Some results of SRI applied Bokashi in Thua Thien Hue, Central Vietnam

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Information about Some results of SRI applied Bokashi in Thua Thien Hue, Central Vietnam

Published on December 13, 2011

Author: huongledinh


Studied results on SRI paddy production in Thua Thien Hue, Central Vietnam, Spring- winter crop 2010 - 2011: Studied results on SRI paddy production in Thua Thien Hue, Central Vietnam, Spring- winter crop 2010 - 2011 Lê Đình Hường (1) , Phạm Quang Sanh (2) , Lê Thơm (3) , Phan Đình Toan (3) , Nguyễn Sanh Ngọc Hân (1) , Nguyễn Lương Thình (1) , Lê Hữu Phương (1) * , Phan Hồng Việt (1) , Huỳnh Văn Dũng (1) , Trần Hữu Đạo (4) , Dương Văn Tiến (5) , Cao Thanh (6) , Cao Văn Xoan (6) (1) HUAF, (2) Bach ma Charcoal project members, (3) Cooperative Phú Thanh , (4) Vinh Hà commune, (5) Phũ Hồ , commune (6) Khe Su village Rice production has caused adverse impacts on the environment and household economy.: Rice production has caused adverse impacts on the environment and household economy. current farmingpractices now encourage uniformity genes, leading to rice plantsmore susceptible to pests and diseases than • Waste of resources such as: - Water, annually consumes about 1 / 4 to 1 / 3 total production of fresh waterconsumed worldwide - Fossil, (gasoline, oil ...) • Abuse of chemical fertilizers, plant protection drugs leading to soil and waterpollution, greenhouse gases cause global warming as • High investment costs, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, seed sowing, irrigationcharges ... impact significantly on the income of the household. Benefits of SRI: Benefits of SRI SRI helps + Increase productivity, + Reducing demand for water, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and labor cuts, + SRI is a method of producing an effective, safe and active, and + Not affect the environment but also be able to cope with climate change. PowerPoint Presentation: Particles  separation rice seed by the salt solution (14% NaCl) to remove floaters, not fully mature , only sowing the grains that are fully mature, good quality and healthy, seed are more vigorous to overcome adverse conditions in early stage of plant growth. PowerPoint Presentation: Saving ( NaCl salt solution after seed separated that using for animal feeding) Basic concepts of SRI : Basic concepts of SRI Seed rate: 0,5 kg/ 500 sq. meters (= 10 kg/ha) Using young seedlings: (winter –spring crop 2-2,5 leaves, Summer crop: 8-12 days) Transplanting density: 25 x 25 cm (16 x 10,000 = 160,000 plants/ha) Avoid trauma to the roots: transplant quickly, shallow (1-2 cm) Give the plant optimal wide spacing: one plant per hill, in square pattern Keep paddy soil sufficiently moisture but not continuously flooded Actively aerate the soil and weed control by using Cono-weeder Enhance soil organic matter: as much as applying Bokashi or compost. PowerPoint Presentation: Conoweeder testing at Khe Su village, first time product at T T Huế, (Faculty of Agronomy and Faculty of Machine Technology, HUAF – funded by Bạch Ma Charcoal project) PowerPoint Presentation: Mr. Thanh, Khe Su village, first time using conoweeder for weed control PowerPoint Presentation: Mr. Xoan, Khe Su village, first time using conoweeder for weed control PowerPoint Presentation: Rice paddy applying SRI at Khe Su village, Winter spring crop 2010- 2011 PowerPoint Presentation: Rice paddy applying wet direct seeded at Khe Su village, Winter spring crop 2010 - 2011, damaged by rat PowerPoint Presentation: The joy of Mr. Sanh, project staff, Khe su, Winter-spring crop 2010 - 2011 SRI Conventional direct seeded PowerPoint Presentation: SRI paddy field flowering stage to full maturity, Khe Su village, Winter-spring crop 2010 - 2011 PowerPoint Presentation: Wet direct seeded paddy field flowering stage to full maturity (fall on the side), Khe Su village, Winter-spring crop 2010 - 2011 PowerPoint Presentation: But with the same rice variety (Khang dan ricevariety) has expressed the difference between SRI (used Bokashi) with conventional direct seeded method (used only inorganic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides) SRI Conventional direct seeded SRI conventional direct seeded PowerPoint Presentation: From Khe Su Bokashi  was transported to the experimental points (Phu Thanh cooperative, Phu Ho and Vinh Ha communes) PowerPoint Presentation: Composting Bokashi in Vinh Ha commune, the Winter-spring crop 2010-2011 PowerPoint Presentation: Conoweeder prepared to prevent weeds in rice fields PowerPoint Presentation: SRI field experiment in Phu Thanh cooperative, Winter-spring crop 2010-2011, and the attention of the television-when only the initial stage PowerPoint Presentation: SRI field experiment at Phú Hồ commune, Winter-sprint crop 2010-2011 PowerPoint Presentation: Comparison between SRI and conventional direct seeded, at Phú Hồ commune, Winter – sprint crop 2010-2011 PowerPoint Presentation: Field visits and discussions on the superiority of SRI at Phu Ho commune, Winter-Spring  crop 2010 - 2011 PowerPoint Presentation: SRI field experiment at Phú Thanh cooperative, Winter sprint - crop 2010-2011 PowerPoint Presentation: Bokashi using at Phú Thanh cooperative Talk with the Farmers of the superiority of SRI compared with conventional farming PowerPoint Presentation: SRI field experiment , Bokashi using at Vinh Hà commune – Winter sprint crop 2010-2011 PowerPoint Presentation: SRI conventional direct seeded The joy of Mr. Đao, Vinh Hà commune, Winter-spring crop 2010 - 2011 PowerPoint Presentation: SRI Conventional direct seeded The joy of Mr. Toan, Phu Thanh cooperative, Winter-spring crop 2010 - 2011 PowerPoint Presentation: Visited field experiment in cooperative Phu Thanh, Winter-spring crop 2010-2011 PowerPoint Presentation: Visit co-prepared for harvest statistics in Phu Thanh Cooperative (23/5/2011) PowerPoint Presentation: SRI field experiments (Khang dân image left, and H1 image right) photographs at Phu Ho, dated 14/05/2011) PowerPoint Presentation: H1 Khang dân 18 PowerPoint Presentation: The attention of the media and local farmers at Phu Ho commune  (on 14/05/2011) PowerPoint Presentation: The attention of the Media - Harvesting statistics count (branch / cluster) in Phu Thanh cooperative (on 23/05/2011) PowerPoint Presentation: Interview PowerPoint Presentation: Toan smile because he was rich harvest, attention behind him the fields of other farmers are still green Some pictures of the studied rice varieties : Some pictures of the studied rice varieties PowerPoint Presentation: Thank you for your attention !

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