Southeastern Growers: Pet-Friendly Plant Guide

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Information about Southeastern Growers: Pet-Friendly Plant Guide

Published on January 4, 2017

Author: southeasterngrowers


1. Pet-Friendly Plant Guide Southeastern Growers

2. Buying Plants When You Own Pets If you're a pet owner then you have to be careful about the plants that you bring into your home. This presentation looks at three different plants that are both non- toxic and add beauty to your home. It also points out some common plants that you should not purchase if you have pets.

3. African Violet African violets are a popular houseplant. The plant does best in indirect light. Water the plant until the soil is moist but be careful to not make the soil soggy. African violets can be found in just about every store that sells plants or flowers.

4. Orchids Moth orchids, in particular, are safe to keep in a home filled with pets. Moth orchids are very easy to grow, so they're an ideal plant for inexperienced gardeners. The plant's flowers come in many different colors--from shades of purple to white.

5. Spider Plant The spider plant may not be as colorful as the other two plants on this list, but it's a great addition to any home. Spider plants are tough, and they can grow in a wide variety of conditions. Don't worry if some leaves turn brown. This is quite common and not a sign of poor health.

6. Plants To Avoid Aloe Vera Morning Glory Azalea Ivy Baby's Breath Poinsettia Begonia Tulip

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