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Published on November 25, 2008

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Great PowerPoint by Mr. Langhorst in Missouri

colony of Maryland •Started the LORD BALTIMORE h http://www.heritag orge_calvert_600 0.jpg

MARYLAND was tolerant of different religions, a new society

PROPRIETARY COLONY A colonyy governed by a single owner or owner, p p proprietor

Economy of the Carolinas y at this time is based on growing rice

http:// / ages/thumbnails/ut tn-overcoming_ap partheid-a0a7h8-a_ _3272.jpg i th pp in the support this time is used to agriculture Slave labor Carolinas at

By 1729 both North and y South Carolina are ROYAL COLONIES – ruled by g governors appointed by the pp y king

JAMES OGLETHORPE Started the colony of GEORGIA, named after King George

Georgia is made up of g p settlers that had a debt and wanted a fresh start

REGION A distinct, or unique, area of land th t shares f l d that h common characteristics

TIDEWATER Flat land along the Atlantic coast

Tidewater region grows rice, indigo and tobacco

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