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Published on July 16, 2009

Author: sghimire



Social Media presentation to SCORE (Phoenix, AZ) - July 15, 2009

Socialize Your Business Presentation to SCORE on July 15, 2009 Shailesh Ghimire (

• Part 1: Harnessing the Power of Social Media • Part 2: Developing an Effective Social Media Strategy • Part 3: Engagement & ROI

Part One • Review Social Media and understand how to: – set goals – assess return on effort • Overview of how consumers are using social media • Social technologies tour • Case studies

What is Social Media • Connections/communication forum – Consumer to consumer – Consumer to brand/company • Connections and relationships developed in a new medium – Blogs, social networks, photo/video sharing etc. – Conversations, seminars, broadcasts, entertainment, advertisement, work all rolled into one

Blogs Social Networks White Label Social Networks eMails Wiki’s

How to use Social Media

Social Media Integration • Assess needs and capabilities – People, technology • Define objectives and goals – Awareness, conversion • Develop and execute strategy • Measure results

Defining Objectives • Listen – Who is talking and what are they talking about • Speak – Join the conversation through: • Blogs, social networks, video/photo sharing, wiki’s etc. • Connect – Encourage target audience to join your conversation • Viral videos, interactive contests etc. • Invigorate – Converting existing customers into fans

Examples of Objectives • Integration into Sales: – Lead generation – Data collection – Sales support – After sales support • R&D (Real time focus group) • Drive SEO

What it takes to succeed • Commitment and perseverance • Sufficient resources


How are consumers using social media • Post articles on blogs • Post comments, reviews, votes etc. • Read others opinions, thoughts • Watch user generated videos • Share bookmarks, news stories

What Consumers Do Online Source: Forrester Research

It's Reached a Tipping Point • 60% of Americans interact with companies on a social media website • One in four interact more than once per week • 93% of Americans believe a company should have a presence in social media • 85% believe a company should also interact with its consumers via social media Boston consulting firm Cone, Boston Globe, September 25, 2008

Technologies Tour

Social Technologies • Blogs, Podcasts and vLogs • Social Networks/Virtual Worlds • Social Bookmarking Tools (Digg, StumbleUpon) • Collaboration Tools (Wikis, Google Docs) • Video / Photo Sharing • Micro blogging: Twitter (text), Seesmic (video)

Evaluating the Technology • Does it facilitate and improve greater and more varied communication • Ease of use • Allows interaction without your intervention • Sustainable user generated content creation

Case Studies

Case Studies • Full Social Engagement: Wiggly Wigglers • Blogosphere: Stormhoek Winery (in South Africa)

Wiggly Wigglers • Sells compost worm kits in the UK, started in 1995 • Based in a town with less than 70 people • Target audience: farmers • Less than 25,000 farmers in the UK • Deployed podcasts, blog posts and social networking Sources:

Worm Success • Now a multi-million dollar company • Growing robustly at 10% per year • Growth attributed to a combination of Podcasts, Blog posts and social networking • Now even has a developed a thriving catalog business

Stormhoek • Winery in South Africa – UK, France and Ireland as its major export market • Deployed primarily a blogging strategy • Hired UK Blogger/Cartoonist Hugh Macleod – 10,000 visitors a day with approximately 2000 subscribers to his RSS feed

Why the blogging worked • Hugh blogged aggressively: – “Geek Dinners” – off beat cartoons and wine – Sent 100 wine samples to bloggers in its target market – Asked them to write about it if they wanted – Dropped hints on his blog about the brand • Result of blogger outreach: – 75% of the bloggers who received free wine wrote posts about the brand • The Result: – In two years the winery went from selling 40,000 cases/year to 40,000 case/week * *Source: MarketingWeb.Com (SA's Online Marketing Magazine)


The Social You • Understand how your customers are interacting with Social Media – Do your customers have blogs? – Do they read reviews from others? – How much do they participate in social networks – Which ones do they use? • Determine your abilities (in house or acquired) • Evaluate your commitment • Devise a unique strategy to meet clear marketing and sales objectives

