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Information about Socialbookmarking

Published on February 22, 2008

Author: novoaiarranz



Presentació feta a Berlin el 22 de febrer de 2008


SOCIAL BOOKMARKING is a method for Internet 2.0 users which allow to ► store ► organize ► diffuse ► manage bookmarks of web pages with the help of metadata

These bookmarks are usually public, and can be ► saved on the net ► shared inside certain networks

You should be using at least some of these social networks on your portal: But notice that there are lots of specific and thematic ones that should be interesting for you

► is the catalan youth portal for participation administrated by the National Youth Council of Catalonia contains: - News - Events - Agenda - IPTV And it is opened to catalan youth entities or youngsters to diffuse its youth information for free

The news section contains specific social utilities to add the contents to other networks. - La Tafanera - - Menéame - Wikio And of course: - Facebook - - Digg - Technorati

We also offer the contents via RSS 2.0 feed helping our users to syndicate the contents:

And few weeks ago we implemented an IP TV concerning on youth information using the awesome technology offered by

Add me to FACEBOOK: Rubèn Novoa Add me to MESSENGER: [email_address] Twit me: Take a tour on my blogs: http :// My Slides: My IP TV: http://


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