Social Selling + Digital Marketing for your SAP HANA Offerings

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Information about Social Selling + Digital Marketing for your SAP HANA Offerings

Published on June 1, 2016

Author: HariGuleria1


1. 50% discount on all purchases till July 31st, 2016

2. 50% discount on all purchases till July 31st, 2016 Content 1.The Cost of 1 new Customer 2.Deconstructing Social Selling as your GTM 3.ROAD-2-SAP HANA 4.Introduction to Hinspires 5.The 7 basic Skills of Social Selling 6. Contacts Published by 7692 west Hill lane, ste 500, Cupertino, CA 95014 Copyright © 2016 / All Rights Reserved Your LOGO Here Social Connections

3. 50% discount on all purchases till July 31st, 2016 COST of 1 NEW customer How much does it cost to generate 1 single SAP HANA Customer. Just coming back from Sapphire and this question did not result in any rational answer. So lets get down to basics. CAC: Customer Acquisition costs for getting 1 additional customer are farily large Though we don’t have exact numbers specifically for SAP HANA, we do have fairly good estimates for SAP and IT in general. CAC = HPSC + HMC + HSC + HTC TCA/annum Where HPSC = HANA Presales Costs; HMC= HANA Marketing Costs; HSC – Total HANA Sales Costs including wages and bonuses; HTC= HANA Technical support Costs. TCA= Total new Customers acquitted in 1 year. Recalling numbers from the SAP days the CAC for SAP customers with the big SI’s is anywhere from $26,000 to $64,000. So no matter how you look at Customer Acquisition, your cost for 1 new customer has to be a minimum of $6,000 to $10,000 even for the smallest of companies. Mar 2016 SAP HANA Digital Marketing magic Quadrant SALES is a number crunching game. Going by standards if you approach 100 customer around 10% will be interested in listening to your offering. If 100 customers are willing to listen to your offering around 10% will be in a state ready to consider the option of moving SAP HANA. If you have 100 customers that are ready to consider SAP HANA you will have around 10% that are willing to listen to your offering If you have 100 customers that listen to your offering you will have around 10% that are willing to review you as a provider for that option You get the gist of my message here. The key is in getting your product, solution or offering launched to enough customers so that the numbers all align in your favor. Up until now we had sales quotas where each sales person had a specific quota and a territory that they had to accomplish in a specified period. Pretty standard. However in according to Gartner the new world of Social Networking and Digital Marketing is now rapidly replacing traditional marketing and sales in 52% of successful companies. It is reported that traditional sales employees are limited to their physical presence and enterprise networks. Hinspires has been launched by the SAP HANA Group and will launch on June 1st, 2016 to 27,703 SAP HANA Focused members with a personal request to leverage the social multiplier effect to 5+ of their acquaintances. We welcome you to the world of SAP HANA IoQ (Internet of Quotas). In this world Hinspires will become your IoQ and if you generate even 1 customer from this site that you did not have before today will pay for a 6,400 pixel logo on Hinspires in that instance. WE ARE PROMISING YOU 1 million views. So you could generate a thousand new customers you did not even know existed. • Launched by the ‘In-Memory SAP HANA’ Social Networking group • This is the worlds largest SAP HANA Social Networking group. • It is also SAP’s official SAP HANA Social Networking group • On June 1st, 2016 the group had 27,703 members • All these members are 100% focused on SAP HANA Solutions • Group Statistics • 52 % are Sr. Managers, VP’s etc – Decision Makers • 17% are Sr. Developers – Decision influencers • 13% are Developers – Influencers • 18% are others WE ALREADY HAVE 1 COMPANY THAT HAS SUBSCRIBES TO A 3,200 PIXEL LOGO. THIS IS YOUR LIVE BUSINESS CASE OF THAT HINSPIRES OFFERS AND HOW YOU CAN LEVERAGE ITS 1-CLICK ACCESS TO YOUR SOLUTIONS Our assurance We will give all Logos on site by July 31st an assurance of 1,000,000 views to their logo and offerings.