End of Part 1

Part 2: Developing an Effective Social Media Strategy

Success Hinges On • Social Media Mantra: – Honesty, Authenticity, Transparency and Passion – Being more human and less corporate

Remember What "Social" Means • Positioning for avenues of connection: – Post teaser links, articles, videos to drive traffic to your web-hub (blog or website) – Need to network and develop meaningful connections • Don't be like an Amway salesman at a neighborhood party

Pre-requisites to success • Exceptional product/service • Transparency – Willing to be open • Accessiblity – Respond to every social interaction in a timely fashion

The Three Keys to Success • Passion – About your company and industry • Passion – From your customers • Passion – About the new medium

Where are we today? Play >>

Non Profits Lead the Way • In 2008, 89% used at least one form of social media (75% in 2007) • Focus on social networking and video blogging – 79% use each of them • 90% said their blog was very useful • More than 80% said social media is at least "somewhat important" to their future strategy. • 45% said it was "very important" Society for New Communications Research

Our Goal This Hour • Developing a strategy: – Where are your customers – Classify your customers – Define objectives/goals – Develop the right strategy – Count the cost • Case studies – 31 Days of the Dragon – Wiggly worm – FedEx

The Audience • Discover: – Where are they on social networks – What are they doing • Observing, spreading, commenting, creating, enhancing – Information seekers vs. Engagement seekers • Using: – Online surveys – Social Footprint (using eMail database)

Classify Customers •Read blogs, comments, reviews •Watch videos, download etc. •Somewhat inactive •Share via bookmarks, links •Join Social Networks •Tag content •Leave comments, reviews •Rate services/products •Participate in forums •Write blogs, create videos •Write Wiki pages •Moderate forums •Manage groups

Goals / Objectives • Thought leader (be an expert) • Develop awareness • Generate leads • Put human face on company • Market research • Influence the Influencers • Support customers • Enchanced SEO • Drive revenue

Audiece + Goals  Strategy • Example 1 – Audience = Primarily commenting – Goal = Generate Leads – Strategy = Engage via blogs, feedback options on product pages and create avenues for data capture • Example 2 – Audience = Primarily observing – Goal = Thought leader – Strategy = Develop content rich blog, supply ample photos and videos, weekly podcasts

Case Study 1 31 Days of the Dragon

31 Days of the Dragon • Flagship HDX Dragon notebook wasn't selling as expected • Sales were flat over the first 9 months • HP turned to bloggers • Selected 31 bloggers • Provided them with one laptop each • Week long contest started every day

Strategy Breakdown • Audience = Commenters – Technology enthusiasts • Goal = Increase awareness and sales, influence the influencers • Strategy = Engage target via blogs and gain trust of bloggers (influencers)

The Dragon Delivers • Sales of the HDX Dragon increased by 84% • Overall 10% increase in PC sales • 14% increase in traffic to • Tracked over 380,000 backlinks • 48 million collective views from 31 blogs and surrounding buzz Source:

Case Study 2 Wiggly Wigglers

Wiggly Wigglers • Sells compost worm kits in the UK, started in 1995 • Based in a town with less than 70 people • Target audience: farmers • Less than 25,000 farmers in the UK • Deployed podcasts, blog posts and social networking Sources:

Strategy Breakdown • Audience = Observers – Gardening enthusiasts and farmers • Goal = Increase awareness and generate sales • Strategy = Engage via podcasts and interactions in social networks

Worm Success • Now a multi-million dollar company • Growing robustly at 10% per year • Growth attributed to a combination of Podcasts, Blog posts and social networking • Now even has a developed a thriving catalog business

Key: Passion and Expertise • Blogger said: – She has a strong voice. It’s genuine and personable. – She is passionate about what she writes. – She informs and educates her customers. – She offers applicable tips. – She keeps in touch. – She encourages product trials with discounts and give-aways. – She welcomes new friends. Source:

Case Study 3 Enhancing Facebook

FedEx Ehances Facebook • Facebook eMail does not allow you to send attchments • FedEx created an application that would enable this • FedEx is known for: – Reliable, fast, overnight deliveries Source:

Strategy Breakdown • Audience = Spreading and Commenting – Young social networkers • Goal = Increase brand awareness, solve problem • Strategy = Engaged via social network application

Brand Awarness Success • 100,000 installs in less than 48 hours • Over 50% of those users returning more than 10 times since their initial install • 3,092 monthly active users • The audience is global • Slight weighting towards female users (53%). • 74% of the audience is in the coveted 19-34 age demographic.

