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Information about Solita HUB: Asiakkaan paikantamisen mahdollisuudet - Ilpo Mäkinen, Cisco

Published on January 25, 2016

Author: Solita_Oy


1. Asiakkaan paikantamisen mahdollisuudet Cisco Systems January 2016 Ilpo Mäkinen

2. Migration from Presence to Hyperlocation Progression in Location Accuracy Presence: 30m Basic Location: 7m IncrementalInvestment IncrementalInvestment IncrementalInvestment Enhanced Location: 5m Hyperlocation: 1m Increasing Value

3. Number of people by venue and zones Peak time in venue New compared to repeat visitors Common traffic patterns Where people spend time Indoor location provides new possibilities NEW Detect

4. Different levels of identity information No interaction Visibility only to device address Location & analytics, but poor reliability Visitor network (wlan) login Improved reliability and accuracy Real time location and analytics Visibility of internet traffic Automatic relogin Mobile app installed Customer identity known Customer grants rights to analytics Possibility to push ads & notifications based on identity, time and location Automatic relogin Level of customer interaction

5. IoE-Enabled Retail Solutions Offer Rich, Context- Aware Shopping Experiences Illustrative Examples

6. SAVINGS 19% of Value at Stake While Consumers Still Want Savings, Efficiency Promises Greatest Value for Retailers • Reviews [augmented reality] 57% • In-store advertising 54% • Product recommender [augmented reality] 48% • “Top Ten” rankings and displays 45% • In-store entertainment 38% IoE Retail Concepts Willingness To Use* *Percentage responding “somewhat” or “very likely” to use • General in-store offers [digital signage] 78% • Special offers [augmented reality] 73% • Targeted offers [digital signage] 67% • Targeted offers [smartphones] 54% • Scan QR codes 52% Percentages of total value 14% of Value at Stake ENGAGEMENT 67% of Value at Stake • Checkout optimization 77% • In-store guidance [digital signage] 67% • In-store guidance [augmented reality] 63% • Scan-and-pay [smartphone] 60% • Drive-thru pickup 57% • Same-day delivery 53% • Smart cart / automatic replenishment 50% • Mobile payments 49% • Secure locker 49% EFFICIENCY Source: Cisco Consulting Services, January 2015

7. Consumers Expect Hyper-Relevant Shopping Experiences, Not Just Personalization Hyper-Relevance Defined What It Is A new paradigm that enables consumers to receive what they want, when and how they want it. How It Happens Hyper-relevance is made possible by IoE-enabled solutions and innovative business models that deliver value—efficiency, savings, or engagement—in real time. How It Is Different Personalization is when the retailer knows your name. Relevance is when the retailer knows your needs in the moment.

8. o Getting Started - Cisco CMX Journey Build the Infrastructure Start gathering analytics from the network. Scale for More Devices Offer highly secure connectivity and gather detailed analytics. Extend Infrastructure Layer in more Wi-Fi, beacons, or video to enrich data sources. Develop Dynamic Mobile Experiences Add context-driven mobile services for better engagement. Enhanced Apps and Analytics Integrate more data sources for deeper engagement and insight. 1 2 3 4 5

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