Social Trading - 10 steps to start Like a Pro

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Information about Social Trading - 10 steps to start Like a Pro

Published on June 10, 2016

Author: InvestinGoal


1. SOCIAL TRADING 10 Steps to Start Like a Pro

2. So you want to start Social Trading uh? Good idea.

3. Let’s see now the 10 moves that will make you start LIKE A REAL PRO.

4. Choose a Social Trading company 1

5. Evaluate the various Social Trading companies in terms of…

6. RELIABILITY Look only for solid and well-known companies.

7. OFFERED SERVICE The more and advanced services they offer, the better.

8. FINANCIAL ASSETS The more financial products they support, the easier will be to diversy risk.

9. ACCESSIBILITY Do they have smartphone-tablet app?

10. OUR FAVOURITES? There you go. You can try them with a super-useful DEMO ACCOUNT:

11. eToro PROS Advanced Social Trading CONS Simple Money management

12. ZuluTrade PROS Advanced Money Management CONS Simple Social Trading

13. Ayondo PROS Focus on the traders quality CONS Basic money management

14. Understand how the platform works 2

15. Examine in depth how the platform works, especially in terms of…

16. DATA PROVIDED ABOUT THE TRADER The more, the better.

17. DRAWDOWN Crucial one. Understand how they show the trader’s losses.

18. Write down your goals 3

19. One of the most crucial step. So… just answer honestly.

20. “HOW MUCH CAPITAL DO I HAVE TO INVEST?” Never invest more than you can’t afford to lose.

21. “WHAT IS MY RISK TARGET?” How much are you willing to “suffer” in case of losses?

22. “WHAT IS MY RETURN TARGET?” Basic rule: the more you want to gain, the more you risk.

23. Learn how to find the best traders 4

24. Searching for good traders is one the most important phase, so you have to understand:

25. WHICH TRADERS FIT YOUR GOALS Not every “best” trader is the right fit for your goal.

26. THE TECHNIQUES TO FIND THEM Lear to use the advanced search tools at your disposal.

27. Learn how to analyze the best traders 5

28. Don’t stop your analysis here. Get your magnifying glass and dive into the details.

29. STUDY THE TRADER’S DATA Each single data can be useful.

30. LEARN TO CORRELATE DATA Correlating data will let you discover the trader’s secrets.

31. Create your People Based portfolio 6

32. Finding the best traders is not enough… Now you must efficently integrate them in your portfolio.

33. ASSET ALLOCATION Decide how much capital each trader should use.

34. KEEP A DIARY Write down why you took such decisions. It will help you in the future.

35. Practice Timing 7

36. Being patience and waiting is crucial for the success of your investment, therefore…

37. LEARN WHEN TO ACTIVATE YOUR TRADERS This will save you a lot o money in the beginning.

38. Periodically control your portfolio 8

39. Now you are the fund manager of your own fund. So…

40. SET RULES FOR MONITORING YOUR PORTFOLIO Don’t waste time by always looking at your creature, you are not a trader.

41. Learn how to manage your Portfolio 9

42. As a fund manager you will also have to…

43. MANAGE WINNING OR LOSING POSITION First rule: don’t interfere. But there could be times you will have to, so be prepared.

44. INCREASE/DECREASE VOLUMES Learn how to react to the evolutions of your portfolio.

45. LEARN WHEN TO CASH THE PROFITS Turn your portfolio into a risk-free investment.

46. Learn when to eliminate a trader 10

47. Some traders will not perform as expected, but you can’t continuously babysit for them, therefore…

48. SET RULES ON WHEN/WHY TO ELIMINATE THEM This will help you in taking difficult decisions.


50. These are the 10 fundamental steps you have to follow to start your Social Trading career Like a Pro.


52. eToro, ZuluTrade and Ayondo allow you to open a Demo Account. Try their platforms.


54. Click here!

55. …and follow us!


57. THANKS! Any questions? Contact us. Click here.

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