Fedex Takeaway • Thought beyond company presence • Leveraged their offline persona to solve an online problem • Created virtual usage • Which has a high probablity of creating real usage

Your Strategy • Audience = ________________ • Goals = ___________________ • Strategy = ________________ • Passion index = ____________


Time and Resources

Success Hinges On • Social Media Mantra: – Honesty, Authenticity, Transparency and a Passion about the topic – Being more human and less corporate • Can't fake it! • Need to find the right strategy for target audience to meet the objectives set forth

End of Part 2

Part 3: Engagement & ROI Shailesh Ghimire Director of Interactive Marketing

By Now You Should Have… • A basic understanding of Social Media – Interactive Online Marketing • A basis for developing a strategic plan – GMOOT is not a plan • An appreciation of the commitment required

Final Phase • Mastering engagement • Refining strategy • Understanding ROI

Engagement • Characteristics: – Personal and authentic – "How to Win Friends and Influence Others" – Timely and relevant – Prepared for the long haul

Walmart • Tried setting up their own social network

Walmart • A "customer" blog • Facebook

But Finally Got it Right… • Buyers' blog

Lessons from Walmart • GMOOT doesn't work – May need to try a few different options • Do not assume anything • Leverage your current strength

Refining Your Strategy • Audience + Goals  Strategy – Audience = Primarily commenting – Goal = Generate leads – Strategy = Engage via blogs, feedback options - on product pages and create avenues for data capture • Post-engagement: – Customer reaction/expectations – Review frequency and level of interaction – Analyze your content (review analytics and search traffic)

ROI Question • What Social Media can do for you: – Expand the audience for your message – Excite fans, customers – Enable connections with new audience – Gather insights, opinions – Listen more effectively and create dialog

Setting Expectations • Biggest impact: – Reputation management – Brand building – Public and customer relationships • Substantially improves: – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Lead generation

Potter's Case • Universal Orlando Resort – Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Big rollout needed • Traditional approach: – 30-second TV spots – Billboards across the country – Self-congratulatory PR release begging the media for attention

Tried a Different Approach • Told just seven people about the launch • Top fans at the top Harry Potter fan sites ( – Rowling herself had a role in who was selected • Invited to special webcast at midnight – Presentation directly from the top creators/designers

Tried a Different Approach • Had a website ready for bloggers to link to with detailed information • Next day announced it on the opt-in eNewsletter

Then They Sat and Watched • The seven brought the fan base alive: – Blogs lit up – Fan forums – Social networks came alive – eMails were forwarded • Traditional media picked up the excitement • From seven  350 million people

Potter's ROI • Hard cost: – Reach the first seven – Communicate to opt-in database • Return: – Free TV & radio coverage – Direct site traffic – SEO

Now Your ROI

Key Points • Determine conversion – Sales leads – eCommerce – Awareness • Measure engagement – 1200 friends – 500 followers – 3 blog posts/week , 5 comments • Determine ROI

Final Word on ROI • Two camps: – Just do it – Doesn't work • Truth is somewhere in the middle • There is ROI

Closing Thoughts You can't ignore this anymore!

Its 2009 and Almost 2010 • You’ll need to have a social media presence • Develop and execute an effective strategy • Ideally, social media will be integrated within your overall marketing


Getting Started • Focus on relationships and not campaigns • Already use social media successfully themselves • Commit resources to learning and training • Have learned from their mistakes • Respect and are humbled by the medium

Homework • If you don't use Twitter – open a Twitter account • Find some followers – Don't forget to follow me: • Engage and learn • Entire slideshow is now on Slideshare.Net –

Questions? Shailesh Ghimire (480) 748-2694

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