Solving the Marketing Paradox: How to Integrate Online/Offline Content

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Information about Solving the Marketing Paradox: How to Integrate Online/Offline Content

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: stwood



Presented at the Internet Performance Club/Columbus Business Growth Club meeting on March 6, 2014. This presentation provides insights on the benefits of offline and online content and how to integrate both into your marketing strategy by understanding your clients' personalities and the topics that interest them. It also demonstrates how to build an effective content calendar to align offline and online content initiatives.

Solving the Marketing Paradox: Integrating Online & Offline Marketing Stacy Wood Vice President Marketing Works

Marketing your business is more complicated than ever. 2

There are multiple channels to catch or distract a customer’s attention. 3

There are more diverse audiences in which to market. 4

The Internet has changed how we live and how we shop 87% of adults are online Most think the Internet is A good thing for them & Society People don’t want to give up their technology either 5


And yet, there is a place for both offline and online content 7

Online v. Offline Content ONLINE INITIATIVES • Website • Traditional social • New social channels • Video • Blogs • Reviews • Rankings • PPC • Online ads • Email campaigns OFFLINE INITIATIVES • • • • • • • • Media coverage Community Awards Speaking White Papers Case Studies Collateral Traditional advertising • Direct marketing • Events 8




So what’s a business to do to capture leads and raise visibility? 12

Marry online and offline content to create sales bliss! 13

How to do it comes down to 3 things! 1. Know your customer 2. Determine the buyer’s journey 3. Identify content and the online and offline channels to help you nurture, engage and convert customers 14

“The stories we tell ourselves about our customers are often wrong.” Andrew McAffee, MIT Sloan 15

1. Know your customer • What pains/interests do our products solve/offer? • For who? ‒ B2B: Industry, Location, Size, Status, Performance ‒ B2C: Gender, Age, Salary, Location, Education Note: B2B needs to also look at B2C characteristics 16

1. Know your customer • What are their pains/things that make them happy? • Interests? ‒Topics ‒Types of information they want • Where do they hang out online? Offline? • What do they read? 17

Persona Exercise: Who are our customers and what are their interests? 18

2. What is the buyer’s journey? • How do they research products and services? ‒ Offline channels ‒ Online channels ‒ What do they type into Google? 19

Buyer’s Journey: Research 20

2. What is the buyer’s journey? • What is their process for buying? ‒ Offline/online ‒ Sales cycle – length, # visits, influence • What do they do after the sale? ‒ Reviews (online/offline) ‒ Re-purchase length of time ‒ Look for other products 21

2. What is the buyer’s journey? • Also consider influences such as: • Competitors • Overall brand awareness • Brand credibility • Religion • Politics • Economy • News 22

Customer Mad Lib: Build your profile! 23

3. Identify content and appropriate online and offline channels • What types of content do we have to offer? – – – – – Tip sheets Case studies Testimonials/reviews ROI calculator/proven ROI Knowledge (articles, white papers, ebooks, presentations, ask the expert) – Collateral 24

3. Identify content and appropriate online and offline channels What is the appropriate marketing mix based on our customers… OFFLINE ONLINE INITIATIVES INITIATIVES • • • • • • • • • • Website Traditional social New social Video Blogs Reviews Rankings PPC Online ads Email campaigns • • • • • • • • • • Media coverage Community Awards Speaking White Papers Case Studies Collateral Traditional advertising Direct marketing Events 25

Sample marketing inventory worksheet Content Type Offline Channel Online Channel Online Review Collateral Website, Social Filmed Ad (TV) ONLINE TV, Events, Lobby INITIATIVES Social, YouTube Blog Mail/hand out at show and meetings, media ISUU, Website, Google Ad, Email, Blog, Pinterest White Paper 26

Exercise: Take your top 3 types of content and give it a try! 27

How do you get the right content to the right person at the right time while focusing on your business? 28

