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Published on March 7, 2014

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Sociology Chapter 2-3 Test Review 1. What is cultural relativism? P 36 Belief that cultures should be judged by the standards of the culture and not an outside culture 2. How are material and non-material culture different? P 24 Things you can touch, tangible/ non-material cannot be touched 3. What is ethnocentrism? P 35 Tendency to view one’s own culture as superior 4. What did Margaret Mead study in the 1930’s? p 32-33 Cultural variations 5. What is a subculture? Know some examples A group that shares values, norms and behaviors not shared by the larger population [San Francisco’s Chinatown, Little Havana in Miami and the Navaho Indian communities 6. What is a counterculture? Know some examples Intentionally challenges the values of the larger society [Organized crime, hippies, cyberpunks, a science fiction genre community] 7. What did Horace Miner study? Americans 8. What are the two types of norms? P 27 folkways and mores 9. What are cultural universals? P 31 Features common to all societies 10. What is a society? p 24 A group of interdependent people who share a common culture and a sense of identity 11. A combination of objects and rules is known as Technology. 12. What did a study of the Yanomamo and the San show? Different value systems produce different cultures 13. What is a norm? Know some examples. Shared rules of conduct that tell you how to act

14. What are folkways? Norms without moral significance 15. What are mores? Norms with moral significance 16. What is narcissism? Condition of emphasis on personal fulfillment 17. What is a negative sanction? Punishment or threat that is intended to ensure conformity 18. What are vested interests? Things we don’t want changed as a change would threaten our security 19. A system of beliefs that justifies social, moral or political interests is known as a(n) ideology. 20. How do we achieve social control? We use norms that internalize values or enforce them with sanctions 21. What is internalization? The process by which a norms becomes part of our being 22. What is cultural lag? The time it takes nonmaterial culture to catch up with material culture 23. Personality disorder in which the person is obsessed with their looks, hair and so on Narcissism 24. What are sanctions? Rewards or punishments used to reinforce norms

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