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Published on July 18, 2018

Author: VidushiSoxytoes


SOXYTOES: SOXYTOES Slide2: soxy toes TM comfort socks Our comfort socks have been specially engineered to provide comfort to the wearer, and are aimed at corporate executives and business travellers who need to wear socks for long hours. 1. Terry Stripes Under-Foot: The sock has thick and thin terry stripes under the feet providing gentle massaging action. 2. Loose Top: The sock top is designed to be extra soft and is guaranteed not to constrict the foot or leave any marks. 3. Heel & Toe Padded: Padded at the heel & toe to guard against shoe-bite, the sock is made with a seamless toe to avoid irritating the skin, which usually happens due rubbing friction with the seam. 4. Infused with: Energizing Mint Oils: The sock is infused with microencapsulated mint oils to keep the skin energized – combined with the massaging action of the terry stripe this provides a foot spa effect throughout the day! Pure SIlver : The sock is infused with NoSmelle TM pure silver for best antimicrobial action and odour free freshness! 5. Air Vent: Enables air-circulation and faster evaporation of moisture, thus keeping feet dry and comfortable. 6. W Heel: The sock is made with a ‘W’ heel to best fit the contours of your foot and avoid slipping. loose top for diabetics: Non-binding socks, tailor-made for people with diabetic feet Contracts vertically to grip the leg and stay up without leaving marks or restricting circulation. Loose Top’s unique construction and superior stretch fibers won't bind (which is good for circulation) or sag (which is great for comfort.) The elastic free stretch top easily accommodates oversized calves. Natural cotton fibre keeps feet dry by absorbing moisture… padded underfoot for extra comfort The especially designed ventilated foot keeps feet comfortable by reducing heat. 6. The seamless toe means a seam-free foot environment… no rubs, no irritation, no aggravation. 7. Nano Silver particles embedded in the fabric inhibit bacteria and protect against offensive odours. All this makes one favourite casual sock for men and women, even those troubled by fluid retention, swollen ankles or poor circulation. Especially recommended for: D iabetes Also recommended for: Wide Calves Wide Feet Edema Swollen Ankles Swollen Feet & Legs Poor Circulation Highights: n9 Pure Silver: No Smell and forever Freshness Padded underfoot for extra comfort Loose Top: Non-constricting elastic free top loose top for diabetics soxy toes TM Slide4: compression socks managing blood flow Compression socks help in improving the blood flow in your legs by gently squeezing your legs to move blood up your legs. This helps prevent leg swelling and, to a lesser extent, blood clots. If you have varicose veins, spider veins, or have just had surgery, your doctor may prescribe compression socks. Wearing Compression socks helps with: •Aching and heavy feeling in legs •Swelling in legs •Preventing blood clots, especially after surgery or injury when you are less active soxy toes TM Slide5: Quick Dry fabric for efficient sweat and moisture management, with 4-way stretch for perfect fit and with fine mesh for improved air circulation. Natural cotton Heel & Toe padded for comfort on high impact points. Anti Slip Arch-Support. 2 1 3 2 soxy toes TM quick dry athletic socks engineered for performance Slide6: New freshness treatment with outstanding antimicrobial performance Long lasting performance Works invisibly without changing look or feel of the sock Safe on skin, safe for the environment NoSmelle TM Silver freshness treatment on socks Why Silver? Consumers are investing in all aspects of wellbeing and seeking out products that enhance health, comfort and inner confidence Silver is a natural product that keeps clothes cleaner and fresher for longer. Wearers can enjoy the sensation of wearing clothes that stay fresh all day long. Silver works invisibly - the benefits of fresh comfort are positive and appealing to both men and women. soxy toes TM Slide7: Infused with Ice A Cooling & Energising blend of natural Peppermint and other mint oils. The microcapsules are integrated in the knit (stitches) of the sock. T he mechanical effect of the friction between the textile and the skin that breaks the micro- capsules open over a period of gradual release . Micro-encapsulated wellness with Cooling and Energizing Mint oils MICROCAPSULES Through micro-encapsulation the cooling and energizing blend of peppermint and other mint oils are encasing a substance in microscopic envelopes called microcapsules, manufactured using physico-chemical processes. These microcapsules are added to the sock during the manufacturing process. soxy toes TM THANK YOU: THANK YOU

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