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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: PeterHandel


A new way to teach people motions using sound

People want to move better, play better, and feel better. 2

People want to develop their skills and improve their lives. 3

Coaches, trainers, researchers, and therapists want to help… 4

but show-and-tell doesn’t always work very well. 5

Learning to repeat a motion correctly can be difficult… 6

Taking direction while you swing can be distracting… 7

Keeping your eye on the ball is impossible when… 8

…you’re watching a video playback. 9

Now there’s a new way to teach people motions… 10

by using the sound of motions instead of show and tell. 11

More effective ways to teach and learn will be developed using our new immediate learning system. Miniature gyroscopes and motion sensors capture and transmit motion data. Our software system analyzes, synthesizes and converts the data to sound. “Ideal” and “live” motion sounds are transmitted back to the user… helping him hear how close his “live” motions are to his personal “ideal” motions. 12

How many people will be able to use our system? more than 200 million tai chi enthusiasts worldwide 75 million tennis players worldwide over 10 million baseball players worldwide nearly 3 million physical rehab patients per year in the US 13

How many people will be able to learn through this technology? 18 million fly fishing enthusiasts worldwide hundreds of thousands of children with autism and adults with Parkinson's in the US 40 million golfers worldwide 20 million cricketers worldwide 14

Who will want to work with us and develop apps using our system? International Entrepreneurs… Professional Trainers… Medical Researchers Sports Executives 15

Anyone who wants to help people learn and achieve their goals. 16

A new way to teach people motions using sound Contact: Peter Handel SoundMotions by ProGyr (206) 780-3476

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