Solutions for Sustainability in Mining

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Published on September 29, 2015

Author: FMielli


1. Solutions for Sustainability in Mining

2. The mining industry has come under tremendous pressure to improve its social, developmental, and environmental performance. Like other parts of the corporate world, it is now routinely expected to perform at ever-higher standards of stewardship, going well beyond simply achieving the best rate of return for shareholders. Being constantly scrutinized by the market and society in general, and increasingly required to be more and more transparent, mining enterprises have to proactively improve their commitment and performance regarding sustainability. The key to success is achieved through the development and integration of practices that reduce their environmental impact, such as: • Reducing water and energy consumption • Minimising land disturbances and waste production • Preventing soil, water, and air pollution at their sites • Enabling successful mine closure and reclamation A path toward sustainable mining Achieving the Social Licence to Operate In practice, the Social Licence to Operate arises from the community’s perception of a mining project or company. It is granted by the local community. It is intangible, informal, nonpermanent, and dynamic. It has to be earned and then maintained. It is an expression of the quality of a ‘relationship’. Environment People Communities Social Licence to Operate Solutions for Sustainability in Mining | 2

3. Helping mining companies with their sustainability strategies Schneider Electric™ has a proven record of leading companies to thriving sustainability programmes across economic, environmental, and social dimensions. As a global leader in sustainability services, we provide an end-to-end solution that truly sets us apart from others and integrates strategies, technologies, and implementation capabilities. Our approach helps mining companies accelerate their business performance. • Environmental metrics (tracking and reporting) • Corporate sustainability reporting • Carbon disclosure project support — Investor, Water and Supply Chain • Sustainability site assessment (and gap analysis: strategy vs. execution) • Supply chain sustainability — GHG emissions, water, waste disclosure • Conflict minerals compliance • GHG emissions management • Life cycle analysis (carbon footprint) Mining enterprises require comprehensive solutions that integrate energy and sustainability data into a single, global view. Solutions for Sustainability in Mining | 3

4. Energy management Implementing energy and cost reduction measures is not extremely difficult as long as you establish accountability for their results and have the ability to track their progress. As the global leader in energy management, Schneider Electric looks at energy differently. We start by developing a comprehensive energy strategy that treats improvements as a continuous process that goes beyond sporadic actions that only produce a one-time benefit. Our energy action plan is your long-term roadmap to energy savings and efficiency. Solutions for Sustainability in Mining | 4

5. Environmental management Environmental management is necessary at every stage of the mine life cycle in order to ensure that the local environment is protected every step of the way, and Schneider Electric can provide the services, expertise, and technologies to help you address many of your environmental strategies: • Real time software for data acquisition and alerts (air quality, dust, noise, water) • Data management/telemetry/field sensor integration network • Weather monitoring • Environmental reports • Mobile inspection technologies • Business Process Management (BPM) tools (procedures/incidents) Water management The water cycle in mining is complex and needs to be aligned with the mine life cycle. To create a successful water management strategy, procedures, best practices, and technologies can be leveraged to achieve successful water management during the operations phase: • Water awareness (visibility under production context/benchmarking) • Optimisation • Water monitoring (quality, flow, levels) • Water balances • Data collection, management, and reporting • Analytics • Advanced weather tools Solutions for Sustainability in Mining | 5

6. Renewable energy Schneider Electric is committed to helping mining companies use energy wisely, and as part of that commitment we can provide cost-effective renewable energy solutions. We leverage our expertise, experience, and life cycle services, from the initial feasibility study all the way through to project execution and sustainability, for every renewable energy project we undertake. Secure a sustainable future • Reduce carbon footprint by cutting down on harmful emissions and greenhouse gases • Improve relationships with local communities • Promote facilities that could be a legacy asset for local communities after mine closure • Create awareness of renewable and energy efficiency in general Bottom line improvement • Include revenue streams from carbon credits and carbon trading • Reduce electrical costs or even generate revenue by selling energy surplus,especially in remote locations • Mitigate anticipated increases in energy costs, offset future carbon taxes, and reduce dependence on volatile fuel prices and unreliable supplies Increase energy security • Reduce dependency on single energy sources • Can be used as a back-up for weak grid • Suitable for increasing remote (off-grid) projects Solutions for Sustainability in Mining | 6

7. Partner with Schneider Electric for community development Solutions for Sustainability in Mining | 7

8. Let Schneider Electric help you succeed when working with the community Schneider Electric BipBop programme 1.3 billion people in the world have no access to energy. That is the equivalent of the population of the United States and Europe combined. Schneider Electric accepts this challenge by providing needed equipment, financial resources, and skills where they are most needed through the BipBop programme (Business, Innovation & People at the Base of the Pyramid), a programme aimed at eradicating fuel poverty and enabling the economic and social development of affected countries. BipBop focuses its efforts on three complementary initiatives: Sustainability affects more than just the physical environment — it affects every person in the community. Solutions for Sustainability in Mining | 8 Business Manage a socially driven investment fund to financially support companies dedicated to the electrical business at the Base of the Pyramid Base of the Pyramid Expression commonly used to define the populations with the lowest income in a country People Train young people from the Base of the Pyramid in energy management related skills and sponsor them Innovation Build adequate offers/solutions and business models to be a champion in the access to energy field for the Baseof the Pyramid P I BOP B

9. Let Schneider Electric help you succeed when working with the community The case for evolving the mining industry has never been stronger. As demand for natural resources continues to grow, mining companies face complex challenges in meeting that demand while maintaining their licence to operate through strengthening local communities and reducing their impact on the environment. The Development Partner Framework is a bold, new approach for mining companies to build sustainable, long-term value by repositioning themselves from isolated actors to regional development partners. Schneider Electric is a founding member of the initiative behind this movement, known as the KIN Catalyst: Mining Company of the Future. KIN is a cross-sector collaboration between leaders from mining companies, contractors, suppliers, researchers, academics, nonprofits, and representatives from indigenous communities. Solutions for Sustainability in Mining | 9

10. Ranked 9th by Corporate Knights in the 2015 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World. Named a leader in the Verdantix 2013 Green Quadrant Energy Management Software (Global) report. 2014, “Schneider Electric Continues Its Reign As Leader of Energy Supply Management,” Verdantix Green Quadrant Energy Management Software (Global) Report. September 2015 ©2015 Schneider Electric. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks are owned by Schneider Electric Industries SAS or its affiliated companies. 998-19110204_GMA_GB

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