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Published on December 11, 2008

Author: kathsslides


Hopes and Dreams from one Third Grade Classroom…

Strong democracies are built on shared dreams and the practical tools to express those dreams. At The Learning Community all students and teachers write their hopes and dreams at the beginning of the year, and many parents share dreams, too. Then classes ask: How is your dream connected to what you are learning? How will we respect each other's dreams as we learn and work together? Dreams from one class illustrate the investment our students, teachers and families are making in our common future.

Stephen As a third grader my dream is to multiply faster than my dad. To make sure this happens I will not play with my shoelaces, and I will listen to Mrs. Payson a lot. When I grow up my hope is to be a doctor and go to the Olympic Games. I will go to medical school.

Stephen’s Father My dream for Stephen is to be a great student, a great athlete, but primarily a great person. For him to be a very educated child, responsible with his things, and very humble. In a few words, I would like him to be an exemplary child.

Myson By the end of this year my hope is to learn cursive and be a better reader and writer. I will work harder in reader’s workshop and writer’s workshop. When I grow up my dream is to learn how to fix cars and motorcycles and bikes and trucks. To make this happen I will work hard in college and make money for a house and a job.

Myson’s Stepmother My dream for Myson is to be the best he can, in whatever he chooses in life. To be proud of all of his accomplishments and dreams (which most likely will have to do with cars!). Have a successful career and be an independent individual – so college is definitely in his future! Last but not least to be happy with himself and others.

Erika As a third grader my hope in this class is to learn multiplication and more measurement. I will do this by listening to the teacher and learn a lot of math and learn new strategies. When I grow up my dream is to be a great teacher. To make sure this happens I will go to college and learn a lot. I always wanted to teach.

Erika’s Father My dream for Erika is that she grows as a good person treating every single person the way that she wants to be treated. I want her to be a good professional that always tries to do the best in everything – with ethics before anything else.

Kathy Payson, Teacher My hope this year is to create an environment in the classroom that fosters creative thinking, open communication, caring relationships and above all -- community building. My dream is to help support the children so that they become more self-reliant and resourceful so they can one day achieve their own hopes and dreams.

Jaidan As a third grader my hope is to become successful by reading non-fiction for the whole year. I will do this by not letting anything in my way and to not get distracted and to try my best. When I grow up my dream is to become an emergency dentist – like when somebody knocks out their tooth. I will do this by being the best I can be and not get distracted.

Jaidan’s Mother My dream for Jaidan is for him to be a successful and talented third grader. I would also like for him to learn new things and make lots of new friends. I know he will do a super job.

Gabriela As a third grader my hope is to learn and have fun with my friends! I will learn and have fun because that’s what school is all about! When I grow up my dream is to be a fashion designer because that’s all I ever dreamed of as a little girl. To make sure this happens I will work hard in college! The only reason I want to be a fashion designer is because you get to use your imagination.

Julializ As a third grader I hope to become a stronger writer. Because I like to write lots of stories and also a better reader. Books help me learn more words and read much better. I will read more books than I do and write much more stories and poems. When I’m out of school I see myself as a writer. Or a teacher. To make sure this happens I will go to college every single day.

Julializ’s Mother My dream for Julializ is to become a writer. Along the way she learns to use new vocabulary to add to her wonderful stories. I dream to get more stories that impress me. I am very proud of her, and I will keep encouraging her to work as hard as she can to achieve her goals.

David My hope in this class is to learn cursive. To make sure this happens I will work hard and be patient until the day I learn it. When I grow up my dream is to save animals in the wild. I will study it in college, get a job for a vet for practice, and I’ll get the job.

David’s Mother My dream for David is to become a very outspoken person so that he may be able to talk about his dreams and goals. I would like David to have a very healthy and happy life.

Malik As a third grader my hope is to be a body builder. To make sure this happens I will work out. By the end of the year my hope is to read every night. To make sure this happens I will pick out a book from our class.

Christiana By the end of the year my hope is to know everything I can for fourth grade. I will practice, practice and practice non-stop every day. When I’m out of school I see myself trying to get a job as a vet or open my own veterinarian shop. I will go back to school and learn every little thing I can about being a vet. When I take care of pets, it’s my responsibility to try to help them. Maybe they’ll get better and they will be safe again!

Christiana’s Mother My dream for Christiana is for her to become whatever her heart desires. To achieve all her goals in life. To exceed in school and become the veterinarian she always wanted to be. All dreams can come true if you work hard to achieve them.

Joseph As a third grader my hope is to learn multiplication. And try even if math is tricky. And learn cursive. And read lots of good books. I hope I write lots of good stories. When I grow up, my dream is to… be a dancer. I will do this by eating healthy food, walking and staying healthy.

Joseph’s Mother My dream for Joseph is that he would become a confident, secure boy who continues to love school, learning, and exploring and discovering new things and new places.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to some of the dreams of our students and families. To learn more about how these dreams are coming true, arrange a visit to our school. 401-722-9560 or

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