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Published on January 15, 2016

Author: anandjiwade


1. Sound Journal Kiren Anandji

2. Role of Sound Sound is vital in a film, especially in a drama. Although a message can be conveyed through imagery we saw the use of sound as a great was to express emotion. This would be through dialogue and non-diegetic scores. This added with the use of imagery would help create a strong message.

3. Roles • Me and Sara divided the roles equally and decided to both work on both aspects together. meaning we would both work on the levels for the diegetic and the scores together. The reason behind this was to have two different opinions configure an idea together meaning it would suit a wider variety of people.

4. Voicemail Recording The voicemail recording was filmed in the recording studio. Michael Douglas who plays Michael was voice actor to go with his performance in the film. To create believable message we worked with Michael when creating his lines. This created ownership on this section of dialogue for him which allowed his to deliver his lines to the best of his ability. We recorded multiple takes and inserted various attempts in to the production on premiere pro to see the emphasises each recording creates. I found various recordings had different elements that we believed are important. After this I cut the segments up and pieced together the bests bits. The recording sounded very clean which was good however it did not sound like a phone call. To get round this is used a EQ effect on premiere pro to create the phone call sounding element. The effect has various options which allowed me to create the a believable world in terms of the voicemail answer phone

5. Sound Levels While filming to help post production we used a wind shield to cover the mic. This filtered the wind and ambient sounds with the dialogue meaning it sounded crisp with a faint natural sound of the surrounding keeping authentic. When editing in post Production each sound level depending on how close the mic was to the actors varied. To get around this premiere pro has specific features which allowed me to extensively. Using the sound level bar while Sara would listen for inconsistency's we went through shot by shot, after this I added the voicemail recording in and matched that up. The sound bar was helpful as it has a sensitivity section, if the bar hit red it would be a warning which would mean a rendered copy would sound distorted and will not be nice to listen to. After levelling all the dialogue together we added the score in which then be tailored to levels of the dialogue and then adjusted further to not over power the dialogue.

6. Score/Background Music Captain Phillips (2013) Soundtrack Score Composed by: Henry Jackman "Cold" - Jorge Méndez (Sad Piano & Violin Instrumental) We used two scores in our film and found using multiple tracks very useful as i was able to fuse various elements that each track had and house them under the same roof to help make our product a success. We decided on using musical scores in our film as it normally conventional in a film aiming to use emotion. We also found using music adds a unique dynamic to a film and can be a very power tool to use. Finding the right music was a long hard process due the nature of the task. Various tracks were tried and tested but we found it did not work seamlessly meaning it could change the dynamic of the film which would change the vision. We also did not want tracks that overpowers the film which would again effect the films performance. We wanted music that could hold the emotion in the film and after various hours of searching we found these two tracks and found ‘Cold’ was prefect for the beginning of the film and would transition well to ‘Captain Phillips’ in the second half of the film

7. Sound Effects There was not a lot of sound effects needed for the film how ever the few used where key in the realism created in the film. One important sound effect that was used was the gun shot. The danger of using this sound effect was that if it was out of sync or of poor quality it would affect an import scene in the film which would affect the success of film. Another sound effect that was used which help create a believable world was the answer phone beep which was a mirror detail. The little details like this help contribute to the success of the film

8. Overall Overall there was know real problem in terms of sound. This was due the precautions we took when filming. Also the experience that was gained from the last project which helped improve the efficiency of this project. I found sound to be one of the a key component in delivering a film and that a large amount of time is needed for this to maximise the potential.

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