Solid State Drive (SSD) GPU

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Information about Solid State Drive (SSD) GPU

Published on March 18, 2010

Author: techfli


HDD vs SSD : HDD vs SSD Solid State Drive (SSD) : Solid State Drive (SSD) SSD Is a non-volatile data storage device that use solid state memories instead of a disk, to stores the data. Main Characteristics: Fast reading/writing process Fast transfer (1500 Mbps) Low power consumption More expensive than HDD Lower capacity Hard Disk Drive : Hard Disk Drive Is a non-volatile data storage device that use platters with magnetic surfaces to store the data. Main Characteristics: Slow reading/writing process Slow transfer (500 Mbps) High power consumption Cheaper than SDD Higher capacity HDD GPU vs CPU : GPU vs CPU GPU(Graphic Processing Unit) : GPU(Graphic Processing Unit) Video Card (GPU) Is a specilized processor located on a video card that process 3D graphics, textures and shadows. Main Characteristics: -GPU measured in Hertz -Integrated video Memory

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