4. 50% discount on all purchases till July 31st, 2016 Social Selling Companies have exceptional SAP HANA offerings and solutions and very often their potential customers do not know of their unique offerings or solutions. There are many channels to sell your SAP HANA offerings and most of them are visualized on the quadrant to the right. On one side is the opportunity of getting on the superball promotion that has extremely high market penetration at an extremely high cost, i.e. $5 million per 30 seconds. 90% of these customers would not even know what SAP HANA is. On the other extreme is personal contacts that has the lowest penetration and lowest cost. The perfect mix would be a low cost solution, that is focused to your prospects and with a high penetration score. Hari Guleria teamed with SAP HANA Providers in order to design a world-class Social Marketing platform that is 100% focused on SAP HANA offerings. A lot of community members said it would turn out to be too expensive and others felt it was an excellent idea. The result of detailed design thinking sessions and prospective feedback is ‘Hinspires’. This site is projected to become the landmark real-estate for connecting SAP HANA potential customers to vendr SAP HANA solutions Mar 2016 SAP HANA Digital Marketing magic Quadrant There are many ways to market your solutions 1. Super Ball: You can pay $5 million and get a 100 million views for 30 seconds. But the only result of that is whether your ad was good or bad. launched this way. 2. Paid Programs: these can cost anywhere from %20 thousand to a few million depending on your agency and media you launch in. This is a great way to proceed but a rapidly shrinking GTM segment 3. Paid Search Auctions: For these you have to bid and set targets. Each time anyone clicks you have to pay the search engine like google a certain amount. This is usa=ually for a week or two and can range from $10 thousand to a few hundred thousands. 4. SAP Conference Booths: These are highly focused conferences and I am just returining from one and it cost three of the companies I talked to around $250,000 for the event and they collected around 400 to 500 contacts. 5. Cold Call Marketing: these are highly distributed and cold calling is mostly done without exposing the company. These can cost anywhere from $10,000 per month or unit of calls to a few hundred thousand for a planned strategy. They get a lot of hits but few conversions 6. Direct Customer sessions: these are customer visits and can cost around $3 to $5 thousand per visit of undertaken professionally. Their penetration is dependent on the source of the contact. It takes abound 3 to 5 visits prior to a decision 7. Incumbency: these are los cost but also low penetration as they are excising customers. High conversion 8. Social selling: Is today the lowest Cost and Highest penetration Sales Generator if targeted towards a focused Digital Group as Hinspires is. Our Group research shows that SAP HANA along with IoT needs social selling solutions. Market Size estimates for the next decade:- 1. GE estimates the IIoT market is a $21 trillion market 2. Cisco estimates the IoE market as a $19 trillion 3. HBR estimated the IoT market is a $14 Trillion market 4. SAP estimates the SAP HANA Market as a $400 to $600 billion market In this e-book you’ll learn how to optimize you SAP HANA GTM (Go-to-Market) potential via leveraging the new Digital and Social networking platforms of LinkedIn and Hinspires. Welcome to the world of ‘IoQ’ the internet of Quotas that is rapidly enabling companies close more deals with lesser stress.

