golden Record 1977 - A gold-coated phonograph record containing, in audio-encoded form, 117 pictures explaining our planet and ourselves; greetings in 54 different human languages and "songs" of the humpback whales; a representative selection of sounds, from an elephant's trumpet to a rocket launching; and almost 90 minutes of some of the world's greatest music. Devised by Frank Drake, Carl Sagan, and Bernard Oliver.

Voyager Golden Record 1977 -

The Last Pictures 2012 “The Last Pictures" montage. Top row: Cherry Blossoms; The Pit Scene, Lascaux Cave; Grinnell Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montana, 1940; Grinnell Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montana, 2006. Bottom row: Narbona Panel, Canyon de Chelly, Navajo Nation; Waterspout, Florida Keys; Suez Canal, Egypt; Dust Storm, Stratford, Texas

The Last Pictures 2012 The photograph Greek and Armenian Orphan Refugees Experience the Sea for the First Time, Marathon, Greece was also placed in earth’s orbit onboard EchoStar XVI.

Trevor Paglen Nonfunctional Satellites 2013 Prototype for a Nonfunctional Satellite (Design 4; Build 4) {Schematic drawing}, Mixed media, 16 x 16 x 16 feet, 2013

Trevor Paglen Nonfunctional Satellites 2013 Developed in collaboration with aerospace engineers, the nonfunctional satellites are space-worthy sculptures designed as small, lightweight satellites that expand to become large, highly reflective structures. Placing one of these objects into low-earth orbit would create a visible "sculpture" in the night sky, visible from the earth below after sunset and before dawn as a bright, slowly moving, flickering star.

Trevor Paglen Nonfunctional Satellites 2013 Prototype for a Nonfunctional Satellite (Design 4; Build 4) Mixed media, 16 x 16 x 16 feet, 2013

Trevor Paglen Nonfunctional Satellites 2013 Prototype for a Nonfunctional Satellite (Design 4; Build 4), Mixed media, 16 x 16 x 16 feet, 2013

Michael Najjar Space Debris I

Michael Najjar Liquid Gravity

Michael Najjar “The outer space work series aims to elucidate the cultural dimension implicit in such technological developments and transpose it into a process of artistic transformation” “Artistically speaking, my aim is to create future scenarios of humankind – on earth, in space and on distant planets. And what we’re seeing at the moment is a clear acceleration in the pace of development of novel space technologies.

Michael Najjar Final Mission

Arthur Woods O.U.R.S. - Orbiting Unification Ring Satellite initiated in 1984. It was planned that the sculpture would be launched into orbit in the year 2000 (unfulfilled).

Ars Astronautica “The importance of the artist’s role in the exploration of outer space has had much to do with helping humanity to have a broader and more enlightened understanding of why space exploration and space development are such vital activities to the future well-being of our species. As this awareness grows, artists, with their sights set on the stars, will continue to be at the forefront of space exploration while making the “Space Age” a reality.” Arthur Woods, 2013

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