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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: jace



A presentation made to the Bangalore Linux User Group in January 2002. Most people don't realize just how far ahead of its time Zope was as an application server and NoSQL database.

Some Dope On Zope An introduction to the Zope application server. Kiran Jonnalagadda <> Based on the presentation by Tim Wilson <>

What is Zope? Zope is an open source application server written in Python that features a transactional rd object database, distributed control, lots of 3 party products, a search engine, and a growing community of users and developers.

History of Zope In November 1998, Digital Creations combined Bobo, an open source Web-object toolkit, and Principia, a commercial Web-application platform. DC's venture capital firm encouraged them to open source their software and Zope was born. DC has since renamed themselves to Zope Corporation.

Architecture Zope has a component architecture: ❑ ZServer ❑ Zope Core ❑ Object Database (ZODB) ❑ RDBMS Integration ❑ Zope Products ❑ ZClasses

ZServer ❑ Supports HTTP, FTP, WebDAV, XMLRPC, FastCGI and PCGI ❑ Plays well with others (Apache, Squid) ZServer does not make a great static content delivery system. Proxies therefore make a world of a difference. Zope internally supports caching of expensive SQL queries and heavily dynamic content.

Zope Core Zope has a built-in ❑ Search engine ❑ Flexible security layer ❑ Membership ❑ Dynamic Text Markup Language (DTML) example: <dtml-var foo>

Object Database The Zope Object Database (ZODB): ❑ Behaves like a file system ❑ Supports: ❑ ❑ Undos ❑ ❑ Transactions Private Versions Scales well with fail-over support using ZEO

RDBMS Integration Zope supports connections to: ❑ Oracle ❑ Sybase ❑ ODBC ❑ Solid ❑ MySQL ❑ PostgreSQL

Zope Plugins Zope is extended in two main ways: ❑ Add-on Python Products ❑ ❑ Powerful, take full advantage of Python ❑ ❑ Created in the file system Very distributable ZClasses ❑ New object type created through the Web ❑ Requires no programming

Zope Advantages I prefer Zope over other systems because: ❑ I don't have to create all the content ❑ Users can't nuke the rest of the site ❑ Easy workflow (using CMF) ❑ Acquisition makes it easy to propagate changes ❑ Versions make it possible to experiment on a live site

Zope Disadvantages Zope isn't a cure-all because: ❑ It really helps to grok Python and OOP ❑ Most managers still haven't heard of it ''What if you get hit by a bus?'' ❑ The dynamic functionality is a massive overhead for simple sites ❑ It's not easy!

Acknowledgments ❑ This presentation was originally created by Tim Wilson <> who has graciously given me permission to reuse his slides. The original presentation was created using vim and latex. ❑ Most of the details listed on these slides are taken from and

Questions? The Indian Zope and Python User Group has a mailing list at

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