5. 50% discount on all purchases till July 31st, 2016 Road-2-SAP HANA SAP HANA is today the fastest Platform launch in this history of SAP. SAP has announced that by 2025 they will have all SAP customers migrated to SAP HANA. That is 280,000 SAP customers moving to HANA between 2016 and 2025. SAP reports that there are close to 300,000 SAP customers that will all need to migrate to SAP HANA over the next 9 years. Add to this that there are many non SAP customers that are also moving to SAP and they will start with SAP HANA. We, for example, have migrated two S/4 HANA customers and one of these is a net new customer and still another two in the pipeline. Every year around 5,000 customers move to a new ERP platform. CURRENT STATE OF CUSTOMER TYPES: 1. We are ready to move to HANA – Show me the best way to reach SAP HANA. Highest Quality at Lowest Cost 2. Show me the business benefits of moving to HANA prior to expecting our final SAP HANA decision 3. We do not plan to move to SAP HANA at this point of time- but probably need to talk upgrade and refresh WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM THE HINSPIRES PLATFORM • SAP: as the owner of the SAP HANA Platform • HW Vendors: The big names like Cisco, HP, IBM, Dell, Hitachi, Fujitsu, SGI, etc.. • Storage Vendors: EMC, NetApps, Pure, etc.. • Big ‘X’: The large System Integrators like Accenture, Deloitte, E&Y, Cisco AS, IBM, HP Services, etc.. • SI Partners solutions: the thousands of SAP ecosystem partners specializing in SAP HANA Services • Custom Solutions: Niche custom SAP HANA Solution offerings for specific needs SHOWCASE YOUR SAP HANA OFFERINGS: Our Moto: SAP HANA is a strategic Business solution and not another technical install” 1. Road-2-HANA Business Benefit Designs 2. The right way to migrate to SAP HANA 3. Strategic Business alignment 4. Gartner recommendations for Big-Data, IoT, Cloud and building the Digital Enterprise SHOWCASE UNIQUE SAP HANA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS: Our Motto: ‘Start and end HANA projects with Business Benefits’ 1. Show me my Business Benefits first 2. How will HANA make my life better 3. Real-time Decision capabilities 4. How do we merge our 3 BW systems into one 5. How do we merge Big-Data and IoT data to HANA 6. How are other customers succeeding with HANA 7. Can we lower the cost for moving to HANA SHOWCASE YOUR HANA TECHNCAL OFFERINGS: Our Motto: ‘Technology is the basic platform that HANA stands on’ 1. TCO benefits from HANA TDI designs 2. How to lower SAP HANA migration Costs 3. Simplify your Infra and architecture with HANA 4. Reduce HANA migration costs by 40%+ Our Group research shows that SAP HANA along with IoT needs social selling solutions. With Hinspires your get:- 1. Starter access to 27,703 SAP HANA members on June 1st 2016 launch 2. An assurance of 1 million views to your logo and offerings 3. Highest probabilities to reach totally new customers 4. Viewed by 100% SAP HANA focused decision makers 5. Give ‘1-CLICK’ access to your SAP HANA offerings 6. Drive Net-New customers to your offerings and solutions SIMPLE FACTS FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS • Once a customer is gone they are gone for good • The more customer that know of your offering the more customers you have • Your never lose a customers someone else wins their business • You do not need to sell SAP HANA as SAP has done a stellar job at that • Your need to tell of your offerings to the maximum number of potential customers and have them come to you for assistance • The earlier customer know about you the longer your services stick in their minds

6. 50% discount on all purchases till July 31st, 2016 Introduction to Hinspires In-memory SAP HANA’ group is the foundation of Hinspires . The group is the worlds largest SAP HANA Social networking group. As of May 31st the group has 27, 703 members. We hoped to reach 28,000 members by June 1st when we officially launch Hinspires., but are 300 short as of today. Very close but not there yet. This is also SAP’s official SAP HANA Social networking group. According to Gartner and LinkedIn the new Social and Digital media is already promising the death of traditional HR and resourcing. Similarly Social Selling is replacing traditional selling as proven by Uber, airbnb, spiotify, Amazon, etc.. The world is dominated with social focus groups and connections. The key factors of social selling success are stickiness, trust and services. Towards the end of 2015 the group management noticed that there were hundreds of stellar SAP HANA offerings that even our 26,000 then members did not know anything about. We took it upon ourselves to build a bridge between the SAP HANA Solution offerings and prospective customers. To create a ‘SPOT-HANA’ (Single Point of Touch) for HANA offers to be displayed and for customers to be able to see suppliers and vendors by select categories. The result of this endeavor is Hinspires where you can by 1 unit for as little as $800 and communicate your offerings to prospective customers. That is one payment good for the next 5 years or 60 months. INTRODUCTORY 50% DISCOUNT: 1. We are launching this site with a 50% discount available till August 1st. So your 1 unit instead of costing $800 can be yours for only $400 right now 2. This is as costly as taking your prospects to one single business dinner 3. What you get instead is 1 million views 4. Hinspires will work for your company 24x7x365 for the next 5 years GOOD NEWS 2: 1. You represent a select group of companies getting priority access to the valuable real-estate of Hinspires. You have a 20 day advantage from General Availability. 2. One customer has already opted to buy 8 units and will thus get the maximum exposure as the 1st logo 3. It also gives you the opportunity to see what all you get as you visit the virgin site with just 1 logo When was the last time you recall and uber or airbnb sales person speaking to you. These social marketing & digital enterprises have grown globally at 3,000% year-over-year. This is what social marketing is all about. Hinspires- your SAP HANA Digital + Social Marketing & ‘IoQ’ (Internet of Quotas) site:- 1. Hinspires is your digital + Social augmented Marketing channel 2. YOUR LOGO promoted to 27,703 potential decision makers on June 1st, 2016 3. Each and every of these 27,703 influencer's are 100% focused on SAP HANA 4. Hinspires will be periodically promoted via the group’s direct communications. We plan to use our social multiplier effect by request 5. Designed to become the premier global SAP HANA real-estate going forward The opportunity is now in your court. Join Hinspires today or pay 200% after August 1st. There is a 50% discount till July 31st. It’s not a question of if but the question of when- now is the best time to join. Your Social + Digital SAP HANA Launchpad Contact:

