Southwater Action Team Agenda 13th March 2014

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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: alexandersnelling1


Southwater Action Team Agenda   Thursday  13th  March  2014   Children  &  Family  Centre,  Worthing  Road  Southwater   All  Welcome  !   1. Resignation  of  Chairman     2. Apologies  &  welcome  new  members   3. SGM  minutes  approval  &  matters  arising   4. Last  meeting  minutes  approval   5. Treasurers  Report     6. Volunteer  Secretary   7. Community  grant  -­‐  £1,000   8. Neighbourhood  Plan  Update   9. Community  Action  Plan  survey   10. Walks  leaflets   11. Review  of  community  action  plan  items  completed  and  outstanding     12. Report  on  informal  meeting  with  Parish  Clerk  &  PC  Chairman  and  actions  arising   13. Hosting  an  AMT  event  -­‐  suggested  topics   14. Southwater  refuge  for  those  with  special  needs   15. Made  in  Southwater  /  Local  to  Southwater  logo  &  scheme   16. Participation/activity  in  Sussex  Day  2014   17. Rep  for  Horsham  Rural  Towns  forum   18. Future  meetings  calendar   19. AOB     20. Confirmation  of  date,  time  and  location  of  next  meeting  –  planned  currently  as   Tuesday  8th  April  2014        

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