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Published on June 18, 2007

Author: CoolDude26


CEF network design (including cross-border fibre issues) :  CEF network design (including cross-border fibre issues) Stanislav Šíma CESNET Network construction and parts(what is really our task):  Network construction and parts (what is really our task) Collins COBUILD English Dictionary for Advanced Learners: „If you construct something such as an idea, piece of writing or system, you create it by putting different parts together.' For network construction we need to elaborate specifications of: Network services Network building parts (elements) Implementation of services by connecting elements Elaboration of above specifications is called network design Network design is semantically similar to computer design or electronic circuit design, but big difference makes complexity and cost of some building parts: Building elements, implementation and operation of large scale networks are procured Procurement is long process (especially if public funding is used): e.g. 7-24 month (but legal system in some countries is not so restrictive to research) Returns and corrections of decisions could be very difficult or impossible in such procurement process (details depend on procurement regulations in given country) Result of one-way design proces is not optimal (in general case)…. Legacy procedure of REN design(ISP for R&E community):  Legacy procedure of REN design (ISP for Randamp;E community) Decide about REN PoPs needed and then: Procure SDH or lambda services Procure „ISP-like' equipment Procure network operation and maintenance The first goal is service for researchers (research in networking is secondary) Main Advantages: Relatively simple design and operation (we use large and matured building elements and services, with guarantee) Transparency for donators and users (element selection is the best in the current commercial sense) Main Weakness and Risk: The „best in current commercial sense' is not the best generally (monopoly or dominant position of some vendors prevents it) Construction simplicity and network reliability received are very expensive, i.e. network is based on outdated technology, adaptation to user needs is far from perfect, both CAPEX and OPEX are high Vendors prevent some improvements of network after installation (to safe their exclusive delivery position) New possibilities in REN design:  New possibilities in REN design Main source of innovation is optical technology Fibres and fibre lighting devices Free Space Optics (up to 2.5 Gb/s per line) with microwave backup Change of P2P services by P2P fibres is first step only New types of transmitters, receivers, amplifiers, gratings etc. are available, some of them even with MultiSource Agreements New network services are enabled, for example E2E lightpath on demand, fibre switching, facilities based networking … New architecture for cost-effectivness: Overcome distances by light only (see CESNET2 and GEANT2 core) OEO conversion and switches should be rare (use OADM and OXC) Few routers (2-4) per NREN are sufficient (see Surfnet6 and Canet4) CEF Network approachto REN design:  CEF Network approach to REN design Decide about REN PoPs needed and then: Procure Dark fibres including optical first mile Procure Open (multi-vendor) network equipment Procure Network Integrator (if external support for design, deployment and operation is needed) The goal is still service for researchers, but role of research in design is stronger CEF Network approach is field proved: procurement of dark fibres instead services: proved by many NRENs, RONs, National LambdaRail, partially GEANT2 procurement of open (multi-vendor) equipment: proved by SWITCH (including external design support), CzechLight (including CESNET-made Optical Amplifiers), partially CESNET2 Many metropolitan CEF RENs has experience with network integration by own staff Save own improvement freedom and independency on vendors Save own ability to quick return and correct design (including re-tendering etc.) Convince vendors in word and deed, that their task is changed you need dedicated fibre instead of pacifier  you will decide on devices suitable for network development, etc. Main strategies for SEE NRENs development:  Main strategies for SEE NRENs development Short characteristics of main possibilities for SEE NRENs: „Safe way': Step-wise repeat NREN development seen in other countries (it is slow, quite expensive and preserves gap) „Brute force way': Use big investment to make „the second instance' of some leading NREN (this approach is limited mainly by missing first mile fibres and by unsufficient funds) „Innovation way': Strong use of research results to solve NREN design problem. Search for cost-effective technology successively deployed in testbeds and tested in NRENs (or prepared for future NRENs) Possible Government Support for R&E:  Possible Government Support for Randamp;E Remove telecommunication regulations for research and education Simplify tendering regulations for research and education Establish fibre lines for research and education as infrastructure donated by state (such as roads) Support municipalities deploying first mile fibres for research and education It helps to national Randamp;E and to national development. It helps to EU development too (by better connecting of SEE research capacity) GEANT2 design characteristics:  GEANT2 design characteristics GEANT2 is hybrid network: Lambda services (Layer2 OEO services) is offered to participants besides IP service (Layer3 services) Small changes in network topology, local movings of GEANT PoPs requested by nRENs Mixed procurement of services and dark fibres Extensive comparisons of dark fibres to services costs, despite that reasons for dark fibres are strategic rather than financial, and result of comparison strongly depends on question: How many lambdas will users need in next years??? GEANT2 is CEF network in the sense, that core is on leased dark fibres and lighting equipment is owned by DANTE Separated procurement of transmission system and switching equipment: one vendor selected for both (no CEF-like open result) Our example presented on TNC 2004 Rhodes:  Our example presented on TNC 2004 Rhodes Initial GEANT2 topology(dark fibre core footprint):  Initial GEANT2 topology (dark fibre core footprint) GEANT2 and SEE countries:  GEANT2 and SEE countries GEANT2 will be one of world-leading continent-wide Randamp;E network using dark fibres (another one will be National LambdaRail after merging with Abilene2 in USA) Further work is strongly needed, for example: GN2 procurement of dark fibres failed for connection of some countries, despite that dark fibres where available (good offer was missing), for example to Ireland, Portugal, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania: re-tendering in GN2 is possible Transmission and switching equipment are from single-vendor: multi-vendor interoperability problems must be solved on demarcation line GEANT2-NRENs Important and feasible tasks: acquire international dark fibres to GN2 countries Romania, Bulgaria and Greece prepare international dark fibres to remaining SEEFIRE countries International dark fibre acquiring and using:  International dark fibre acquiring and using Cross border fibre (CBF) issue GCBF are GEANT2 cross border fibres, connecting GEANT2 PoPs RCBF are Regional corss border fibres, connecting neighbours NRENs In principle, by means NRENs fibres and RCBF is possible to implement European-wide lambdas and GCBF looks redundant Situation is of course much more complicated: GCBF could be sometimes less expensive (imagine quantity discounts) Lambdas implemented on GCBF should be more reliable GCBF could be used for lambdas inside country (using OADMs etc.) In general, CBF procurement results achieved by NRENs and by DANTE are (and will be) different GN2 support for RCBF prepared Cross border fibre issues (lines are examples only):  Cross border fibre issues (lines are examples only) CBF connection needed:  CBF connection needed For GN2 members to Bucharest Sofiya Athena For GN2 observers to Beograde Skopje For GN2 non-members to Tirana Sarajevo We should agree in SEEFIRE now about required steps, including suggestion to GN2 Acknowledgement:  Acknowledgement Lada Altmannova for topology maps CzechLight team members for collaboration

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