7. 50% discount on all purchases till July 31st, 2016 7 Basic Skills for Social Selling The future is already being defined by the Digital and Social enterprises of tomorrow. LikedIn is redefining B2B connectivity. Amazon is redfining cloud and retail, Uber is redefining cab and taxi services while airbnb the hotel industry. Gartner reports that 63% of CMO’s regard Social marketing as a top investment area yet their marketers struggle to grab social attention. Skill 1: Move from 1-off legacy marketing programs to long term social marketing platforms. Building your own social platform can cost millions of dollars and still not guarantee success. Try to find leading focus groups in your area of interest and participate or acquire Skill 2: Content is the level playing field that you need to start with. What is your unique offering that will attract the social community? What are your unique SAP HANA Game Changers? Why should a visitor view your content over others? According to reports social selling works best with around four pieces of content and the optimal point is eight pieces of content. For small players plan for the ideal 8 units on Hinspires for maximum benefits. For larger companies plan on 16 units. Skill 3: Community is what social marketing is all about. Community is all about your focus area and in this e-book our focus is – SAP HANA. Also simH is the worlds largest SAP HANA Social Networking group where 100% of the member followers are professionals and influencer's in SAP HANA recommendations and decisions. Your existing communities of friends, family and colleagues have a very low sales potential. Social selling is like breakfast clubs on steroids. They are your network and sales generators like nothing before in the history of sales or marketing. Skill 4: Connections is the foundation of all social communications and selling. LinkedIn has close to 300 million members and some of them are your connections. Leverage the ‘In-memory SAP HANA’ group’s Hinspires offering and then multiply that effect with social magnification by promoting your logo to your connections. The result is a social win-win viral effect. Skill 5: Comment frequently. Remember social selling is not just about us it also about your company and their collective social comments and ‘Share an update’ power. Start with sharing your joining Hinspires and let the social multiplier take its logical effect. The more you comment the more you attract prospects to your logo and offerings. However, comments are only a one way conversation. Always ask a question at the end of your comment as this opens the door for a conversation. Skill 6: Communicate and network. When the social network responds to your comments you need to converse. In a social sales opportunity what you really want is a conversation and in order to spark conversations you need to start a two-way dialog. Be original, stick to facts, be bold and generate social interests. Hinspires and LinkedIn will provide the interactive platform for B2B marketers, P2P conversations and for sellers and decision makers to come together and engage in meaningful and focused conversations. Skill 7: Social Selling Platform must be a leading social network community. • Hinspires has been launched with and by the ‘In-memory SAP HANA’ , LinkedIn group owner and is thus a part and extension of the SAP HANA group. • The platform should have contextual members, i.e. we are 100% SAP HANA focused. This group has been built from the ground up for one single purpose only - SAP HANA. • It must have an adequate foundation of members, i.e. we are the worlds largest SAP HANA Social network group on the planet. Projected to be close to 28,000 members by June 1st 2016- our official Hinspires Launch date • It must be recognized, i.e. simH is SAP’s official social networking group for SAP HANA. • It must be active, i.e. the group is growing at around 600 new followers every month and maintaining its lead globally • It must have reach, i.e. 52% of the group members are management level decision makers in SAP and SAP HANA decisions.

8. 50% discount on all purchases till July 31st, 2016 Contacts 1. Worlds largest SAP HANA Group: In-Memory SAP HANA Group 2. SAP HANA Blog: BI Valuenomics Blog 3. email: Worlds largest SAP HANA Social Networking Group Send email to get your very own Clean Copy of this deck

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