Solar Water Pumps in Kansas

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Information about Solar Water Pumps in Kansas

Published on January 23, 2008

Author: Siro


Solar Water Pumps for Central Kansas:  Solar Water Pumps for Central Kansas Rylan E. Ortiz HORT 640 Sustainable Agriculture Outline:  Outline Solar power as a renewable energy source. History of Solar power About solar energy Theoretical discussion on solar power via PV’s Industry solar power water pumps Why solar power water pumps in Kansas Calculations to question for a successful design Solar energy on the rise! Question and Answer Solar power as a renewable energy source.:  Solar power as a renewable energy source. Our Sun’s fusion of H → He drives photovoltaic cells to produce DC voltage. History of Solar Power:  History of Solar Power Solar innovations began over 100 years ago (Industrial Revol.) Shelved for 50 yrs due to USA’s fossil fuel search. Auguste Mouchout, French mathematician first developed solar energy research 1860 Theoretic on Solar Power via PV’s:  Theoretic on Solar Power via PV’s Light travels in pockets of energy called photons. PV’s (Photovoltaics) absorb these photons and release electrons. Electrons can then be captured by surrounding medium to generate electric currents → electricity! Theory:  Theory PV effect first noted by Edmund Bequerel 1839. Certain materials produce small amounts of current with photon interactions. First Photovoltaic build in 1954. Too expensive for public use. 1960s space utilized this technology. Theory:  Theory Note: space technology helped decline PV’s expensive price through research Soon industry caught glimpse of PV’s commercial potential. PV Theory:  PV Theory Photons absorb PV medium (a semi – conductor material usually Silicon, Si) This “wafer” is treated to generate an electric field. “Opposites attract”. Positive and Negative terminals are connected to create an electric circuit. This electric circuit generates an electric current which is then harnessed to power a load. Theory:  Theory PV Theory:  PV Theory Solar cells connected together form a module. A series of modules forms an array. Wire these up in series or parallel figurations to help power your device. In this case: Water Pumps! Industry solar power water pumps:  Industry solar power water pumps Produce water when it is needed the most: when there is sun! Same idea as before: Light photon interact Absorbed by wafers Wafers produce DC Lorentz pump providing water in Eastern Colorado Why Solar Pumps in Central KS?:  Why Solar Pumps in Central KS? Ogallala Aquifer’s reservoir already supplies central and western Kansas with their water supply. Solar power lowers conventional pumping costs by utilizing the Sun’s free and radiant energy. Calculations for a Design of a Solar Pump:  Calculations for a Design of a Solar Pump DEFINITIONS and FUNDAMENTALS LIFT vs. PRESSURE DETERMINE POWER REQUIRED TO PUMP WATER ESTIMATE THE COST OF SOLAR PUMPING HORSEPOWER vs. WATTS HORESEPOWER of COMBUSTION ENGINE vs. ELECTRIC MOTOR POWER AND ENERGY WIRE SIZING vs. VOLTAGE Theory of PV’s:  Theory of PV’s PV’s on average are only 20-30% efficient Thus 70 or more percent of the Sun’s energy is lost Design of a PV will need to be protected from the natural elements such as hail and wind A plastic is a durable source of covering for PV’s to shield from elements From an Environmental Perspective:  From an Environmental Perspective PV’s eliminate the need for fossil fuels once on the market PV electricity generates zero – emissions Semi – conductor manufacturing is one of the most hazardous industries in business Use of solvents, acids and bases for cleaning and preparing of the crystals Types of Potential Hazards:  Types of Potential Hazards Applications:  Applications Deep well pumping Irrigation (lift and pressurized) Livestock (pipeline transfer, pond and stream protection) Home and village supply Camp sites, vacation cabins Water purification and treatment systems, Solar water heating Hydronic floor heating Why Solar Power?:  Why Solar Power? Lots of fuel! (4.5 by worth) Every 15 minutes the sun produces enough solar power to supply the world for an entire year FREE! Solar Energy Applications Gaining Ground!:  Solar Energy Applications Gaining Ground! New Oil Projects Cannot Meet World Needs This Decade. Solar Light For Churches of Africa KSU Solar Car Racing Team New Classes: HORT 640

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