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Published on November 21, 2013

Author: ReseauLIEU



Lab'InSight Surface Treatments & Solar Energy - Focus on the Photovoltaic Electricity Sector - 21.11.2013

Solid-state Physics, Interfaces and Nanostructures Department of Physics University of Liège Watching the Lab’s video Prof. Ngoc Duy NGUYEN Head of Laboratory Lab’Insight ‘Surface Treatments and Solar Energy’ SPIN SOLID- STATE PHYSICS, INTERFACES AND NANOSTRUCTURES Brussels – 21st November 2013 1

Fields of expertise and industrial targets Fields of expertise • Material characterizations  Electrical and optical measurements • Electron device simulations  Physical interpretation of device characteristics • Atomistic simulations  Prediction and optimization of material properties Industrial applications fields • Quality control, in-line monitoring • Defect assessment • Device characterization Brussels – 21st November 2013 2

sition of CIGS and CdT coatings. e pics allographic direction, respectively, for the involved ZnOnanowire 218 sample and for a randomly oriented wurtzite ZnOsample given by heJ oint C ommittee for P owder Diffraction S tandard (J P ) values C DS 24]; and N corresponds to the number of considered peaks. In our case, five peaks should becrysconsidered so that N=5. A randomly oried intensities of the <hkl> 219 220 221 222 Applied research projects CIS/CIGS materials for , for the involved ZnOnanowire d wurtzite ZnO sample given byfilm photovoltaics thin 223 224 220 221 raction S tandard (J PDS values C ) mber of considered peaks. In our ed so that N=5. A randomly ori- 222 Material characterization Device simulation Electrical and opto-electrical characterization of thin film semiconducting heterostructures 223 224 TCO/CdS CIGS Mo Aim Defect assessment Substrate CLE IN PRESS  Identify defect signatures in electrochemical impedance spectroscopy 2. Experimental Cu(In,Ga)Se2-based layer stack  Correlate with material quality 2.1. F luorine-doped tin oxide thin films as thin-film photovoltaic cell  Implement measurement as an in-line All ZnO depositions were performed onto FTO thin film with a thickness of 250 nm. FTOthin films were grown on glass substrates monitoring tool at 410 Cby atmospheric spray pyrolysis from achemical precursor  consisting of 0.16 M tin chloride pentahydrate 98%(S igma-Aldrich) Provide feedback to process steps Materials S cience and E ngineering Bxxx (2011) xxx–xxx 110 111 112 113 ◦ 114 115 and 0.04 M ammonium fluoride 98%(S igma-Aldrich) in amethanolic solution. The S heet resistance of FTOthin films is about 10 per square while their overall transmittance with glass equals nearly 85%in the visible range. b) top view S M image, (c) TE image of a single nanowire and ISCHE SCOP ® E M Offline F (d) XR diagram, RD E CONT 4000- P I DP 2.2. ZnOnanowire growth by chemical bath deposition 116 117 118 119 Brussels – 21st November 2013 120 3

Applied research projects Material characterization Emerging transparent conductive materials as electrodes for solar cells Aim Investigation of the percolation mechanism in metallic nanowire networks Encapsulated Ag nanowire network as transparent conductive material  Understand electrical conductivity and optical transmittance  Compute collection efficiency  Solve thermal stability issue  Integrate in dye-sensitized solar cells Brussels – 21st November 2013 4

Applied research projects Modeling Atomistic simulations of nanostructures (ab initio) Aim Optimisation of photovoltaic properties Light-induced charge separation in a Si-Ge pyramidal wire (2 nm diameter)  Provide model structures (compositions, geometries)  Provide spectral fingerprints  Estimate the effect of the environment (i.e. effect of ligands and solvant on chemical stability and spectral properties) Brussels – 21st November 2013 5

Special equipments Brussels – 21st November 2013 6

Services provided to companies Examples → → → → Consultancy service in electrical and optical characterization of thin films Expertise on impedance spectroscopy Device simulation works Experimental development in semiconductor metrology for industry-oriented long-term applied projects → On-demand calculations (collaboration-based) of atomistic structures, electronic and optical properties → Training of scientists Brussels – 21st November 2013 7

Contact information University of Liège|Department of Physics Solid-state Physics, interfaces and nanostructures Institut de Physique (B5a), Allée du Six Août 17, 4000 Liège (Sart-Tilman) Prof. Ngoc Duy NGUYEN Chargé de cours, phone : +32 4 366 3604 Dr. Jean-Yves RATY Senior Research Associate FRS-FNRS, phone : +32 4 366 3747 SPIN SOLID- STATE PHYSICS, INTERFACES AND NANOSTRUCTURES Brussels – 21st November 2013 8

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