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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: StephenDarori1


Build. Store. Analyze. Transform your IT Infrastructure with Google Cloud Platform Brad Kilshaw - Cloud Platform Partner Sales Google Enterprise EMEA Google confidential | Do not distribute

Google Overview Revenue $50,1bn in 2012 Net Income $12,7bn in 2012 Employees ~54,000(~50% in engineering) Innovation Part of our DNA ($6,7bn R&D in 2012) Global 117 language interfaces 'Gang of 4' GOOG, AAPL, AMZN, FB One Google Enterprise & Digital as one Services Services 1b+ end-users Google Confidential and Proprietary Google confidential | Do not distribute


Google Enterprise Solutions Connect Visualize Build Find collaborate with global teams & partners analyze & make better data-driven decisions store, analyse and build on our Cloud content and people across every system Acces s everything from anywhere, on any device Google confidential | Do not distribute

Consumer Heritage Connect Apps Visualize Geo MassiveScale Build Cloud Customer Success Find Search Access Chrome Google confidential | Do not distribute

For the past 15 years, Google has been building out the world’s fastest, most powerful, highest quality cloud infrastructure on the planet. Let’s not underestimate this statement! ● ● Global, multi-tenant cloud infrastructure ● ● ● ● ● ● ● We own the data centres, network and fibre 2nd largest I/P network globally We index the worlds internet and deliver a sub second response We have solved global scalability challenges We deliver a magical consumer experience that is often taken for granted Google have made this technology available to businesses The ultimate platform to develop any application, unlimited scale, maximum performance and lowest cost Google confidential | Do not distribute

Cloud Platform is built on the same infrastructure that powers Google. Google confidential | Do not distribute

Products For Enterprise Compute Storage App Services Compute Engine (IaaS) Cloud Storage (Object) BigQuery App Engine (PaaS) Cloud SQL (Relational) Cloud EndPoints Cloud Datastore (NoSQL) Caching Persistent Disk (Block) Queues and more... Google confidential | Do not distribute

The Birth of Big Data at Google Colossus 2012 2010 2008 2006 2004 2002 Spanner Dremel FlumeJava Pregel Big Table MapReduce GFS

Big Data at Google :: 900M+ devices :: 1.5M+ activations/day :: 750M+ browser users :: 3K+ schools on Chromebooks :: 3M+ apps on Appengine :: 250K+ developers :: 100B+ searches p/mth :: 570M+ entities; 12 languages on knowledge graph :: 72hrs/min :: "Gangnam" 1B+ views :: 190M+ in active stream :: 500M+ across Google :: 100M+ gigabytes :: 500M+ users :: 5M+ businesses worldwide :: 1B+ active users :: 200M+ mobile users Google confidential | Do not distribute

BigQuery • Fully Managed Big Data Analytics Service • Fast • Scalable • Flexible and Familiar • Secure and Reliable • 99.9% SLA • Enterprise Ready Google confidential | Do not distribute

Delivering Big Data Exploration Business challenge • NHS need to find £20bn of savings • Looking for smart ways of identifying inefficiencies and optimisations • Vast amounts of data, but it’s difficult for individual NHS bodies (and others) to access and manipulate that data cheaply and effectively Benefits of BigQuery • Incredibly fast start times, days to load a billion rows of data which was then immediately usable • Super fast query times – capable of querying the entire dataset in less than 20 seconds • Encouraged iterative exploration and refinement of hypotheses • Integrated with other Google tools: days to integrate with Google Maps Google confidential | Do not distribute

Diverse Customers - Big Problems Tivo Eurovision Snapchat 500 million daily events Delivering personalised user experience First ever mobile app Peaked at 1500 linux cores and 200,000 QPS 150 million photos a day Google confidential | Do not distribute

Making Social a Reality: Consolidate - Analyse - Visualise POS Clickstream RFID Customer Loyalty Add Clickthroughs BigQuery Data sets for further Analysis Corporate data 3rd party data App Engine App Scalable Storage SQL API Marketing Merchandising Local Stores Partners Store all your data in the cloud Analyze interactively Mash it up Securely Share/ distribute the results Google confidential | Do not distribute

We are in the right place at the right time! Gartner - Convergence of Cloud, Mobile, Social & Information (The Nexus of Forces) To take advantage of the Nexus of Forces and respond effectively, organizations must face the challenges of modernizing their systems, skills and mind-sets. Organizations that ignore the 'Nexus of Forces' will be displaced by those that can move into the opportunity space more quickly — and the pace is accelerating. (Source: Gartner October 18th 2012) Google confidential | Do not distribute

Thank You Brad Kilshaw - Cloud Platform Partner Sales Google Enterprise Google confidential | Do not distribute

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