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Information about SOLID WASTE

Published on July 6, 2010

Author: miruljr


Slide 1: Sol!d Wa$Te PREPARED BY: OVIYENESSH Slide 2: What is solid waste? Solid waste can be defined as the useless and unwanted products in thesolid state derived from the activities of and discarded by society.  Municipal solid waste (MSW), also called urban solid waste, is a waste type that includes predominantly household waste (domestic waste) with sometimes the addition of commercial wastes collected by a municipality within a given area. They are in either solid or semisolid form and generally exclude industrial hazardous wastes. The term residual waste relates to waste left from household sources containing materials that have not been separated out or sent for reprocessing . Slide 3: EXAMPLES OF SOLID WASTE Biodegradable waste: food and kitchewaste, green waste, paper (can also be recycled). Recyclable material: paper, glass, bottles, cans, metals, certain plastics, etc. Inert waste: construction and demolition waste, dirt, rocks, debris. Composite wastes: waste clothing, Tetra Paks , waste plastics such as toys. Domestic hazardous waste (also called "household hazardous waste") & toxic waste: medication, e-waste, paints, chemicals, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, spray cans, fertilizer and pesticide containers, batteries, shoe polish. Solid Waste & Climate Change : Did you know that by managing your solid wastes properly, you can make a difference in climate change? Climate change is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG). The manufacturing, distribution and use of products, including waste generation all result in emission of GHG that affect the Earth’s climate.The Earth’s atmosphere contains many types of gases which includes GHG. GHG absorbs an retains heat from the Sun. They regulate the Earth’s climate by holding warmth in an atmospheric blanket around the planet’s surface. Scientists call this phenomenon as the Greenhouse Effect. Without GHG, the average temperature on Earth would be -2 °F, instead of the current 57°F. However, certain human activities have released additional GHG, and this upsets the natural atmospheric balance of GHG. Therefore, there is a direct increase in global temperature.Solid waste affects climate change through landfill methane emission. The source of manmade methane gas is from the landfills themselves, which happens when organic waste is left to decay anaerobically . Solid Waste & Climate Change Slide 5: The Lucky 13 Wisconsin's recycling law has selected 13 lucky items to be recycled and saved from the landfills. These items are saved by people who put them at the roadside for collection or take them to recycling bins located around town. The lucky 13 are then turned into new products for us to use. Believe it or not, plastic bottles are even being made into park benches and cozy fleece jackets. These items become the unlucky 13 when people throw them away and they add to the mountains of waste that already fill up landfills. Luckily, many people are recycling additional items like food scraps and mixed paper (junk mail, cereal boxes, etc.). If you're like the average person in Wisconsin, you're probably recycling or composting almost 2 pounds of stuff every day! Slide 6: The Lucky 13 Items Don't throw away that pop can, car battery, or magazine. They can all be recycled as part of Wisconsin's Lucky 13 items listed below that are not allowed in our landfills. Each of these items can be made into new products for us to use instead of taking up space in a pile of junk somewhere. Let's not make these the unlucky 13: Paper office paper* newspaper magazines corrugated cardboard Containers aluminum cans steel (tin) cans glass bottles and jars plastic containers labeled #1 and #2 on the bottom Other Materials major appliances waste tires car batteries (lead-acid types) yard wastes (try composting) used motor oil *This means "high grade printing and writing papers from offices." WAYS TO REDUCE SOLID WASTE : WAYS TO REDUCE SOLID WASTE -Use notebooks made with post-consumer content. -Prepare recycle bins at school so that the solid waste can be separated in a orderly manner -Try to make practice of them to throw recyclable solid waste by having some games such as…….. SEE ON DE NAXT PAGE!!!! -Use both sides of paper. Teachers can create less waste by copying worksheets on both sides of every sheet.  -Use refillable pens and pencils. - Ask your school to use items such as reusable cafeteria trays and silverware.  - Ask your school to buy milk in reusable eight-ounce plastic bottles, which produce almost no waste (only the cap is discarded), rather than milk cartons.   -Encourage classmates to use reusable containers for beverages, sandwiches and snacks. Have classmates put their lunch in a reusable cloth bag or lunch box. Slide 8: RECYCLE RM 0.05/KG RM 2.50/KG RM 0.05/KG HOW TO REDUCE SOLID WASTE?? : PREPARED A GAME FOR SOLID DISPOSAL THIS CAN BE SEEN AT BANGSAR VILLAGE HOW TO REDUCE SOLID WASTE?? NOW OR NEVER : NOW OR NEVER Slide 11: THE END Slide 12: To produce packaging materials, Tetra Pak uses paperboard (73%), plastic (22%) and – for aseptic packages - aluminium foil (5%). Raw materials production has the greatest environmental impact of all stages within the package life cycle. CAN BE RECYCLED SO BETTER RECYCLE!!!!! TETRA PAK NOTE!!!!!!

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