Software-defined Networking

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Information about Software-defined Networking

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: wiprotechnologies



SDN: Networking technology that decouples control plane from data plane
•Control plane: Decides where data traffic is sent
•Data plane: Executes data transfer

Software-defined Networking 1 © 2014 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL

Agenda Introduction Differences: Traditional vs SDN Key Benefits SDN in Action Conclusion 2 © 2014 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL

Introduction SDN: Networking technology that decouples control plane from data plane • Control plane: Decides where data traffic is sent • Data plane: Executes data transfer API Control Plane Communication Protocol Interface (e.g.,OpenFlow) Data Plane  Software-defined networking allows centralized control of traffic  Controller is abstracted, treats each data packet differently  Network switches no longer need to be programmed individually 3 © 2014 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL

Differences: Traditional vs SDN • SDN suited to anywhere, anytime and any device data access • Traditional network suited to client-server architecture Traditional Network Software-defined Network Dynamics Quickly adapts to changing business needs Policies & Security Network wide policy application needs device-level changes Policy application becomes simplified and consistent Scalability Network scaling is unsustainable after a point due to high complexity Easily scalable due to agile centralized control Device Control 4 Becomes highly complex in multidevice and mobile environment Incomplete control because changes are subject to vendors’ product cycles Vendor-agnostic, control can lie entirely with enterprise © 2014 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL

Key Benefits SDN technology increases network flexibility and improves uptime while lowering operating costs and capex Technical Benefits Virtualizes entire network; simplifies upgrade procedures Agile and flexible in experimenting with new configurations Better security for apps and devices at the lowest level Manageability improves due to greater integration Expedites automation & compliance initiatives Reduced opex, since network is a single programmable entity rather than collection of diverse components Reduced capex, since hardware (routers, switches) must now compete on price 5 © 2014 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL

SDN in Action Partnering with an experienced SDN vendor helps in faster and cheaper implementation with minimal risk to existing processes For a new network deployment Switchbased  Campus: Consistent IT policy enforcement and optimal user experience  Data center: better scalability, easy to integrate with storage SDN Deployment Models Hybrid Combination of overlay and switchbased models 6 Areas where SDN adds value: Overlay For deployment over existing IP network  Cloud: Flexible resource allocation enables rapid provisioning of cloud services © 2014 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL

Conclusion  SDN: next big thing after ethernet, IP internetworking and wireless LANs  Positive impact on bottom line and on IT/networking risk  Better suited to new technologies: Mobile, Cloud  Existence of legacy systems means market acceptance will take 5-10 years 7 © 2014 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL

For more details please visit the link below: 8 © 2014 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL

About Wipro Wipro Ltd. (NYSE:WIT) is a leading Information Technology, Consulting and Outsourcing company that delivers solutions to enable its clients do business better. Wipro delivers winning business outcomes through its deep industry experience and a 360 degree view of "Business through Technology"; helping clients create successful and adaptive businesses. A company recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio of services, a practitioner's approach to delivering innovation and an organization wide commitment to sustainability; Wipro has over 140,000 employees and clients across 61 countries. For more information, please visit 9 © 2014 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL

Thank You ©Wipro Limited, 2014. All rights reserved. For more information visit No part of this document may be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the authors. Wipro is not liable for any business outcome based on the views presented in this document. For specific implementation clients should take advise from their client engagement manager. 10 © 2014 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL

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