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Published on August 11, 2007

Author: GenX


Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry: an overview and perspective:  Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry: an overview and perspective presented by Executive Office of Public Safety Sex Offender Registry Board Marlborough 6/27/2007 Mission of the SORB:  Mission of the SORB To identify and register all persons living, working, or attending a post secondary education program in Massachusetts who have a duty to register as a sexual offender. To classify each offender and determine their risk of re-offense and the degree of dangerousness posed to the public by this individual. Promote Public Safety by providing or causing information to be provided to the public about certain classified sex offenders. Statutory Authority:  Statutory Authority M.G.L., c.6, §§ 178C-P 803 CMR 1.00 et seq. Federal Requirements Jacob Wetterling (registration) Megan’s Law (community notification) Adam Walsh (strengthens enforcement and increases penalties) What is a Sex Offense?:  What is a Sex Offense? 22 different criminal acts in MA (See Handout) Sexually Violent Offenses (9) Sex Offenses Involving a Child (8 plus 5 from the SVO) Other (5) Offense Title = Length of duty to register only (20 years to lifetime) Who Must Register?:  Who Must Register? Anyone, currently living, working, or attending post-secondary training in MA Who, on or after August 1, 1981, was convicted, adjudicated, released for incarceration, discharged or terminated from community supervision, or released from civil commitment For an identified sex offense. Registration:  Registration Annually, during the month of the offender’s birth and prior to release from incarceration. Unclassified and Level 1 offender’s register by mail with the SORB. Level 2 and Level 3 offender’s register in person at the police department in the city/town of residence or work (if residing out of state). Homeless offenders every 45 days. Length of Registration:  Length of Registration Time starts upon conviction, release from incarceration, or completion of community supervision, which ever is later. Sexually Violent Offenders = Lifetime Sex Offenses Involving Children = 20 yrs Wetterling Act requires 10 years of registration 2 or more convictions for Sex Offenses Involving Children, separated by date = lifetime registration, under Wetterling Act. Penalties:  Penalties Failing to register or providing false registration information: 1st offense – 6 months to 2 ½ years in jail or up to 5 years in prison + fine 2nd offense – mandatory 5 years in prison + fine Possibility of lifetime parole. Classification:  Classification Legal versus Clinical Process established by Statute and Regulations Recommended Level Acceptance or Rejection Hearing Requested and Held Final Classifications Level 1 – low risk of re-offense Level 2 – moderate risk of re-offense Level 3 – high risk of re-offense Appeals – 30A Reclass eligible after 3 years or at discretion of the SORB Calculating Risk:  Calculating Risk Number of victims Age and sex of victims Relationship to victim Duration of sexual asslt. Criminal history Manner of offenses Behavior while incarcerated or under community supervision Time in community Community Supervision Treatment Status and History Age and Health Present Stability Appropriate housing Appropriate work Positive relationship Strong support net Community Notification:  Community Notification Purpose – promote public safety by publicly identifying sex offenders and alerting the public to locations where they live and work. Level 2 – passive dissemination Level 3 – active dissemination Dissemination is a POLICE responsibility. However, secondary dissemination is not illegal, but must not be used in any manner to cause harassment or injury to the offender or his family. Release of Information:  Release of Information Level 3 – active dissemination using the media, flyers in locations where the public is likely to encounter the offender, and to the schools, the NSOR, and SOR Website. Level 2 – a flyer may be released to an individual, aged 18 or older, who signs a request and statement attesting that the purpose of the information is for their own personal safety or their family. The signed document is confidential and not releasable outside the police department, unless so ordered by a court. Releasable Information:  Releasable Information Name and known aliases Date of birth Hair color, eye color, height, weight, sex, scars, marks, and tattoos. All addresses where the offender spends in excess of 4 consecutive days or an aggregate of 14 days per year. Sex offenses and dates of conviction Photograph, if available Community Education:  Community Education The SORB, upon request, conducts informational meetings in the community in association with the local police department. Educated public is a calmer public Sex offender management versus fear and anger. Your SORB:  Your SORB We work for you! If you have questions or need assistance, please call. Registration…………………978-740-6511 Classification………..……..978-740-6508 Victims Unit………………...978-740-6441 Community Notification…978-740-6400 Community Education.….978-740-6500

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