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Published on April 10, 2008

Author: Baverly_gal


Slide1:   starter activity This man, Lech Walesa, was born in 1947 the son of a farmer who left school to work as an electrician on a shipyard in the remote industrial port of Gdansk. By the 1980s he was being visited by world leaders (including the Pope), had received the Nobel Peace Prize and had become head of his country’s first democratic government since the end of WWII. What made him so special? What part did Solidarity play in the downfall of Communism in Eastern Europe?:  What part did Solidarity play in the downfall of Communism in Eastern Europe? Tensions in Eastern Europe  Your task:   Your task Using your textbooks research and answer the following questions: How was Solidarity founded? What did it want to achieve? Why did the government initially give in? How did the govt. later react? How successful was the govt in clamping down on Solidarity? How was Solidarity founded?:  How was Solidarity founded? Late 1970s Poland suffered from economic recession Workers in Gdansk shipyard formed independent union led by Lech Walesa 9.5 million members at its height Why was Walesa such a popular leader? What did Solidarity want to achieve?:  What did Solidarity want to achieve? Free trade unions Right to strike Better standard of living for its members Solidarity members giving the ‘V’ for Victory sign outside Warsaw Cathedral. Why did the Church openly support the movement? Why did the govt. give in?:  Why did the govt. give in? 1980, govt. conceded to all Solidarities demands Large membership – esp. drawn from key heavy industrial workers, e.g. steel & shipbuilding Lech Walesa enjoyed huge popularity (1981 poll, 95% of Poles trusted Solidarity) Support of Catholic Church (Pope John Paul II) Walesa & Solidarity very popular in West (Solidarity logo became iconic, leaders met Walesa) Nov. 1981 opinion poll on who Polish people most trusted. 11% were known Communists. How reliable is this data? How did the govt. react?:  How did the govt. react? Breshnev ordered ‘training manoeuvres’ on Polish border Walesa & 10,000 Solidarity leaders imprisoned 150,000 members given ‘preventive & cautionary talks’ What does this cartoonist mean by this picture? How did the govt react?:  How did the govt react? Solidarity became politicised (talked about anti-Communism as well as better wages) 1981 new military leader, General Jaruzelski declared Solidarity illegal & set up martial law Leaders imprisoned or murdered, including members of Catholic Ch. (Father Popielusko, beaten to death by secret police, 1984) How successful was the Polish govt?:  How successful was the Polish govt? Economic recession deepened (1981, rationing introduced, unemployment increased, inflation 70%) Movement went underground US provided secret support 1982 Walesa released from prison 1983 Walesa received Nobel Peace Prize 1986, Radio Solidarity  Discussion:   Discussion How significant (important) do you think Solidarity’s contribution was to the fall of Communism?  Your task:   Your task Imagine you are Lech Walesa, giving a speech to a group of shipyard workers at Gdansk, Poland. Try to win them over to your cause by mentioning the following points: The poor living & working conditions The support Solidarity enjoys in the West The connections with the Church The popular appeal of the movement & Walesa In addition you could invent a slogan for the movement – remember Lenin’s?

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