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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: troyschmidt31



Some Ancient Knowledge, how it may constantly be discovered, and what it could mean. Fire needs airflow, metal conducts heat (heating very evenly), and walls are not for defense.

Wind has a cooling effect.

Standing behind something reduces this effect. (it’s warmer…)

Putting things next to each-other blocks more than one thing alone.

Mix uncomfortable and temporarily safe, and you have time for innovation.

HEY!! Metals been invented, and cities exist!!

With a wooden stick, man could cook meat! With a metal one, they couldn’t!!

Fire in wind.

Fire in a hole. (no fire)

Fire behind a wall.

Over and over again… • Mankind tames an area, and begins agriculture • Some days aren’t that nice, and it’s not harvest, so people wait around and make noise to stay warm. (music is invented, multiple voices are louder than single voices, hooray!!) • On the same day, some people are warm, and some aren’t! • It’s the walls!!

• Cities are built with the tallest objects being the walls. • The wind is blocked, things are well, but it rains and floods.

• Drains are good, but there is still flooding • Grades are discovered as adequate drainage.

• There gets to be days without wind and rain, but the walled city bakes in direct sunlight. • Normally the city is mostly empty on these days, but after grading is discovered, some areas within the city are not so uncomfortable, and people stay. • This is because of Convection!! The ancient urban heat island created an airflow pattern, and a rudimentary form of ventilation.

Elevated Temples become highly prized. • The central elevated temple is present in nearly every known ancient settlement. • If a physical construction makes a place more livable, then more people can live in that place. • If each increase in a temples size made it possible for more people to be able to live comfortably, then increasing the size of a temple may become practiced “religiously”. • If the destruction or reduction of a temple caused a decrease in comfort and survivability for the local population, then there would be logic to protecting the temple with military force. • In the modern day heat stroke is fatal.

In the modern day, people can’t play guitar. • The average person is able to play dust in the wind. • The guitar god is able to play to a very high level of proficiency, and conduct feats of mastery which boggle the minds of children and adults. • The sail is at least as old as any tale of flying gods. • The para-glider is a modern proof of a sails ability to be flown with no further equipment. • If people weren’t able to play, but one was, what would others say? Would children draw their favorite guitar player?

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