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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: VolkodavKO



Mystery hidden in the background of this famous game.

Something Behind Chess Legal statement: The text of this document only represents the private opinion, fantastic imaginations and subjective feelings of an individual. The author disclaims any responsibility for the damage caused to anyone by the use of and/or manipulation with this document and he does not warrant the correctness, trueness, completeness, safety or usefulness of any information stated in it. The author apologies to "", "Chessbase" and "Bitdefender", and to the creators of chess engines "Stockfish DD", "Houdini", "Komodo", "Rybka" and "Chiron" for the use of the printscreens of their web sites and/or for the speaking about them in a negative context. And one more apology, this time to readers, for the lower quality of my English. It is my second language. There are several places where they do ranking of chess engines by letting them "fight" one another and one of them is with one of their resulting tables bellow. (Resulting rankings are gradually changing and they differ by every company that does them, because they depend on many factors like participating engines, quality and used depth of opening book, performance of used computers & CPUs, time per move or game, number of games and so on. It is also the reason why the results on the following picture from "" need not to match the results made by different companies at that time.) As we can see, some engines are for money and some are for free. Those that are for free are the free or the "open source" ones. Currently, the best of them is "Stockfish DD". But I am concerned about the web sites that are selling commercial chess engines. People use to buy them and they would buy them at all circumstances, even if the rating of the majority of them was lower than that of the mentioned "Stockfish DD" that is for free. Let us take a look at some of them.

First comes excellent "Houdini", the name of which is taken after a famous "magician". On the picture there we see a blurred figure with one hand raised and the other pointing down. The blurred figure can remind a Hellish humanoid soul, the raised hand a victory and the hand down a Hell. Other commercial chess engine is breath-taking "Komodo", my favorite one. This creature reminds a dragon that is related to Hell together with snake and various horny creatures. Then there is admirable "Rybka" with red title and fishes looking like little "beasts" (red color is a beloved Hellish one and in some circumstances it can be used as a Hellish indication.) This is the web site of famous company selling the first-quality chess software that many of us know very well. We can see white title in red background and a piece of black. However, I do not know the exact circumstances of the use of shades of red in the way to make them an indication.

And, finally, here goes unique "Chiron". The name of this efficient chess engine is related to "underworld" and the colors on the web site vaguely remind me of one old Hellish style that has perhaps changed in the last times. Anyway, the figure looks little inhumanly. Of course, I do not know all the chess engines, but I know, that generally, Hellish people are on the top in almost everything what people do including the programming and creation of the best software. For example, the computers of many of us are protected by a wolf & dragon cross (= brilliant Bitdefender, having on its web site, apart from the creature, white title on the shades of red background transiting to black). By the way, here is my theory of Hellish indications & Hellish people: ****** As far as money is concerned, I am convinced, that without so-called "Hellish indications", the companies producing all the commercial chess engines would have somewhat lower sales and they would also be somewhat less secure. But there are good reasons to buy the commercial chess engines. Even in such a case, when their placement (and ELO) is not the highest one. Many people get only the engines that are for free and when you belong among those who have purchased the commercial ones, you can feel lucky in a way. You have got something genuine, you have rewarded those who have created it, which is right, you have got something what has a little different playing style than the free engines and similarly. For example, if everybody had Stockfish DD that is for free, everybody would have a very strong chess engine, but in quite a few cases some other engine could do some game analysis or handle some specific position better, even if generally it would have a worse ranking. It is also the reason why in such a case I would prefer for instance Chiron 2 (having also "mysterious benefit" for some people :-) to Stockfish DD. The wise would say that in every opposite there is a piece of its opposite.

However, let's now speak about one great mystery behind the game of chess. But I have to say in advance that to discover it really deeply, first you should know the knowledge contained in my e-book entitled "Supergod" (which is executable HTML compiled by eBookMaestro). You know what? Regardless of whether or not you will read it, for a start I will rather quote some very little knowledge from it in order for you to understand the chess mystery better. In fact, we all exist in a closed reality, in a giant Ball ruled by Supergod. And for ages, he is experiencing & renewing his spiritual body by means of all the stories that he has calculated & created in it, especially thanks to artificially-made subjects (= living creatures). They, which means also us people, experience a little piece of the Supergod's personality and apart from it many other things, which all together serve the entire calculation of the inside of this giant sphere. The highest part of the Supergod's personality is experienced by Gods and lower part by lower subjects, and similarly. In the same way like Supergod masters the closed reality he is ruling to, his giant Ball that he had entirely calculated, particular subjects existing in it must imitate this trait of his on diverse levels and they must try to create & master various closed realities, too. Some are large and difficult to master, for instance the imitation of our Supergodly Ball, which is a big ball mastered by Godly beings (= ball inside of a ball, by different words closed reality inside of a closed reality), and some are small and easy to master, for instance just our chess the game. Perhaps I have used an incorrect term, but the chess board with all the figures on it has certain traits of a "closed world". One day all the possible moves or if you like positions of this "closed reality" must be calculated & known. It means no need of engines that would think over what a move to do, since all would be done by huge tablebases with all the possible positions included in them. And, of course, every of them would have its exact value. On the other hand, before getting into the tablebases, they would have to be calculated first, maybe just by some engines. Perhaps this job has already been done in some ancient civilization and/or by some superior spiritual kind. And we do not know precisely if we are to do that job or not, and if yes, if it will be for the first time or again. One way or another, it is nothing impossible. Even everything else what exists in this Supergodly Ball is made of positions, too, that were calculated by someone who I know a bit. Though real motion exists in it, remember that not as much as it could seem to us. Above all, there are calculated positions in huge tablebases, similarly to the frames in a movie that all together create both the illusion of one big motion and it itself.

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