1. Build content ideas around 4 themes: • Evergreen (Car maintenance) • Corporate/company-driven (new auto insurance product) • Holiday/seasonal/event (High school graduation, winter driving tips) • Industry/national news/trends (Ride sharing) 29

Other places to look for ideas: • News • Issues – Yahoo! Answers • Trends and Chatter • Topsy • Google Trends 30

2. Create a calendar that encompasses the four themes • • • • Evergreen Corporate/company-driven Holiday/seasonal/event Industry/national news/trends 31

How to get started: 1. Annually: Identify major holidays, seasonal, events and evergreen opportunities – Search online – Purchase Chase Book of Events – Evergreen 2. Quarterly: Add corporate/company-driven and brainstorm any new evergreen opportunities 3. Integrate industry/national news and new/emerging trends (news jacking) 32

Sample Monthly Topical Calendar Evergreen News/Pop Culture Driven Event/Seasonal Company Car maintenance tips Ride Sharing Tradeshow Product launch Removing tickets/lower insurance? Driverless cars Winter: Abandon car, covered? Award Olympics New white paper What not to do when you go on vacation 33

Monthly Calendar in Action: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 News/Event: Olympics News/trend: Ride Sharing Event: ACME tradeshow Company: Auto product launch Seasonal: Winter driving tips Seasonal: Winter: Abandon car, covered? Seasonal: Ebook: Your car’s spring tune up! Seasonal: Spring Break auto breakins, protect yourself/coverage tips News: Driverless car story Evergreen: Removing tickets/lower insurance What not to do when you go away on vacation? Company: Women to Watch Award Ceremony Event: March Madness contest Event: March Madness contest Evergreen: What does my auto insurance really cover? 34

3. Turn ideas into content and then push out to all your channels • You only need a few ideas! • Start developing content early • Go back to your profiles (What do they want? What are their interests? Are we giving it to them?) • Brand everything • Don’t limit yourself to traditional channels. Think about Pinterest, ISUU 35

Theme Bed bugs Content Focus Offline Look at data and 1. Create graphic figure out which 2. Create news states/cities had release the most bed bug 3. Pitch to local calls media 4. Billing inserts/mailers to customers 5. Val-Pak coupons 6. Push tips out locally when bed bugs become issue again (Spring Break) 7. Create targeted ads for those regions Online 1. Social sharing 2. Social engagement 3. Post tips sheets on Website 4. Post content on website 5. Google ads 6. Distribute news release via syndicate 7. Create YouTube video 8. Create a resource center 36

Case Study Topic: Legislation in Texas affecting workers’ compensation insurance carriers and companies who are self-insured – Would have to eliminate certain medications off claims by certain date – Implications: • • Fines Bad Press 37

Case Study Client had a solution that solved customer pain. Identified the following… – Pains related to process: • • • Not sure what they needed to do Don’t know how to comply May not even know about it 38

Case Study Overarching Pains: • Too many claims for their adjusters to handle • Additional administrative burdens • Claims too expensive • Injured workers don’t get back to work quick enough • Drug abuse, diversion 39

Case Study Interests: • Make jobs easier • Create less paperwork • Get things done quicker, less expensively • Not get audited/comply • Understanding the legislation and what it means to them 40

Case Study Audience and interests: • Claims professionals – certified education • Managers – white papers, education (inperson and online), tradeshows, collateral • Executives – blog, white papers, tradeshows, coverage 41

What we did: OFFLINE INITIATIVES • Collateral • White paper • Speaking engagements • Tradeshows/Events • News release ONLINE INITIATIVES • Website resource center • News release • Webinars • Email marketing • Blog 42

Webinar, Post-Mortem Metric Number # of Registrants 84 # of Attendees 45 Newly Identified Contacts 52 *Industry average registrant to attendee rate – 33%-50% 43




Thank you! Stacy Wood Vice President, Marketing Works 614.540.5520 Presentation: 48

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