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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: inflectra


PowerPoint Presentation: Scrum Methodology For Lifecycle Management Of Application PowerPoint Presentation: Application lifecycle management needs can be, best met using scrum methodologies, there is no doubt regarding this fact. Scrum offers flexibility, repeatable processes, and decreases oversights related to management of different projects. It is also possible to successfully promote teamwork, using scrum because the process is encourages simultaneously use of coding and planning. Increase your development speed and get the right results fast with proper scrum solutions helping you on the way. In the modern world where perfection in different projects is highly sought-after and companies simply cannot do with unnecessary mistakes and lapses, it surely seems like a lifesaver. Studies show that commercial software contains a variety of unnecessary features that are simply a waste of time and money. The main aim of using scrum methodology is to use specifically those features of the software that offers value for the end users. This uses an iterative workflow process where small milestones are used repeatedly. Naturally, the developers feel completely focused and motivated to offer the right results within the allotted periods. PowerPoint Presentation: The best thing about using the scrum methodology is that it becomes possible to anticipate change requirements during the process itself. Use of proper requirements management tools make sure that one identifies the problems continuously and keeps on rectifying them in real-time. Make majors changes in the structures if required, because of the repetitive quality of the processes involved in such methodology. In such cases, building software is completely object-oriented, an exact opposite of procedural approach. Procedural approaches in most cases are less, modular compared to the object oriented approach that scrum uses. When it comes to dealing with projects where one is grappling with unknown or poorly specified requirements, scrum seems like the ideal choice in all regards. The best thing about this methodology is that here the power resides with the developers instead of the management. In other words, developers feel independent and much more in charge when they are working with Scrum software development methodologies. They have the ultimate power to decide the writing of the software solution ensuring the best results for the company in specific projects. Naturally, when it comes to successful management of application lifecycle, software solution providers tend to go for scrum methodology because it helps them to make the right decisions. PowerPoint Presentation: With this methodology, developers now have more time to give to the coding process because there is less planning to do as the steps for the project becomes smaller. Iteration focus coupled with small milestones to deal ensures that the overall time taken for completion of application development is reduced greatly. Naturally, the management needs decrease quite considerably. With management of application lifestyle becoming easier through use of scrum methodology, companies need to spend less money on hiring managers because a handful of them will do. With less production costs overall in software development companies can offer their products cheaper to the customers, ensuring better profits and brand loyalties. Those who want to know more about scrum methodology and using them successfully in various IT projects can visit to get the solutions they seek. PowerPoint Presentation: Contact Information Inflectra Address: 8121 Georgia Ave, Suite 504 Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 Phone +1 202-558-6885 Email: Website:

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