Some important tips for safety monitoring

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Information about Some important tips for safety monitoring

Published on November 19, 2017

Author: mitch20


slide 1: Some important tips for safety monitoring Some basic patrol techniques are required to perform a safe and effective safety check. If you do not pay attention to being in touch with a supervisor a guardian must have the ability to remain calm and focus on the task ahead. Each technique has a purpose and a certain advantage. Recently I gave advice to a security officer at a construction site in Alexandria Virginia to conduct security surveillance. Many consider the Patrol techniques more important for residential security. The truth is that every website that requires a security officer to go requires patrols. Building security and hotel security are two examples of types of sites that require security policies. The best security companies emphasize the importance of a proper patrol technique from a main reason. Security companies know that security personnel must use appropriate patrol techniques to protect and protect their ownership. To provide high-quality security services you must: Wear comfortable shoes. If you are patrolling on foot you must wear comfortable shoes so that you can walk for the duration of your shift. Most private security companies do not offer their safety shoes. It is the responsibility of each safety officer to procure suitable shoes. The shoes must be supportive with rubber soles and can run as needed. Always wear your defensive team. Although you are not allowed to carry a weapon as part of a security force you must always carry the permitted defense equipment. It is important to have fast access to defense items and you must always ensure that they are in good condition before the start of the shift. The defensive team in your service belt is things that all security officers should have. Keep a safe distance during conversations. It is important to remain out of reach when talking to members of the public. Look directly into the eyes of the slide 2: person you are talking to and see if your chest is moving. If you have to defend yourself your torso serves as an attack point. Keep your patrol intervals random. You should never make your patrols at the same time every hour. All patrols must be random. Choose an interval of ten minutes then an interval of thirty minutes and mix it with a fifteen- minute interval between. You do not want your patrols to be predictable. Go into the corners. When you go into the corners you risk that a criminal is hiding at the corner and surprised you. Take the wide corners and use your flashlight at every corner. Stop regularly and look around and listen. It is difficult to see a person or a moving object while you are moving. When you stand still and listen you can observe everything that moves in your eyes. Take a moment during your patrol listen to what is around you and carry on. If you work on the security of the hotel be sure to look for these things. Unfortunately this advice is rarely taught by most private security companies. Take different routes during the patrol. One of the biggest mistakes the new security personnel have made is that they go the same way on every patrol. Make sure you use different routes and sometimes go back on your route. This prevents suspects from predicting where they will be at a given time. Final words Everyone wants to stay safe but sometimes we provide less important in this case which is really bad. Marinating security monitoring is must go option for a company. If you want to stay safe and happy take care of this area. Let me know you’re though in comment section.

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